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    Tom Atkins Mustache Rides $500,000

    in Movies

    This week we take moment to thank our lord for the birth of actor Tom Atkins.  For years Atkins has been a genre staple and a film saving presence in the movie industry.  Atkins talents are so immense rumor has it he sold a movie about ice cubes to the eskimos.  Tune in and listen to what two grown men sucking off a 70 year old actor sounds like...does that sound bad?

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    USA-Colombia Review

    in Soccer

    Daryl and Taylor review the USA's 2-1 loss to an overpowering Colombian side on Friday evening by discussing their specific predictions for the match and answering listener questions (there are a whooooole bunch of them). Topics covered include Mixx's mustache, the Green(er) Movement, the Beautiful Beast that is Jermaine Jones, and why the heck the USA loves to concede so many goals in the final minutes.

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    Game Show Tonite 127: Professor Barcus teaches "Concentration"

    in Entertainment

    We're back to school and Professor Barcus has brought us the perfect class, Concentration.  Yes, that time honored game, and NBC's Classic Concentration has Alex Trebek with the Mustache.  

    There's more info on this, Yodely Guy takes a trip...through Twitter...and Big Brother's Finale is tomorrow night, we'll catch up on them.  

    Survivor premieres tomorrow night as well and we'll cover it.  

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    Episode 91: Actual Mets news and video scouting Gabriel Ynoa

    in Baseball

    In the "HoJo's amazing mustache" edition, Jeffrey and Greg discuss the recent Mets field staff changes and speculate if there might be another on the horizon with Joe Maddon now a free agent. Next, we discuss Gabriel Ynoa, taking an in-depth look at his August 20th start against Erie. Shockingly, Jeffrey liked him more than Greg. Then, we answer your e-mails on Michael Cuddyer, the TDA to the outfield rumor, rule changes, and of course, Daniel Murphy, before wrapping up with the usual fringy relief arm prospect talk. Finally, Greg breaks Jeffrey's heart with a mention of Yusmeiro Petit's latest playoff appearance.



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    Republicans...the party of we hate Barrack Obama and nothing else.

    in Current Events

    The outspoken nutball that host"s SevsDeadSerious finally realizes what the Republican platform is; they hate Barrack Obama.  Nothing to do with policy or views or anything remotely substantive, just the fact that the president is Barrack Obama and he's black therefore anything he says we're against it even if yesterday we were for it, once Obama was for it by right and duty we're against it.  For God's sake they sound like Groucho Marx in "Duck Soup" (a brilliant 1930's Marx Bros movie...really) when he sang "whatever it is, I'm against it" done with a greasepaint mustache, round glasses and a lacivious leer at the audience...how appropriate.  Not only is Obama a liberal progressive...but he's black.  Bad enough he is trying to bring the country back from financial near-collapse (owing to 2 unfunded MidEast wars in part...a very large part) and doing it, at times, to the best interests of the American people while being black.  And the Republicans will have none of that.

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    The Angry Devas Radio Show: Humpday and Mustache Rides

    in Pop Culture

    We Dish on EVERYTHING. From clothes, current events, black female enterprise, black feminism, black female rights, black female sexuality, black female health, black female wealth and most importantly BLACK FEMALE SOVEREIGNTY!


    The Original Mother, the Black Wombyn is the last to awaken to her Divinity and Divine Place in the Cosmos. We are the place to discuss all the things they DON'T WANT us to talk about or focus on. Tune in daily, write to us to be a host, and share! This is FOR US and BY US. so lets SUPPORT our OWN.

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    Happy 4th

    in Current Events

    Mustache  & Funny Glasses with the Static Dexing  

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    Game Show Tonite 126-The 'Stache is back and more...

    in Entertainment

    Alex Trebek has brought the mustache back, and Monday is his first episode with the traditional look, something missing for the last couple of years.  

    We'll review the season premieres, and show you what else is going on, including some finales that will take place very soon.  

    Fall in Love with Game Show Tonite!

    And JB has an idea or two up his sleeve...stay tuned.  

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    The MissingNMurdered Show with JennyNJerry

    in News

    JennyNJerry Boone, Founders of the M N M Missing N Murdered (M-N-M)and MNM 2 group and hosts of the MissingNMurdered BlogTalkRadio show. They are advocates for victims and their families.
     TONIGHT'S SHOW is  about Eric Franks our guest tonight is his mother Jo Ann.
        Eric was 6" 1'' and weighed about 175.  He had dark brown eyes and black hair. He had shaved his mustache off in that pic of him holding the camera. As far as we know that is the last pic taken of him and it is a selfie . Eric left my house in OH headed to Saginaw on Oct 25th 2010. He and I communicated by phone and email and regular mail. The last time I spoke with Eric was about March 10th by phone. He  was planning to move out to a rural area with little reception. So, I wasn't surprised that our communication became me leaving voice mails and him returning them with emails. As for the 24 hrs before he went missing, it is impossible to know. The last person to see him alive as far as we know, has given conflicting stories about when that was, where that was and under what circumstances it happened. She moved to FL  about the time we reported Eric missing. 
     ABOUT JENNYnJERRY BOONE: Jenny and Jerry got started working with the loved ones of the missing and murdered as a ripple effect of this world. Jenny found herself thrust into it after her sister, Jean, who was pregnant at the time, and brother-in-law, David, were violently murdered on Saturday, March 31, 1979. They were on their way home to spend Easter with their family. They were going to share their wonderful news, they were going to have a baby. Jenny was one of the few people who knew, she just found out that day on the phone. 
    CONTACT THE BOONES VIA EMAIL: mnmgroupmail@gmail.com MnM Alerts are brought to you each week by JennyNJerry


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    The Unknown Show with Bud Smith

    in Poetry

    The Unknown Show is an interview series hosted by Bud Smith. The featured guests will range from writers, artists, musicians, ect. with a focus on projects that they are working on or promoting. The goal is to #1, not put you to sleep, and #2 leave you with some personal and often creepy details about a person who used to be unknown to you. 

    the guests on 8/19/2014 will be

    7pm est: .......Robert Vaughan
    7:25: est ....... Mik Everett
    7:45 est .......Brian Allan Ellis 


    Robert Vaughan leads writing roundtables at Redoak Writing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His writing has appeared in over 400 print and online journals. His latest book is Addicts and Basements (CCM) He edits at JMWW, and  Lost in Thought magazine. His poetry chapbook.

    Mik Everett is an American Regionalist novelist born in 1991 in Wichita, Kansas. She studied philosophy and English at Wichita State University, where she also worked as a logic clinician before moving to Boulder, Colorado to open a bookstore. She is the author of Self-Published Kindling: Memoirs of a Homeless Bookstore Owner 

    Brian Alan Ellis is the author of The Mustache He's Always Wanted but Could Never Grow, 33 Fragments of Sick-Sad Living, and King Shit (illustrated by Waylon Thornton). His writing has appeared through such outlets as Skive, The Whistling Fire, Zygote in My Coffee, Monkeybicycle, DOGZPLOT, Conte, Sundog Lit, Crossed Out, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, That Lit Site, Diverse Voices Quarterly, flashquake, Spittoon, HTMLGIANTHe lives in Tallahassee, Florida.

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    Wednesday Night Metal Mania Show EP44

    in Rock Music

    On this week's special show, we will be interviewing Grady Stiles, Jr. (Son of Lobsterboy). We will feature also feature Florida metal and punk by:


    Agerasia - Medium (Ft. ThomHirst of The Gun Show and Creations)

    Carrion Witch - Hell Defiler (Doom Version)

    Gargamel - Language Of The Knife

    All Hail The Mustache - My Fate is Sealed with Hers

    Paths Of Possession - Soulless [Cancerslug Cover]

    Evergreen Terrace - Crows

    Born From Ashes - Reflections

    Crossbreed - Hollow

    Death - Spirit Crusher

    TUG - Purple Rain (Live at Mojo's in Lakeland (11.13.2010)

    They Might Be Zombies - A Dying Voice

    Fire At Pluto - The Road

    Hellwitch - Torture Chamber

    Kilo-Kahn - I.C.E.D.

    Reverie - Small Soldiers

    King Conquer- Wasted Potential





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