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    Create A Path to Health, Self-Acceptance and Pure Joy with Lisa Stariha!

    in Women

    What happens when you give more power to other's opinions over your own?  What are the consequences to your health and well being when negative messages mutate into constant self criticism.   What would happen if you accepted that you are beautiful as is?  In this show, you will meet Lisa Stariha, health, wellness & empowerment coach who will address these questions and more to show you new path to health and self acceptance, and yes - pure joy!   YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/happybodycoach

    Twitter:  http://twitter.com/HappyBodyCoach

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    How A.D.325 Turkish bible was used to mutate people thinking

    in Education

    How the A.D. 325 Turkish bible was used to mutate people's thinking. Hardly anyone associated Turkey with the bible, but it was at a place name Iznik, or Nicea that Constantine 1, held his 1 - 7 council meetings to canonzied the scripture.  Over several sessions the assembly of 300 bishops from across the Christian world attended to settle doctrines (1)  that  Christ was not equal with God but a lesser divine being. (2) the date of easter. (3) various matters of church administration. (4) icons used for idolatry. (5) 1097 use of the  First Crusade, (6) the second coming of Christ. Everything of the council meeting was later imposed on the world in 1220 A.D. by emperor and papal violent legislations to punish heretics against the ecclesiastical regime/Rome.     

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    Militant Monday - EBOLA AIRBORNE OR NOT?

    in Politics

    Ebola is not currently an airborne disease. You can't catch Ebola by sitting across the room from someone who has it. You can only catch Ebola from coming into direct contact with the bodily fluids of someone who has the disease and is showing symptoms.


    (One caveat: If someone with Ebola symptoms sneezes or coughs and the saliva or mucus hits your eyes, nose, or mouth, that can transmit the disease, but this is rare, and it's mainly a concern for health workers. It's also not what people mean by "airborne.")

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    MORE THAN RIGHT: Ebola comes to America

    in News

    Ebola comes to America! Despite the best-made plans of the White House and America’s medical bureaucracy, the Ebola virus slipped past their protocols and infected its first American victim. The chances are he or she won’t be the last. Oh, and Ebola might soon mutate into an airborne contagion.

    More Than Right commentator Stephen Z. Nemo reviews the top headline stories in a lively, and unique format that combines broadcast clips and commentary.


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    Pastor Harry Walther

    in Spirituality


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    EBOLA Hit's The U.S. End-Times Pestilence & more Breaking News

    in News

    Join me, Evangelist Anita, this evening as we discuss Top Headlines in this Live on-air broadcast:
    - 2nd American getting tested for Ebola
    - 5 children in Dallas attending 4 different schools being monitored for Ebola
    - Over 700 Funeral homes in Georgia received CDC guidelines on how to handle Ebola infected dead body
    - CDC Director warns Ebola could mutate and go airborne
    - Bush Monkey on the black market sold in the U.S. 
    - Ebola and front line scenes from 'pits of hell'
    and more
    - Dow drops almost 300 points 7 days after the Shemitah
    - Muslim and Jewish holy days coincide on Yom Kippur
    - CNN crew flies in from Liberia, gets a "welcome home" greeting from customs without being checked
    - Enterovirus takes 1st victim
    - ISIS threatens to gas British Troops
    and much, much, more...

    SEE US LIVE http://www.emoaf.org/Evangelist-Anita-Fuentes-Live-On-Air-Radio-TV-Broadcast.html 

    Please give your life to Christ Jesus, we're living in the last days: http://www.emoaf.org/Is-Your-Name-Written-in-the-Lambs-Book-of-Life-.html

    Please donate and help us keep going strong! http://www.emoaf.org/Donate.html

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    nWo Truth Radio Late Night - Legal Methods of Propaganda & Silent War Revealed

    in Blogs

    Impending & Brandon lead the way into Public Secrets Revelead nWo Truth Radio Late Night - Legal Methods of the Silent War Revealed. "Silent sound spectrum" and the "legalities" of madness behind the method. 
    Legal Proaganda our news in a cage! "The Smith Mundtz ACT"   
    The human body has an electrical frequency and that much about a person's health can be determined by it:
    Normal brain frequency (head) 72-78 Hz
    Visionary Range 
    120 MHz 
    Thyroid and Parathyroid glands 62-68 Hz 
    Human cells start to mutate when their frequency drops below 62 Hz
    Disease begins, colds invade 59-60 Hz  
    E.L.F.'s, DEW Weapons, Mind control, court's, sovereignty, liberty, HIVE MINDS, Geo-Engineering, Nikola Tesla, U.S.S.S LaMay & Hillenkoetter (United States Secret Space Programs Deep Space Travel tech, Nano med Tech, ww2, hitler, sleeper slaves, sleeper killer's/programmed killer's, T.I.'s, 911, HAARP, Symbolism, Etymology of words, linguistic manipulation, how we are still owned and controlled by the crown 





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    Sunday Sermon [#1]

    in Entrepreneur

    Warrior Sunday Sermon


    The Keys to Change are illusive to most Warriors.

    You Can attempt to solve a Vast Number of problems, but the solutions will always cause more problems as long as you do not know the result of your actions.

    With Limited minds, obstacles will continue to mutate and evolve as do bacteria in response to our latest miracle drug.

    A host of new and worse difficulties will continue to arise until the day we cnage the fundamental error of our thinking.



    Love and Light,

    Garrett J White - The Master Coach Mentor

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    Friday FARcast: The Chemtrail Crisis With Dane Wiginton

    in Paranormal

    Millions of people are sick, not just generically sick, but terrifyingly and dramatically sick.  Garden variety flus, usually over in 3-4 days linger much longer, mutate and sieze the body like viral Mongols, storming deep into the lungs, spreading out to the limbs and extremties, bringing waves of soreness and aches to the back, neck, knees and feet.

    Where did it come from?  Why are so many people around the world coming down with this, especially under the freeze of the latest of the paralytic cold spell?

    Are chemtrails to blame?  

    On today's show, we'll do our best to get to the bottom of it all with Dane Wiginton, researcher, truth teller and the voice behind geoengineeringwatch.org.

    What Dane has to say will be shocking and test your commitment to being on Terra.

    In the second hour, we'll bring Gloria Savage-O'Neil back into the mix and see what people can do to take care of themselves using essential oils to combat the Chem Flu and other post-millenial maladies.

    Please join us.

    Dane Wiginton: http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/

    Gloria Savage-O'Neil http://www.arcancient.com

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    Osaiyin Part 2

    in Spirituality

    Part 2 of the Osayin Broadcast

    Are you here for your body or is your body here for you?  This is a powerful question that the Chief, H. Yuya Assaan-ANU asked during this week’s broadcast on Enlightenment and Transformation.

    It makes one think about their food choices and what one does to up keep your body.  Dr. Afrika says that the body is not only a temple but it is how you commune with the divine essence, Olodumare.  

    This is where Osayin, the energy of alchemy, comes in.  Alchemy is defined as the ability to extract and trans-mutate the energy inside of objects.  Osayin with the power of time subjects all things to a transformation. 

    If you would like to take classes on Orisha and African religion, please visit us at: http://orishareligion.com/OR/index.php/en/orisha-products-and-services/orisha-training


    If you would like to schedule a spiritual consultation please visit us at: http://orishareligion.com/OR/index.php/en/orisha-products-and-services/spiritual-readings/subscription-spiritual-consultations


    For more information about the orisha and spiritual sciences, please pick up a copy of "Grasping the Root of Divine Power,”by H. Yuya Assaan-ANU at: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1453782923/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=1453782923&linkCode=as2&tag=orishareligion-20

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    DDoS - Best Practices for Now and Tomorrow

    in Technology

    Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have been around awhile. Mafia Boy, a high school student, allegedly made history by attacking big name companies like Yahoo and a week later Ebay, CNN, Amazon and Dell  back in the cyber-crime dark ages in the year of 2000.  Over time, new motivations such as hacktivism have made DDoS the weapon of choice as it so effective in getting publicity.  It is also a very versatile tool as there are a plethora of techniques to exhaust resources,   Denial of Service can very quickly mutate into another form as victims implement almost futile defenses.   DDoS campaigns can have long half lives as their sources persist  in trying to change political or business positions.   Commoditized tools are easily purchased or rented off the Net.  Planning and implementing a multi-faceted defense is critical for businesses as is constant monitoring and resiliency testing.  To date, attacks have been very effective so there is no reason to think they have disappeared for long.  What business can count on is that there will be more attacks in the future.  They need to act now as when the attack comes, it may be too late.  In this podcast Caleb talks with Lynn Price, an expert on DDoS attacks with a specific focus on financial services.
    Linc: http://www.guardian.co.uk/media-network/media-network-blog/2013/jul/23/how-prepared-cyber-attack-discussion

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