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  • Peace, Safety And Joy: What It Means To Be Grown At Home

    in Relationships

    This edition of Grown Zone Radio boils down to a simple question: How are you living?

    Is your home a safe haven, or a house of horrors. To live in the Grown Zone is to accept nothing less than a home of peace, safety and joy—not drama, fear and anxiety. To truly live in the Grown Zone requires you to make your home a self-loving sanctuary of personal growth. We'll explain why to be Grown is to protect the sanctity of your own home, and to guard access to it as if your life depended on it—because it does!

    You—and likely others you know and care about—really need to tune in to this edition of Grown Zone Radio. Join us to learn why our book Loving In The Grown Zone is not your typical relationship book about finding the love of your life (or getting great sex) and living happily ever after, but about making healthy choices that can literally be a matter of life and death for you and those you care for, especially children. Learn what it means to really live in the Grown Zone—starting at home!

    GIFT: Get this FREE ebook NOW --> 9 keys To Finding Healthy Love Even If You Have No Idea Where To Look!

    New Book: LovingInTheGrownZone.com

    Official Site: GrownZone.com 

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    Peace, Love and Poetry: PLP Radio Edition with Suite Franchon

    in Poetry

    From the stage and page to the radio mic... Artist, Promoter, Entrepreneur Suite Franchon brings light to Master Griot Radio as you and she manifest Peace, Love and Poetry on the radio. The PLP Radio Edition will focus on highlighting artists, artisans, and entrepreneurs whose work and artistic expression demonstrates values of love, peace, hope and positivity. CALL IN. Promote your art and business.

    Peace, Love and Poetry, affectionately called PLP, and the PLP Soul Opera Edition, are unique quarterly showcase concerts that have become favorites among the Wilmington, Delaware, Baltimore, and Philadelphia communities and beyond. The PLP production promises an organic and quality experience of live performances featuring the area’s uprising talent.

    The PLP: Soul Opera Edition is a hometown bragging rights favorite that features seasoned professional performers from the tri-state area. Soul Opera is Telling stories of Love and Life through poetry, music and song! Customized universal and unique themes at every show! SuiteFranchon is the Founder, Creative Director, and Host of Peace, Love & Poetry. PLP4Life!




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    Joy Keys chats with Musician Toshi Reagon

    in Current Events

    Special Guest: Toshi Reagon has been described as “a talented, versatile singer, songwriter and musician with a profound ear for sonic Americana—from folk to funk, from blues to rock” by critic/blogger Eva Yaa Asantewaa (InfiniteBody). “She masters each of these genres with vocal strategies that easily spiral and swoop from the expressively sinuous to the hard-charging, a combination of warmth and mischief.”

    While her expansive career has landed her comfortably in residence at Carnegie Hall, the Paris Opera House and Madison Square Garden, you can just as easily find Toshi turning out a music festival, intimate venue or local club. Toshi finds home on any musical stage. Toshi has had the pleasure of working with Lenny Kravitz, Lizz Wright, Ani DiFranco, Carl Hancock Rux, Nona Hendryx, Pete Seeger, Chocolate Genius and many other amazing artists, including her favorite collaborator, her mom, Bernice Johnson Reagon.

    Toshi has been the recipient of a NYFA award for Music Composition, The Black Lily Music and Film Festival Award for Outstanding Performance. She is a National Women’s History Month Honoree, and is the 2010 recipient of OutMusic’s Heritage Award. www.toshireagon.com

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    Live Your Music - Margaux Joy and Guest Robert Berry 09/23/15

    in Lifestyle

    I am happy to have my friend Robert Berry as my guest for Live Your Music 09/23/15.

    Robert Berry is a Grammy nominated recording artist, singer, songwriter, producer, and performing musician.

    He was featured on an album titled "3" with Keith Emerson & Carl Palmer; he has toured with Ambrosia; and has a long running project - Alliance - with members of Boston, Sammy Hagar, and Night Ranger, and has also performed with the Tubes, and Greg Kihn.

    Robert is also the owner of Soundtek Studios in Campbell, California.

    During this interview, Robert and I will be talking about what it was like to perform with Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer and Paul Keller for the 3 Live Tour in 1988. We'll also be talking about the new release of a two-CD set 3 LIVE BOSTON 88 of live recordings from a concert in Boston.

    I'll be playing a song I love which is titled On My Way Home, from the live album, during the show.

    To find out more about Robert Berry and to connect with him online, please visit his website at: www.RobertBerry.com

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    Riding Emotional Waves to Achieve Inner Peace, Matthew Engel, Joy Barker

    in Self Help

    Emotional waves crash along the shore of life for everyone from time to time. But many people are affraid of their feelings and avoid them altogether. When we shut down, we also deny ourselves of the authentic and heart-centered way of living that we came here to achieve. Today on Intuitive Transformation Radio, Matthew Engel and Joy Barker will discuss the necessities of getting real with our feelings and using them as guideposts for inner transformation - as well as practical tools to help you transform your way through challenging emotional experiences.

    Matthew Engel is a Counselor, Intuitive Coach, Executive Coach, Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regressionist. Professionally, he has supported thousands of people in activating their inner light and making positive change for 19 years. For more info and to sign up for Matthew's free newsletter, please visit: www.matthewengel.com

    Joy Barker is a psychic-medium, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner (trained by world renowned Doreen Virtue), Spiritual Teacher, and Host of Angel Talk Cafe on Blogtalk. She is known for her loving, down to earth, and practical approach to healing and life transformation. For more info, please visit AngelTalkCafe.com



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    "Love That Gospel Music"!

    in Indie Music

    Join us this Sunday, September 20, 2015 @ 6:30 p.m. as we kick off another marvelous episode of "Glorious Gospel Vibes"!  You will be blessed by hosts Evg. Globee Pope and Min. Derrick Tuggle as they introduce to some and present to others independent gospel artists from around the world.  Also joining them with inspirations of love will be Bishop Herbert & Arkes McCray.  Dr. Philip Dukes will be in 'da house, along with Sista Vangelist Peppercorn who will surely tickle your gospel fancy.  So don't miss it, this Sunday, right here on Blog Talk Radio!


    For Comments and Questions dial into - (347) 677-0645


    in Music




    CALL IN NUMBER 347-884-8745


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    Live Your Music - Margaux Joy and Guest Aarin Burch 09/09/15

    in Lifestyle

    I am happy to have Aarin Burch as my guest for Live Your Music!

    Aarin Burch brings over two decades of creative sensibility, business management and production experience to both Aarin Burch Productions, her film production company, and Laurel Burch Studios.

    Aarin grew up in the San Francisco bay area where she watched her mom, Laurel Burch, hand craft vintage jewelry and produce iconic artworks from inside of their own home. Aarin began her own creative journey at the California College of Arts and Crafts where she obtained her B.F.A and served on the Frameline Board of Directors as an established filmmaker.

    Her unique aesthetic has given her the chance to create trailers for several feature length films, while also producing and directing her own documentaries including one focusing on Laurel’s life and art. With her films being shown at festivals all throughout the world, she's received notable recognition and established a profound name for herself in both the film and business industries.

    In 2012, Aarin became President of Laurel Burch Studios, where she directs the licensing and business development of the Laurel Burch brand in North America.

    During her free time, Aarin teaches Kajukenbo — an eclectic Martial Art style — where she holds a 5th degree blackbelt.

    Most recently, Aarin’s focus is on seeking out new inspiration for Laurel Burch Studios’ newest edition- Laurel Burch Jewelry.

    To find out more about Aarin Burch and her Mom, Laurel Burch, please visit their website: www.laurelburchstudios.com



  • Provisions of God on the Voice of Joy

    in Spirituality

    Welcome one of the most powerful teachers in the word of God.  His teaching will change your mind about how we view others and ourselves.  Living Stone Ministry is seasoned and founded by Bishop Johnson.  This is a man who lives what he preaches.  A firm believer in helping build strong character.  Our focus is on the message he will bring to your today.  I recommend that you listen attentively and enjoy a move of the holy spirit and the power of God.  The Voice of Joy centers around the message the man or woman brings forth.  Encouragement is urgent in our world today.  People are hurting on yesterdays drama let us close the curtin  and bring down the violence through prayer. My people suffer for lack of knowledge.  May this teaching be a blessing to he that have an ear.  God bless.

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    Family Fame On The Voice of Joy

    in Spirituality

    We so often enjoy the fame of important people  with lots of wealth and oppeyonortunity to be recognized for whatever they have done and rarely reach the top of man made fame only to be pulled down by mistakes, misfortune, or miscalculation, false or true judgement never to rise in their own spirits again.  Well family it is time to remember there is only one star and his name is Jesus Christ and he has complete say over who wins and who losses.  Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.  That it is the love of Jesus the Savior of the world.  Seek him and he will cause fame to see after you.  Fame is in the family.  Support, love and recognize everyone in your family who has done exceedently well and you be the giver of announcing your childs name in your heart.  No matter what role they play right now, you through prayer set the stage for success.  Pray for good in all your family and doubt not.  No matter what pray.

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    I Love Myself: Developing A Deeper Love With The Creator and Self

    in Spirituality


    This week we will be discussing the most important relationships you will ever have -- your relationship with the Creator and the relationship you have -- with yourself. 


    Your relationship with the Creator allows you to grow and expand into the deepest parts of yourself. Master Teacher Dr. Mitchell Gibson teaches that the spirit inside each and every one of us is a part of the body of the Creator. The day we truly realize that there can be no separation, will be a day of great awakening for each of us.

    If you do not love yourself, how can you truly love anyone else? Love of self allows you to love and appreciate every part of your life experience. 

    It sounds like an easy concept, but have you truly taken the time to honor who you are?

    How often do you take the time to do the things that bring you joy?  Are you able to look in the mirror and find all the thingsl yourself the things that make you unique and beautiful?  Do you recognize and appreciate your gifts and talents?

     "One of the most difficult things to learn in life is to love yourself. Once you achieve this level of love you no longer need validation from anyone else. self love actually allows you to love others more easily." Acharya Kathy Gibson.

    Join us Sunday, October 4, 2015 at 11 AM Eastern as we learn more about developing a deeper relationship with the Creator, loving and honoring ourselves, and explore the greatest love we will ever know in the Spirit of Love.