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    Morning Musings

    in Culture

    Well he's at it again. James Anthony Ellis - cohost of Freedom for All - has published another book. Each publication, this radio show has highlighted the book and Mr. Ellis on his process, purpose and plan to have the book make a difference in our community and society. This episode we'll be talking with him about "Morning Musings; Daily Reflections to Inspire Your Own Awakening," his latest book published Dec 9, 2014. Favorable reviews have been pouring in, including one reader's reference to a day without musings is like a day without Chai tea. Listen in as we delve into a few of those musings as they hopefully stir and awaken some higher thoughts of your own.

    To purchase the book:   www.amazon.com/Morning-Musings-Reflections-Inspire-Awakening/dp/1505229324/

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    Montana: Prairie Dust and Dinosaur Bones

    in Travel

    World Footprints takes you on an exciting journey through Montana’s Missouri River Country as we go digging for dinosaurs and gold.   First, we’ll go in search of Carl the Dinosaur with the help of Dave Trexler and Sue Frary of the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum and Field Station as they take us digging for dinosaur bones.  We’ll introduce you to Brenda Koss, whose family-owned ranch has produced some major dinosaur fossils, including one discovered by her daughter Kennedy.   Then it’s off to Zortman, an interesting gold rush era town nestled in Montana’s Little Rocky Mountains that’s filled with lot of character and characters alike, and we’ll learn about this quirky place from one of the town’s resident entrepreneurs, John Kalal.

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    PMP: Mama Gina's Solitaire, Follow Your Passion

    in Spirituality

    Mama Gina returns to the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel to talk about her musical career and her latest project, Solitaire. Having left a regular paying job to launch her music career, Gina is about to release her third CD, Solitaire. Solitaire will join the rest of her CD family of Goddess Kiss'd and The Undertaker's Daughter. Gina hails from Florida and has regularly attended and performed at Florida Spirit Gathering and other regional events. This year's tour with Solitaire will be her most ambitious (travel wise) since debuting Goddess Kiss'd.

    RevKess is looking foward to the full length album later this season and is sure that like her earlier releases, it will soon become a favorite of his and on PMPChannel.

    Show notes are available on PMPChannel.com.

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    PMP: Back to the Basics, What Good is It?

    in Spirituality

    What's so special about magical tools/items? What makes graveyard dirt so awesome? Why bother with oils, smudges, inscriptions, etc.? What makes caraway good protection against theft?

    KaliSara and RevKess answer these questions and more during this edition of Pagan-Musings as they take a step back to the basics. Books and websites, articles and conversation can all lead to one answer or another for these and similar questions. The hosts are going to share some of their answers and go into a bit more detail as to why they answer them as they do.

    The hosts would also like to hear/read questions from you, the listener. If you have questions similar to these you can e-mail them to paganmusings@gmail.com or post them to the show's Facebook page before the show. During the show you can ask in the chat room or call-in to ask your questions personally.

    Show notes are available at PMPChannel.com.

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    PWN 2015.1.3: Controversy in the Pagan World

    in News

    As event season gets ready to kick off for the Pagan community there are any number of minor controversies that might crop up. In the passed there have been issues regarding gender in sacred space, certain notable presenters and their pasts, and other issues - both minor and major. This year seems to be no exception to that. With Covenant of the Goddess facing member resignations and turmoil over their public statement regarding racial issues and a first time out festival in direct conflict with a well established festival - in both timing and geographic location - there seems to be now shortage of controversies to address this year.

    RevKess and KaliSara will talk about some of those current issues and how they may play out in the near future. From Peter Dybing's strong stand on racial inclusivity in practice and language in regards to CoG to the Gathering of Pagan Souls festival being in direct conflict with Heartland Spirit Festival at the end of May. Along the way they may also address some of the past issues that have come in the Pagan world and how they were addressed and handled by those who could make a difference. They will also talk about other upcoming events in the Pagan world, including ConVocation and PantheaCon.

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    LH #203: Marriage Equality & Political Mishaps

    in LGBT

    On Sunday 25 January 2015 Corwin and Phil talked marriage equality and political mishaps. Particularly the marriage equality case in Nebraska. As of the time this show went live it looked like the judge scheduled to hear the case had postponed the hearing pending the ruling from SCOTUS on similar cases before them this session. Phil has since learned that it was merely a postponement of a hearing to allow same sex marriage in Nebraska pending his final decision. That hearing has been rescheduled and Corwin and Phil will be talking more about that on 1 February.

    Lavender Hill airs live every Sunday morning at 11am Central. Approaching four years on the air, Lavender Hill is Nebraska's only LGBTQIAA news and talk program on community radio. Thanks to the continued support of KZUM and listeners, Lavender Hill will be celebrating the four year anniversary the same time that KZUM celebrates 37 years on the airwaves! 

    You can find Lavender Hill on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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    PWN 2015.1.2: The State of the Union & more

    in News

    In our second 2015 edition of PWN KaliSara and RevKess talk in depth about the State of the Union Address from U.S. President Barack Obama. They will discuss some of the porposed plans for this year and how they might effect the Pagan community in the U.S. They will also share more news and information on upcoming Pagan festivals and delve into the online resource that are always at your disposal for gleaning news and information of a Pagan flavor.

    Show notes can be found on PMPChannel.com.

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    PWN 2015.1.1: KaliSara joins Pagan Weekly News

    in News

    In the newest incarnation of Pagan Weekly News KaliSara joins RevKess for a live discussion of news and events that effect the Pagan world. Ranging from current events to editorial pieces, commentary on mainstream coverage of issues around the globe to updates on Pagan festivals, books and music, and much more, PWN will once again bring you insights into the world today from the perspective of Pagans.

    Topics for this edition include, but are not limited to, Charlie Hebdo, racism, new books and music. Tune in live or in archives to find out just what RevKess and KaliSara decide to talk about.

    Show notes are available at PMPChannel.com.

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    Mystic Musings with Joan and Janet

    in Self Help

    Today, Joan and Janet ask:

    Air Traffic Control! How do we handle telepathic and empathic input (and attention)? Who is the Air Traffic Controller? Are you operating as Consciousness (or as an Airplane)?

    We're talking about CONSCIOUSNESS vs BODY perspective.  How does life feel when we're viewing things from Consciousness? How does it feel when we're viewing things as body?  More to be revealed!

    We  LOVE to hear from you. Send in your questions and ideas! We are all one. What we notice about life opens us up to what is within of each of us. This is YOUR chance to help co-create with us! Email us atd joan@joannewcomb.com or janetb@janetandbeyond.com your topic request THE DAY BEFORE THE SHOW and we'll answer it on the air!

    *Questions received on Wednesday will be read on the next Wednesday's show.

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    PMP: Mike Nichols & a History of Pagan Broadcasting

    in Spirituality

    Mike Nichols, the author of The Witches' Sabbats, is one of the first American Pagan broadcasters. He was broadcasting on regular radio in the 1970's. RevKess and KaliSara are very happy to host Mr Nichols in this episode to discuss a history of Pagan broadcasting as well as some of the history of Paganism in the United States and elsewhere around the modern world. Mr Nichols has been presenting workshops and discussions on a history of witchcraft and occultism in the United States for a number of years now.

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    Mystic Musings with Joan and Janet

    in Self Help

    Today, Joan and Janet ask:  How to "get it"!

    We work with clients some of whom experience instantaneous and lasting transformations, and some where it seems it doesn't "stick".  Why is that?

    Tune in to hear how to really "get it" and step into a whole new realm of Being!

    Next Wednesday we are on VOICE AMERICA's 7th Wave! Listen to it or to the archived podcasts any time http://joan-newcomb.com/radio-show/

    We  LOVE to hear from you. Send in your questions and ideas! We are all one. What we notice about life opens us up to what is within of each of us. This is YOUR chance to help co-create OUR NEW SHOW with us! Email us at joan@joannewcomb.com or janetb@janetandbeyond.com


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