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    Our guests are Elizabeth Merritt, Founding Director of the American Alliance of Museums'Center for the Future of Education ...and...Katherine Prince, Senior Director of Strategic Foresight for Knowledge Works

    www.knowledge works.org @worldoflearning 

    www.aam-us.org   @futureofmuseums


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    Museums: Beyond the Gift Shop

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    Going to the museum can be a great educational experience for your child, or an occasion for tantrums and junk acquisition. Join About.com experts Terri Mauro (Parenting Special Needs), Cathrine Holecko (Family Fitness), and Susan Adcox (Grandparents) as we talk about how to get some culture without going crazy. 

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    We heartliy welcome the president of The American Assoication of Museums Ford W . Bell to talk about these incredibly valuable resources all over the country and how educators can and should be tapping in to their expertise

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    Institutions -families communities museums

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    Dr. Lynn Dierking hosts with guest Dr. Jessica Luke, a faculty member in University of Washington's Museology program. She will talk about a study she recently completed with Dr. Marianna Adams, focused on family learning in interactive galleries in three art museums.

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    Railroad Museums: Are they important? on Lets Talk Trains

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    This week, Let's Talk Trains invites two different Railroad Museums to  discuss their museums and their mission. The Georgia State Railroad museum will discuss their history and the future. The Houston Railroad Museum will discuss their plans for the future. Both museums will try and answer the perception of non railfans, calling some museums junkyards.

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    Economically Speaking !! ** We're Preparing For Survival **

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    ASA~ Family, peace to everyone !  Please tune in for an extremely important two part program. First we have Sister Marguerite Muhammad who is very gifted and talented in so many ways, she's a Master of Arts and Crafts, her quilts have been featured in museums, she has a new product called Food In A Jar, that is a Must Hear and take heed to product ( especially in times of Disaster) she's a Great Sister with Soooo much to share. Then we have Sister Landra Nura Sabakhan Muhammad is another extraordinary Sister with so much to share, she's a Dianetic Auditor and author of a newly released book titled:

    Weathering The Storm: Disaster Preparedness How To Survive The Fall Of America....

    History has shown us that some of the most unprepared populations of people in the United States are Black, Brown and peoples of color. Remember Hurricane Katrina? NEVER AGAIN!!!
    This book - Weathering The Storm: Disaster Preparedness [How To Survive The Fall Of America] provides information specifically to help and cater to the needs of the darker skinned peoples of America. Truly, anyone that has not prepared might suffer greatly from famine, natural disasters, economic collapse, and potentially an unnecessary demise.  And we also have our Brother Deitric Muhammad who has a great product and many Do For Self ventures that he's engaged in !!  Bring your pen and pad and invite others to tune into Economically Speaking !!!!   Call in #347.857.4514   also via www.blogtalkradio.com/hereafterisnow

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    Holiday Themed Trains All Around

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    Since the movie Polar Express, Christams trains modeled on the Polar Express have become almost as big as Thomas for museum fund raising efforts. Not just museums, but shortline railroads and even some Class I's have joined the effort.  Bob and Elizabeth will talk about many of these activities on Saturday's show.  In addition to talking about many of these trains, we'd like to hear about what is taking place in various parts of the country.  Please call us with your activities at 646-716-7106 or join us on the web at www.letstalktrains.com.  The show starts at 10:00 AM Pacific/1:00 PM Eastern.

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    "Hitler's Table Talk" Study Hour: Episode 35

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    Carolyn Yeager and Ray Goodwin read and comment on the April 25 - May 3, 1942 lunch and dinner table monologues by the German Leader, as taken down in shorthand by aide Henry Picker. Included in this episode:

    Considerations on the escape of a French General and more of Hitler's thoughts on diet - importance of raw food;
    On the competition between art museums and his plans to make Linz the most beautiful city on the Danube, surpassing Budapest;
    Hitler continues to talk about his plans for the Eastern territories, says roads are better than inland waterways;
    The German opera, and his opinion of various conductors;
    Architectural problems - artistic cities vs political/military cities - art for all the people and school children too;
    How he avoids the assassin's bullet - too much police protection a negative.

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    WORKING AND TEACHING WITH YOUR LOCAL CHILDREN'S MUSEUM. Take advantage please.They're everywhere.  It was NAEYC's Peter Pizzolongo who introduced me to THE ASSOCIATION OF CHILDREN'S MUSEUMS. This is our 2nd show with Executive Director Laura Huerta Migus

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    Sarah Sutton: Being a 'Green' Philantrepreneur!

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    Tune in to get expert information on making a 'green' change in your business. Sarah Sutton is a consultant in environmental sustainability for museums, zoos, gardens, schools, and open space organizations. She is a LEED-AP, a professional accredited by the United States Green Building Council, for sustainable operations and maintenance of existing buildings.

    Sarah's tips, strategies and insight are excellent for entrepreneurs, business and the nonprofit sector. Sarah recognized how valuable green changes were, monetarily and environmentally, especially for the type of institutions which were her clients. Her belief is each of us can make the greatest green difference by examining our particular area of expertise, and then working to make that more environmentally sustainable. 

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    Abdullah El Talib Mosi Bey Part2: Distorted Images of the Native American

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    Back by demand: Special Guest/Expert: Brother Abdullah El Talib Mosi Bey; the Founder and Chief Editor of the Moorish Civil Letter and Masonic Gate Newspaper.

    Join us as our Brother will prove that the distorted Hollywood image of the alleged Native Americans – is just that – distortions.

    The focus will be on phenotype, or the observable characteristics or physiological traits of modern-day depictions compared to the physiological traits of the true ancient Americans of the land.

    When, what, where, and how were these distorted images introduced into our textbooks, museums, and paintings?

    Why aren’t these distorted images depicted in the scientific archaeological finds of ancient artifacts?

    As we listen to Brother Abdullah; explore and witness the ancient images for yourself.

    Go to:
    Click on 'to Gallery' on the bottom right side of the screen.

    We will get to the reality by making a comparison of the modern day narrow-nose/thin-lips vs. broad-nose/thick-lips of the ancient aboriginal and indigenous peoples of North, South, Central Americas, and the adjoining Islands (Amexem)

    Peace and Love   

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