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    Compromise? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. How to Choose why and when.

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    Join professional muscician Earl and professional artist Hannah Tiffin, the Business Hippies, in a discussion about compromise. We all have to make tough choices in our small businesses and businesses of passion daily. Many of the decisions we make are centered around compromise. It can be extremely tough to know how to compromise in a way where everyone wins in our personal lives, our family lives and especially in our business lives. Did you know that many businesses and personal relationships fold because we are not able to compromise in bennificial ways?

    If you are like the rest of us most often you have a tough time knowing where to draw the line. Many of us have a really tough time asking others to compromise to meet needs we have. When others ask us to compromise we often feel that what they are suggesting is not good for us. Alot of times business of passion owners and small business owners have a tough time making the ends meet.We get confused about what products to buy and how much given our limited budgets. Just like when you are a small business owner and money is tight it can leak over into your family life where you have to decide how much groceries to buy. We are faced with compromise every day.

    Join us tonight to hear what the Business Hippies have to say about this subject and toss in your two cents with a live call or chat! We would love to hear from you!

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    Singer Ellis Hall - Ray Charles's Protege & Ambassador of Soul

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    Soul Singer Ellis Hall is called "The Ambassador of Soul" for a reason. He has brought audiences to their feet all over the US and Canada, playing for muisc R & B greats, such as Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder who took their young blind protege under their musicall wings. He has also performed with Pattie Labelle, George Benson, Herbie Hancock, Earth, Wnid, and Fire, Natalie Cole, George Duke, Bobby Womack, Billy Preston, Sheila E., John Mayer, James Taylor, and many more.

    Despite having lost his eyesight to Glaucoma and a wrestling accident in high school, Ellis has become one of music's most notable icons. He was determined to soar far beyond his limitations. Ellis has recorded with The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm. Band and The Tower of Power. 

    Ellis lives in Los Angeles with his beautiful new wife and manager Leighala Jimenez-Hall.

    Visit Ellis here: 

    Twitter: Ellishall1056

    Facebook: OfficialEllisHall

    Website: EllisHall.com


    Youtube: Ellis Hall Jr. 

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    Spotlight on Talent - Part Two

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    Join Sharifah as she spotlights the search for even more talented people in Part Two of this Special Two Part Show! 
    Special Guests include the Hosts, Judges & Sponsors of Guitar Search.
    Guitar Search parent company ES & URE also offers potential exposure to concert promoters who are looking for drummers (Country, Gospel, Jazz, Rock, R&B, Neo-Soul, etc...) for shows worldwide.   Some winners perform annually at select music Festivals. Some winners will be part of the Next Great Drummer All Star Band and various other bands and tours, and possible upcoming tour and CD recordings.   Register now and compete to see if you have what it takes to be an internationally recognized musician. Winners will receive sponsored prizes from some companies like: The Drum Zone, Triplet Drum Gloves, Music Connection Magazine, Drum Pimp, Crazy 8s Drums, QB Fashions, Linear Drumming, V-Picks, Groove-Juice, ABC School for Hair & Theater Make-Up, Cire Film Productions, and more!   Visit ES & URE Follow on Twitter   Join us as we discuss all things business!

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