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    Free Flow Conversation About the Christ Magdalene

    in Relationships

    We hope you appreciate this intimate conversation between the Muse Hostesses Kastura and Heather Muse, technicla difficulties and mis connections brought us a new format of free flow conversation for this episode,

    In this episode we share deeper on personal musings, understandings of the Christ Magdalene energies as share about our future guest Catherin Ann Clemet, her shifting work and offerings to our planet earth.  Through this episode inspiration was sparked for the continuation of shows to expand to two a month New Moon AND Full Moon broadcasts.

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    ♂ Activating the Christ Magdalene Energy Within ♀

    in Current Events

    Muse Broadcast is deLighted to spend a magikal New moon hour with portal activator extraordinaire Cathering Ann Clemett.  Catherine Ann Clemett creatively expresses through writing and is the author of Twin Flame Union as well as Soulweaving. Catherine Ann Clemett has been a leading force in the Magdalene Planetary Grid Activations.

    "Magdalene grids are now to be re-activated in both individuals and in Mother Earth. The Magdalenes (both women and men) are being called forth to serve as the transmitters, in a sense the acupuncture needles awakening the new grids on the global activation points listed below. In this way we, as Magdalenes, serve as the midwives of the new consciousness that is being birthed. We also serve as the link connecting the Magdalene grid of the planet with the newly completed Christ grid surrounding the planet – thus assisting in activating the macrocosmic interlocking frequencies of the twin-flame Christ-Magdalene planetary codes so that all life on earth is awakened.  Each location to be activated over the next few years corresponds to a particular body part."


    Catherine passionately continues to work towards healing the wounded masculine as well as the wounded feminine through working with the earth as well as earth beings through personal sessions.  In this conversation we will be identifying how to recognize the dysfunctionalities and how abuse may act out in the masculine and feminine.  We wish to bring awareness to this so that we may shed light to darker areas, as we collectively face the darkness so that we may become more conscious of the spectrums of Self.


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    Waking Up to yOur Full Power

    in Motivation

    This episode will be all about empowerment and manifesting through a place of personal power!

    Muse Broadcast is ecstatic to have Solnishka join us for our Libra Full Moon Broadcast. Not only is it a full Moon in Libra there will also be a Lunar Eclipse and we are happy to have a converation with the Empowerment Chick, Solnishka helping to keep the energy and focus on growth and creating the world we wish to see. Solnishka is a beautiful woman who like many of us has gone through darkness, gone through the desire to just please and make others happy.  Also, like many of us she has overcome a weakness tunring it into a strength and now standing grounded and deeply rooted in personal power that Solnishka is giving back to others through sharing her empowerment techniques.  Solnishka is a bright radiant light and even just in voice, her positivity radiates and her wisdom inspires the heart to be profoundly in a place of strength and joy.

    Solnishka has a magikal way of quickly and efficiently transmuting pain from through simple energy exchanges, identifying certain aspects in the Self that may be causing blockages.  Solnishka will share with us her personal secrets to success, overcoming struggle, and techniques to staying uplifted and happy for whatever may come our way!  Helping women and men get back in touch with their inner Divine!

    We would love for you to join us, call in ask questions and share personal insight that is in alignment with conversation!


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    "My Favorite Wine": Somms Tina Morey & April Yap, The Wine Guy & Frank Morgan

    in Wine


    There are so many wines and so little time, how do you know where to start?  Wine Muse hosts Linda Rez and William Pollard invite four wine industry experts to the #ThirdThursday show to share their favorite wines LIVE.

    Guests include:

    Tina Morey from Protocol Wine Studios is a Certified Sommelier working on her Master of Wine. A self-described "wine peddler", Tina curates for the wine subscription services Le Metro Wine and Protocol wine studio. She has an educational online program of the same name, #WineStudio.

    James Melendez, The Wine Guy, was the National Food and Wine Marketing Manager at Cost Plus World Market, and he's been a writer and contributor to several online sites, as well as chief contributor at JamestheWineGuy.wordpress.com

    April Yap-Hennig from The Sacred Drop is a Certified Sommelier and holds a Masters in Viticulture and Enology from the University of La Rioja, Spain, and an MBA from Purdue University.  She's lived all around the world and is currently in Oregon working as Director of Marketing and Hospitality as well as a wine and travel writer for SacredDrop.com.

    Frank Morgan, Drink What You Like, is the author of the DrinkWhatYouLike wine blog that he started six years ago to chronicle his travel experiences and to share the wine news in Virginia. His site was recently named one of the top wine news blogs.  He also contributes at the local broadcasting station, Snooth, and several other wine magazines.

    Music by The Terns.

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    Fontain's Muse: Friday Night WORLD Dance Party Live!

    in Indie Music

    The Friday Night Dance Party welcomes back by popular demand, Fontain's Muse!  We'll hear what's been happening since we first heard them in September.  And we're going to play more of their music!

    Hour 1 features Special Guest Star:  Fontain's Muse!   Hear the stories and the music from Fontain and Flash!    

    Hour 2 will be YOUR listener requests!  

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask Fontain a question or request a song for hour 2!

    Purchase Fontains Muse MYSTIC KISS on iTunes by clicking here!

    Purchase Fontains Muse SPIRAL DANCE on iTunes by clicking here!

    Like Fontains Muse on Facebook by clicking here!

    This unique duo has enchanted audiences throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and San Diego with their mix of improvisation, alternative and Eastern styles since 2000. They have been described as a mix of Florence and the Machine, Beats Antique, Adele, Ali Akbar Khan, and Thomas Dolby. 

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    Arsenic in Wine: Should I worry?

    in Entertainment

    If you're a wine lover, you probably haven't missed the recent headlines concerning the "high" arsenic levels in California wines.  Just how high is "high", and should we be concerned?  Hosts Linda Rez and William Pollard will share the headlines and dissect the available data on The Wine Muse.

    They'll also be sharing the inside scoop from Washington's largest wine event, Taste Washington 2015.

    Callers are welcome.

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    How to get out of #Abuse? From experience part 1

    in Lifestyle

    This is my story! I don't care who you are there is always a beginning and an end to a story! You have to decide am I big enough to help me out or am I big enough for this #abuse to eat me up inside everybody else? You have to make a wise decision on what to do and it's not up too me its up too you! Right now you make a choice 

    #abuse is nothing to play with. . It is something you have to decide you have to open your mouth and it's nobodies fault if you are the victim 

    Decide today will I tell my family and get killed just fir opening my mouth or should I sit here and let this eat me up inside? 

    #abuse #facebook #fear 

    Www.facebook.com/howtoradio or jaimesjournal@gmail.co

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    "Light Lunch" with Eleyne-Mari

    in Self Help

    (Pre-recorded.  Sorry, no chatroom.)

    Need some fast food for the soul?  Join host Eleyne-Mari for a half hour of spiritual nourishment to help raise your frequencies of light!   


    Today’s LIGHT LUNCH Special:  Green Gaia Power Salad, infused with zesty insight about the environment, fairy gardens and a "Colorful Planet” meditation.  Music by Guardian Mind Mix, Marc Enfroy and Chouli Patches.


    Eleyne-Mari is the host of "Light Lunch" and the producer of the Within Radio channel.  She is a professional writer, color therapist, spiritual aromatherapist, crystal worker and muse. For a free mp3 for writers, join her mailing list at www.writelighter.com.


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    Foundational Building as WE Develop the New Earth

    in Dreams

    We are shifting, growing, expanding, reaching higher frequencies than we have collectively experienced within this lifetime. Throughout this paradigm shifting there have been many individual people and organizations coming TOGETHER to build the foundation, setting the example of  self sustaining communities livining harmonisouly with Gaia  look like.  Aoka, is one of these evolutionary activators, working with many projects connecting many of the pieces in throughout our Evolution. One of these leading organizations lovely Aoka is a part of is Tribal Convergence Network.  The crew of TCN has been creating templates and empowering people to step into action through this process of creation we are all a part of.

    For the Leo Full moon broadcast we will also be getting an astrological update from Robert Weinstein!  Helping us understand what the stars have to say regarding the current energy we are experiencing!

    We would love for you to join us for our conversation! We will have the lines open and available, taking callers towards the end!

    Stay Inspired! Keep on Creating!


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    Pull Them from the Fire Part 2: The Foundations of Music

    in Christianity

    Join us as we continue our discussion, warning young people and parents about the spiritual deception within entertainment. A lot of people see where it's headed, but many more haven't woken up to this deception. We’ll delve deep into the music industry and the foundations of music, while using the Word of God to shine a light on the darkness that must be exposed. We take a journey from Heaven to the landscape of modern pop culture so that you can get a better understanding.

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