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    Cultural aspect of argentina

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    Harry Cooper, Author of "Hitler in Argentina"

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    We are all taught that the Red Army surrounded Berlin and that, faced with capture by the Soviet Union, Adolf Hitler and his new wife Eva Braun (Hitler) committed suicide in the Führerbunker. Don't believe it - Josef Stalin knew better as did most of the world leaders of the time! Stalin even made a great fuss about Hitler's escape in statements he made in July of 1945 - more than two months after the alleged suicide.

    Author Harry Cooper has worked on this for two and a half decades with dozens of trips to German, Austria, the Soviet Union, Russia and since 2008 four expeditions to Argentina, to Chile and Brazil where he found the remains of the nuclear research facility in a remote part of Argentina that was built in 1947, two years AFTER the war ended; built by German scientists.

    It is well known that two German submarines surrendered in Argentina well after the German surrender. U-530 surrendered in late July 1945 and U-977 surrendered in early August but the surrender order came on May 8. Why did they take three months to surrender? And why at the other end of the

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    Tiempo Tejano Ep 46

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    Check out the latest Tiempo Tejano Ep 46. Listen to your favorite music and Tejano artists hosted by your friend and DJ Armando. Escuche su musica y artistas favoritos de la musica Tejana incluyendo musica Tejana del recuerdo y musica del momento con su amigo y locutor Armando. Tiempo Tejano lla se encuentra en iTunes tambien.  Lla puede llevar Tiempo Tejano a donde quiera que vaya con iTunes.

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    Did Hitler Escape To Argentina After World War II?

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    Hunting Hitler challenges the the biggest story of World War II - the suicide of Adolf Hitler. Is it possible that Hitler faked his own death and lived out the rest of his life in Argentina? Author Jerome Corsi shares why it is not just plausible, but likely. With no physical evidence, corpse, photos, or even documentation to prove that Hitler committed suicide, there are far more questions than answers.

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    Immigration success stories, Liberia and Argentina, Guest immigrants

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    Coming on let's talk, real talk with Toughcookie November 23, 2014. 8:30 PM PST

    Two citizens who came to America as Immigrants. We will discuss there journey as well as the stereotypes and labels they are faced with in America. From being called  illegal and are you from the Country in Africa where Ebola come from. Tune in 8:30 PM PST. My guest A Liberian born in West Africa and a  Argentinean American.  Neither one is living in the Shadows!

    Plus Toughcookie discussing her up coming short film. The Political Lounge. This political "dream" is making fools and idiots out of the "money green."


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    Musica Latina!!!!!!!!!

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    Musica Latina Donde Puedes Escuchar Famoso Cantores 

    Latin Music Where You Can Here Famous Latin Singers

    Y Reportares

    And Reports

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    Este Viernes a las 11 PM no te pierdas nuestro show ya que en celebracion de Navidad, vuelve a nuestros estudios Felipe De Jesus quien nos informara de lo que se esta haciendo en cuanto a su proxima produccion, y a la ves nos deletara con su musica de tema Navideno. Sera un show inolvidable asi que no te lo pierdas. Y como siempre, buena musica y buena conversacion....


    Boricuas of the World Social Club Talk Show

    Culture, music and fun with special guests and friends.

    Open to the listening public for calling and suggestions for future shows. 

    Email: boricuasoftheworld@gmail.com

    Show para celebrar nuestrea cultura. Con buena musica e invitados especiales!!

    Contactenos aqui: boricuasoftheworld@gmail.com

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    Tiempo Tejano Ep 44

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    Check out the latest Tiempo Tejano Ep 44. Listen to your favorite music and Tejano artists hosted by your friend and DJ Armando. Escuche su musica y artistas favoritos de la musica Tejana con su amigo y locutor Armando.

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    viviendo la vida..

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    para pasar un rato agradable y disfrutar para votar el golpe...

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    First Contact Radio 12/22/14

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    First Contact Radio 12/22/14 Show #1279 hosted by Joshua Poet
    Weekend Edition on KCAA AM 1050


    Jewish Calendar

    Introduction to the Jewish Calendar

    Moon Phase


    This Week’s Sky at a Glance, December 19 – 27

    UFO News
    UFO sighting recorded while leaving Earth on 15th December 2014

    Amazing UFO Filmed Over France Using Night Vision

    Triangular-shaped object over Argentina 18-Dec-2014

    Photos of a UFO over Las Vegas

    UFO sighting above Czech Republic on 17th December 2014

    Fleet Of UFOs Over Chile On Dec 17, 2014

    Ancient Structure On Mars Near Statue, Dec 19, 2014

    Alien Grey Face Found On Mars, Dec 16, 2014

    Chemistry Discovered On Mars Which are Strong Indicators of Life

    SETI news

    Daily Stories
    Reborn Kepler Spacecraft Finds 'Super-Earth'

    NASA wants to build a floating city above the clouds of Venus

    Pope in blistering critique of Vatican bureaucrats

    Monkey saves 'dying' friend

    The Fool

    Hebrew Alphabet

    Collective Consciousness And Consensual Manifestation

    High Council of Orion December-17-2014

    FREE Meditation Music "Reflections"

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    BDSIR Network Presents: No Foul Play

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    Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you loyal listeners of No Foul Play. What a better treat for us football fans than to talk about the weekend's fixtures in the Barclays Premier League as the busy stage of the season has begun with incredible matches at Liverpool and at Newcastle. We will speak of all the weekend's fixtures and what it will bring us into Boxing Day and the fixtures immediately after that. We will also speak briefly on Real Madrid's win in the 2014 FIFA Club World Cup against a poor San Lorenzo of Argentina. Should that competition even be taken seriously? We will also speak on the rest of the World's fixtures in La Liga, Serie A, the Bundesliga, and Ligue 1. Plus, we will talk about the terrible seasons in comparison between Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool. Whom at this stage between both sides has had a worse campaign? We will finally discuss FIFA's ruling on the Qatar FIFA World Cup. To top it all, Thierry Henry has announced his retirement from football as he will join as a pundit for Sky Sports. We will reflect on his historic career for both club and country. 

    You can call directly on Skype when the show goes on the air, or you can call us if you're in the U.S. at 347-637-3859, or tweet us directly @BDSIRNOFOULPLAY. We are live tonight at 7:30 PM EST/12:30 AM UK.

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