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    Mustang Memories and More Pony Cars

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    What's another 50th anniversary to the Gayby boomers? This week, it's the Mustang. 60's memories today and much more. Is this the car that led to the social change of the 60s...the sexual revolution and liberation in general?

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    2015 Ford Mustang - 50th Anniversary - Chris Svensson interview

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    With the introduction of the 2015 Mustang, Ford is beginning the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of this iconic automobile.  Automotive Journalist ALAN GELL was a part of a media group invited to Los Angeles recently for road tests and a great evening at the famous Peterson Museum.  The Peterson was featuring a number of specialty & historic Mustangs, as well as displaying the newest 2015 model.

    Alan took time to get with CHRIS SVENSSON, with the Mustang design team, for a short interview.  This was pre-recorded during the media trip, courtesy of Ford Motor Company.

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    Mustang Radio (beta)

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    This is a NEW radio ministry inspired by youth and supported by Peterson-Warren Academy to bring the Gospel to God's people both locally and abroad. It is a part of the Mustang Express Network. Learn more about PWA at www.peterson-warren.net .

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    Mustang Walker & Brit Nic's Tell-It-All Friday

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    Hosts Mustang Walker and Brit Nic are coming at you live at 7PM (central) with lots of action based on past and upcoming events in the drag racing game. Several race events are approaching, so chime in so you don't miss them. We always recap the previous weekend's events as welll. Call-outs and lock-ins are always welcome. We will be highlighting Pipe Bender's Easter Shootout on April 20 and Don Mack Most Wanted's Spring Showdown on April 27. Both of these events will be held in Canton, Mississippi, at Junkyard #1 Speedway. The track address is 619 Lottville Road. Press the "1" button at your own risk!

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    Mustang Walker & Brit Nic's Tell-It-All Friday

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    Tune in live tonight with Brit Nic of Most Wanted Racing Team as she gets the fellas all souped up for the big grudge races lined up at the 3rd Annual Doomsday Race this weekend at Junkyard #1 Speedway hosted by Don Mack Most Wanted. She has a special guest on tonight. This man is one of the baddest ATV racers in the state of Mississippi! He'll be on the mic talking about the action he'll be bringing to the track this weekend. As a main event at the Doomsday Race this weekend, there will be a BIG G-BODY REMATCH between Str8 Drop Racing's Regal and 187's Cutlass. These guys will be on the line as special guests as well. They are bringing lots of action on the show tonight. Also, a few other big grudge racers will be calling in and letting everyone know their predictions on their races. Call-outs, lock-ins and announcements of upcoming events are highly encouraged on tonight's show. As always, there will be a hot topic: What are some things that the local tracks should do or have to increase safety for racers? Be respectful and be courteous. The number is 951-281-7726. Call in or listen online! 

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    Radio Mustang 1

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    First show, basically just testing things out. 

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    On the Air With RT Convention Authors

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    The Annual RT BOOKLOVERS Convention is brought to you by RT BOOK REVIEWS Magazine. This year's convention will be at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dallas, Texas May 12th -17th.

    Misha Elliott is an old movie watching, wine drinking, book-lover.  Once a northerner she now calls the sweet state of Alabama her home.  She can’t remember a time when books weren't a part of her life.   Writing gives her a reason to talk to the voices in her head.  When she isn’t writing you will find her talking about books with friends or at the beach with her toes in the sand.

    Regina Jennings is homeschooling mother of four from Mustang, Oklahoma. She enjoys watching musicals with her kids, traveling with her husband and reading by herself. Regina is the author of A Most Inconvenient Marriage, Caught in the Middle, Love in the Balance and Sixty Acres and a Bride. 

    Anderson Harp is the author of the thrillers “Retribution” and “Born of War” (Kensington). He served in the Marines, taught artic survival, mountaineering, and was stationed around the globe. He created the USO’s Operation Thriller and did two tours in the Persian Gulf visiting the troops. He is a recipient of the Non-Sibi Sed Patriae Award. 

    Tina DeSalvo's debut book, Elli, a Second Chance Novel, has received five star reviews and praise. Tina brings her love and passion for the rich culture, unique traditions and interesting people of Cajun Country and New Orleans where she has lived and worked. Before becoming a fiction writer, Tina was a television sports broadcaster where she is said to be the first woman football play-by-play announcer in Louisiana. 


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    Palomino Armstrong: Chilly Pepper Miracle Mustang Rescue/Critical care of foals

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    Our guest will be Palomino Armstrong, who (along with her husband, Matt) is the angel who runs the CHILLY PEPPER - MIRACLE MUSTANG, that specializes in CRITICALLY ILL, NEO-NATAL, SICK AND/OR INJURED FOALS.  They take care of the foals that are near death's door, needing literally 24/7 care, and live with them in the nursery until the foals are strong enough to live outside.  They also rescue other injured or newborn orphan animals.

    They're also training DaBubbles, a miniature horse who survived a mountain lion attack, to visit the sick, elderly, and best of all, kids who are in the hospital.

    This radio show is co-hosted by Debbie Coffey, Vice-President & Director of Wild Horse Affairs at Wild Horse Freedom Federation and Marti Oakley, PPJ Gazette.

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    PROGRAMMING NOTE FOR WHEELZ UP RADIO. Coming this week we will be talking to Don Fezell. Not only will we be talking about his awesome Cobra Jet Mustang, But his amazing collection of Muscle Cars. We will also have Results from the 4 Wides this past weekend in Charlotte NC. Plus joining will be Lew and Bob.. Yes its Wagon Boys week. Plus you never know who may call in. We hope that you can join us, Weds at 7PM EST www.blogtalkradio.com/wheelzupradio Be sure to tune in and check us out!! You can also be part of the show by calling in 347 826 7505 And just to update. The Top Alcohol Winner Mia Tedesco from the 4 Wides will be joining us at 705.

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    Tom Bader - Car Clubs and AutoRama San Antonio

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    On today's show AutoRama Jen interviews car club member Tom Bader. When it comes to sharing a passion for autormobiles there is no better place to find kindred spirits than a car club. Tom reveals how he found his passion for Mustangs developed through the years. As a member of the San Antonio Mustang Club and the San Antonio Shelby Club , Tom shares the charitable component that car clubs can have to make an impact on their community. The San Antonio Mustang Club holds a fundraiser car show each year with proceeds for the benefit of Dare to Love which is a non-profit group with a mission to enrich the lives of abused and neglected children in San Antonio. Tom also talks about how car clubs can benefit from attending this year's San Antonio AutoRama. 

    With Kruse Events heading up the AutoRama and World of Wheels folks who have attended in the past will be in for a treat. The AutoRama is even more family friendly with a play area for the kids. To find out more about the San Antonio AutoRama and the World of Wheels simply go to saautorama.com

    We'll see you at the show!

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    This is a blog talk radio show for the large community of racers, fans, and anyone interested in racing. Tune in for weekly call-outs, hot topics, race predictions, weather updates, grudge talk, weekly prizes, and lock-ins. If it's pertaining to racing, then we're all for it, and we want to hear it! Co-hosts are Mustang Walker and Brit Nic, proud daughter of Don Mack, 2012 and 2013 Mississippi Grudge Racer of the Year, and team member of Most Wanted Racing Team of Mississippi. This is the talk show where nothing is held back. The name says it all, so call in, press the "1" button, and tell it all, folks!