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    Morning Musings by Melinda with Melinda Vail

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    Morning Musings by Melinda with Melinda Vail

    For many, journaling is one of the most important parts of their daily routine. It gives them a chance to polish their inner mirror, reflect on lessons learned, and update their list of intentions with items that may need more work. In Morning Musings by Melinda, gifted intuitive and healer Melinda Vail shares some of her teachings as well as her own journal entries in a daybook embellished by original photographs by Robert Sharpe. Writes Melinda in the Foreword: "Some people have heart break that others cannot even imagine... have gone through things that you might think only happens in the movies... have had more challenges in one lifetime that amaze me that they are still standing... I have shared time with people like this that make their lives a tribute to grace and style under pressure, an example of faith and dignity, a testament to unwavering love of what's important. It is such an honor to me to be in the presence of these people."

    For more information visit: http://www.melindavail.com/

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    Not another bloody Dinosaur!!

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    We have the honor of talking with scientist Mark Armitage.   Mark is embroiled in a extremely interesting lawsuit.   Mark is a christian and found the world's largest Triceratops bone. This bone which is supposed to be 70 million years contains soft tissue.  This sound pretty impossible and points to a young earth.  The evidence was so compelling that His california University Fired MArk because his evidence was too religious!!  Mark is Suing the university.  We will discuss MArk's research and his new book here on Bible Smack Radio!

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    Episode 36 | March 18, 2015 : Live from Spring Training!

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    We've got an abbreviated edition for you this week, but we make up for it by coming to you from Salt River Fields at Talking Stick! Listen to the excitement as Anthony and Tyler forecast a big night for Jon Gray just minutes before the big righty goes out and gets tagged for three runs in his first inning of work. We discuss the spring training experience, good food around the ballpark, update some things around camp, try to call after Dave Stewart to come on the show after he eyes us warily while walking out of the D-backs offices and more. Regular season is coming up quick! Get on this special edition PDP while the offer lasts!

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    THE MOBILE EXPLOSION; The Impact for You, Your Business & Michigan's Economy

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    Mobile technology is exploding! It’s changing the way we live and the way we run our businesses. But mobile technology is much more than the latest ‘app’ downloaded to your cell phone or tablet; mobile is actually many technologies that are impacting every industry doing business in Michigan. The mobile / wireless industry is one of very few global industries that generate over 1 Trillion dollars in revenue annually, and in Michigan, it’s one of our fastest-growing sectors – but yet the best kept secret in the state. Mobile/wireless technologies have the ability to transform our state’s economy – if we act now!

    Interested in learning what this surge in mobile technology means to you, your business and Michigan’s economy? Please join our host, Melissa Birnie, for a discussion with Linda Daichendt, Executive Director of the Mobile Technology Association of Michigan.

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    Morning Musings

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    Well he's at it again. James Anthony Ellis - cohost of Freedom for All - has published another book. Each publication, this radio show has highlighted the book and Mr. Ellis on his process, purpose and plan to have the book make a difference in our community and society. This episode we'll be talking with him about "Morning Musings; Daily Reflections to Inspire Your Own Awakening," his latest book published Dec 9, 2014. Favorable reviews have been pouring in, including one reader's reference to a day without musings is like a day without Chai tea. Listen in as we delve into a few of those musings as they hopefully stir and awaken some higher thoughts of your own.

    To purchase the book:   www.amazon.com/Morning-Musings-Reflections-Inspire-Awakening/dp/1505229324/

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    PWN 2015.3.4: Here we go again

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    Figuring out what KaliSara and RevKess are going to talk about each week is a chore. One that they take into consideration frequently while browsing the interwebs and catching up on social media. Some of the topics come from mainstream media, many from Pagan media sources, and quite a few are shared by their friends on Facebook. What they pick to talk about and what actually gets talked about are sometimes two very different things. This week is up in the air, as has been the case recently. They await a major news story or a development in something they have been covering, but they also keep their eyes and ears open for what is important to the Pagans around them and that they know via the net. If you have a story, event, project, etc that you would like to hear them talk about on PWN, please send an email to them at paganmusings@gmail.com or drop them a note on the Facebook for PWN.

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    PMP: DiversiTree with Hollis Taylor

    in Spirituality

    Hollis Taylor visits PMPChannel and discusses the "First Queer Spirituality and Sacred Sexuality Community Blog" DiversiTree. A project that came about after Hollis's brief time working with Green Egg earlier this year, DivesiTree is a large platform blog community project focusing on spirituality and LGBTQIA issues. The site went live on 20 March 2015.

    From the site's description: "Bringing together some of the most spiritually diverse queer sex positive people to write on the evolutionary movement towards inclusive spirituality.[...] DiversiTree presents a group of writers that have found their own paths to inclusive spirituality and today they are ready to share their experiences with you. We intend to increase understanding of a variety of perspectives and to create a place of celebratory diversity. Our differences are what makes this world such a fascinating place and when we celebrate them we are able to easily lift each other up in a way that can bring success for everyone. Like a tree we respect, support and are at least some part connected to each and every branch of spirituality."

    KaliSara and RevKess will be talking with Hollis about the platform, inspiration, and some of the contributors for the site. RevKess will be writing for the site as well.

    Follow DiversiTree on Twitter and Tumblr.

    Show notes available at PMPChannel.com.

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    Sunday Sports Musings

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    We will try to put on a show without many tangents, but no guarantees.  There is lots happening in the sports world...NFL trades and signings/nonsignings (Happy Tampering Weekend!), hockey coming down the stretch to the playoffs, and actual spring training games started this week.  However, a lot of the same stories, so expect some other random conversation.  Or bring your own!  You can call us at 914-338-1623 or write in to Twitter @sportshack72.  And just tune in Sunday at 7:30pm EST to pick apart the Patriots, Bruins, and Red Sox all in one show.

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    Business Transactions Transformed by the Internet & Mobile/Wireless Technologies

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    The Internet has transformed how consumers and businesses conduct business and make purchases!

    Welcome the 1970’s and the advent of eCommerce. Since then there has been no looking back. Individuals and businesses alike engage in eCommerce transactions daily to buy and/or sell products and services via the Internet, and more recently, using the Internet from their mobile devices. From purchases on eBay and Amazon, to payments processed by PayPal or Square, eCommerce/mCommerce is a global business channel.

    Learn how to leverage eCommerce/mCommerce in your business, and take advantage of the access to your business that mobile technologies provide for your customers. Join Melissa Birnie and Lisa Kosak on Friday, March 20, 2015 as they talk with Grand Rapids based CQL, a national leader in eCommerce technology. Discussions will include: eCommerce/mCommerce; developing an eCommerce platform, accessing eCommerce/mCommerce via mobile devices, evaluating eCommerce/mCommerce vendors, digital/mobile marketing strategies, branding, and more! 

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    PWN 2015.3.3: Playing it by ear

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    KaliSara and RevKess continue the 2015 season of PWN with another open ended topic for the show. There is so much that is going on in the world today that effects Pagans and like-minded individuals that it is sometimes hard to narrow the focus down to just one or two topics. This edition of the show may discuss all kinds of issues from the state of affairs with DC politics and how they influence our actions and decisions as spiritually minded people, what is going on in the Middle East with ISIL and their repeated desecration of historical and religious artifacts from centuries and millenia ago, free speech issues in Europe, Ferguson, MO's continued impact on the Black community and the Pagans who are involved in the fight against racism, and so much more. You'll just have to tune in to hear what they decide to talk about with this week's edition of PWN

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    PMP: Amythyst Raine & the Spiritual Feminist

    in Spirituality

    Amythyst Raine-Hatayama joins RevKess and KaliSara on this edition of PMP. She is the author of several books including The Gray Witch's Grimoire and Tarot for Grownups. She has been a guest on the show previously. Amythyst joins the hosts in this edition to talk about her newest book The Spiritual Feminist, due out on 24 April 2015. You can get a sneak peak of this soon to be released book at Amazon. Visit her blog to learn more about her and her works.

    "Amythyst Raine is a professional psychic/clairvoyant quietly practicing her own brand of witchcraft in the American mid-west. She is the author of books on tarot and witchcraft, a legally ordained clergy, high priestess of Bristolwicks Coven, an occasional radio personality, and the creator/webmistress of the popular pagan website: The Witch’s Corner."

    The Spiritual Feminist explores the Goddess as Feminist. From the listing on Moon Books: the book "empowers today's modern woman through the Goddess, connecting her to ancient matriarchal divinity and spiritual practices which invoke this energy. It embraces the essence of womanhood in its entirety, through mental, physical, and spiritual affirmations, connecting personal energy and lives through the four elements—Earth, Air, Water, & Fire, with affirmations and invocations."


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