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    The Mustard Seed

    in Christianity

    What is unusual about a mustard seed? Well, it is the smallest seed known at that time. But we know from Jesus own words that a tiny mustard seed produces tremendous growth and finally produces a tree sized plant that can reach a height of 12 feet or more and provides shade and a place that birds can perch upon.


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    Live Your Destiny with the Faith of a Mustard Seed

    in Spirituality

     Live your Destiny with the Faith of a Mustard Seed

    !  Understanding that the journey is at least as critical as the end goal is a key element to living a joyous life.  All that happens along the way contributes to the greatness in store for you.  

    Join us and receive:
    3 questions you can ask to help keep you moving forward.  
    4 ways to keep strengthening your position and move you closer, faster to the things you desire.

    At 6:30 pm eastern, Wednesday, you can tune in live to share your insights or ask a question.  Catch the recorded broadcast to see that you are already in the process ofliving your destiny even as you journey towards your goals.

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    "Faith of a Mustard Seed"

    in Religion

    Faith determines your destiny...Peter walked on water...Daniel in the lions' den...and without faith, it is impossible to please God. What does it mean to have faith of a mustard seed? This question and more will be answered in this exciting program as we learn how having faith in Jesus, is the answer to all our prayers.

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    Parable Of Mustard Seed Faith

    in Christianity

    This study is on the meaning of having mustard seed faith and its power

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    Going beyond "Mustard seed' believing!

    in Christianity

    Faith, Believing, Affirmations, whatever you want to call it we all have believed in God for things to take place in our life and BOOM! Not only did God bless us but it was so far beyond and above what we asked and prayed to God for that literally makes your jaw drop and leave people wondering how? Join Bishop-Elect, Rev. Lawrence F. Wright as he shares the deep richness of God's matchless word on Greater is in YOU radio! #GodStrong 

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    What is GMO free seed?

    in Environment

    Join Southeast Green as we speak with Carol Koury, President of Sow True Seed.

    Carol is a life-long gardener, having spent her childhood summers in the 1940s and 50s in New Hampshire helping her grandma and family grow and preserve all the food she and her family ate.  She had careers in wildlife conservation and the women's health movement, before coming back to her gardening roots.  In 2009 she founded Sow True Seed, an open-pollinated seed company based in Asheville, NC.  Sow True sells 500 varieties of open-pollinated vegetable, herb and flower seed in the Southeast and throughout North America.  Carol’s passion is for helping people understand where their food comes from so they can be informed consumers.  

    In 2011 STS joined a consortium of family farmers, small seed companies and advocacy groups to challenge Monsanto's patents on genetically engineered seed and seeking relief for farmers who were being sued when their crops were unintentionally contaminated by upwind GE pollen.  We lost at the Federal Appeals level for lack of standing because none of us had been sued by Monsanto - but the Appeals Court did indicate concern about Monsanto's lawsuits and giving hope that farmer's seeking relief through the court system might have a more sympathetic ear (should they be able to afford going up against Monsanto)!.  

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    in Religion


    The Bible speaks of having “childlike faith” to be saved and “faith as a grain of mustard-seed” to move mountains. To be saved, we do not need a quantity of faith, we simply need faith. Any amount of genuine faith in the Lord Jesus Christ brings salvation. Optimism is not faith. Good works is not faith. Church membership is not faith. Water baptism is NOT faith. Tithing is NOT faith. 

    Did you know that you can have 100% doubt in Jesus Christ and still have 100% faith?

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    in Relationships


    SPECIAL GUESTS: Elder Nina Hill, Rev. Jackie Sapp, Rev. Juanita Bacon, and Apostle Kendall Alderson

    TOPIC: "MOVING A MOUNTAIN WITH A MUSTARD SEED” – We’ve been defeated long enough. It’s time for some deliverance to take place in our lives in the areas of our health, our spiritual growth, our finances, our jobs, and our families. It’s time for us to be reminded of the awesome limitless power of our Almighty God. Join us on Tuesday evening at 10pm (EST) with Kelsi M Arceneaux , David Massey Sr. , Tony L BWord , Storm Harris , & LaToya M. Newton along with our guests as we encourage you with the promises of God. You can listen to my show anywhere in the world by phone at (646) 721-9565 or by internet. You’re also welcome to call in and press #1, we would love to hear from you.


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    the seed sower

    in Religion

    Study with us tonight on the seed sower and find out why the church has been unproductive and unprofitable to the Lord. more importantly what we can do to change it.

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    Where Is Your Faith?

    in Christianity

    Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and the assurance about what we do not see Heb 11:1.  The word also says that with Faith the size of a mustard seed you can remove mountains Luke 17:6.  What am I saying; well I don't have to say much.  God wants us to have so much faith in Him that we'll begin to believe and understand that if we put our faith in action He will have to do what we've asked and prayed for Him to do on our behalf.  

    Join me host Hezekiah L. Montgomery and Co-Host Nichelle Johnson as we pray, read scripture and discuss faith and what it means.  The definition of faith is ~complete trust of confidence in someone or something~ I'll be reading and excerpt on faith from my book Rediscovering Kia and cross referencing it with the faith scripture from Hebrew's 11.  We have to love the faith the Ancients were commended for!!!

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    Travel with Us on the Journey to Elevated Minds

    in Education

    This week we will have very candid discuss on current events and the role Mothers need to play in this life drama.

    We are delighted to have back as a guest Sistar Levala Samuels-Muhammad coming to share what Mothers can expect from the upcoming event "Elevated Minds,"

    Center-Community Co-Operation
    2900 Live Oak Street 
    Dallas, TX 75204
    Saturday, May 2, 2015 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM (CDT)


    Welcome to this Mothership "The Empress Hour" of the Seed Dropper Nation where the Mother is first and last, Mother of civilization. We focus on the upliftment of Mothers and Children. This 2015 of the Gregorian calendar our focus will be on learning through the Body Anatomy. In order to change we must go within, (the kingdom is within) Luke 17:21. "I admonish thee that desirest to dive into the inmost parts of Nature, if that which thou seekest thou findest not within thee, thou wilt never find it without. So with a loud voice I proclaim; O, Man, know Thyself and thou wilt know the Universe." -Ancient Ancestors