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    The McStay Family Murders: Update on Preliminary Hearing, May 19

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    WHERE DO WE START? After today's mess, IE, Hearing postponed, The San Bernardino Distric Attorney's Office caught covering up and lying about the reason for the delay, mystery tweets about "blood all over the house" and on and on it goes. I have added an hour to the show tonight because there is just too much to cover. Joe Nelson joins us to update the day's events in the courtroom, then we will discuss these events into the night, as long as it takes.

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    Boca Raton Murders, WHO DID IT on Where Are They? with Linda Crystal

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    Tonight on WHERE ARE THEY?  with LINDA CRYSTAL, The Boca Raton Murders. Who Did It? Nancy Bochiccio & Joey, 7 years old were murdered and found in their car. Who murders a 7 year old in cold blood? There is a $400,000 Reward for the person who did this to these folks! LINDA CRYSTAL, Forensic Astrologist, BA Forensic Psychology Investigates the case!

    Also on this show the murderer of Kirsten Hatfield from 1997 in Midwest City, OKlahoma sees some justice as a suspect Anthony Palma, 56 is arrested today in OKlahoma. Kirsten then 8 years old is still missing.



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    New York Murders TheWWShoW

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    New York Murders TheWWShoW
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  • Missing Persons, Cold Cases, Unsolved Murders Psychic Investigations Live!

    in Spirituality

    Call in and join Troy and Bill live as we review and discuss unsolved murders, cold cases, missing persons cases, along with past love one(s) connections.

    If you have or know someone who has a case they would like us to review for potential airtime, email us at: www.napdetectives@gmail.com

    Special guest, Kim Meek, Psychic

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    Jack the Ripper stalked the streets of London’s East End from August through November of 1888 in what is dubbed the ‘Autumn of Terror’. However, the grisly ripping of Polly Nichols on August 31st was not the first unsolved murder of the year. The April murder of Emma Smith and the August murder of Martha Tabram both occurred on bank holidays. They baffled the police and press alike and were assumed by the original investigators to have been the first murders in the series. Where they correct? In this provocative work of literary archeology, author Tom Wescott places these early murders in their proper historical context and digs to unearth new evidence and hard facts not seen in over 125 years. The Bank Holiday Murders is the only book of its kind. It eschews the tired approach of unsatisfying ‘final solutions’ in favor of solid research, logical reasoning and new information. The clues followed are not drawn from imagination but from the actual police reports and press accounts of the time. The questions asked by Wescott are ones first suggested by the original investigators but lost to time until now. The answers provided are compelling and sometimes explosive. Among the revelations are: • New information linking the murders of Smith & Tabram to the same killer(s). • Proof that the police did not believe key witnesses in either case. • Proof that at least one of these witnesses was working with the murderer. • New evidence connecting many of the victims that may lead to their actual slayers. • Information on Emily Horsnell, the ACTUAL first Whitechapel murder victim. • The hidden truth of ‘Leather Apron’ and its role in unraveling the Ripper mystery. • Proof of a corrupt police sergeant who thwarted the investigation. Was he protecting the Ripper? THE BANK HOLIDAY MURDERS: The True Story of the First Whitechapel Murders-Tom Wescott.

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    We hear stories everyday about senseless murders, stories such as Trayvon Martin, Anthony Hayes, Mike Brown & more. As some communities has bigger issues with these crimes, collaboratively and on a global standpoint, these murders happen & are as important in almost every African-American community to discuss & to be conciously aware of. This Thursday 4/9/15 FROM 6-8PM CST, 38Dee wants to her from YOU as she discusses senseless murders. What or whose to blame? How do we initiate change from community, to globally? Are we TRULY taking necessary measures to initiate this change? This is a conversation at best that needs to be discussed!! 

    Call in to listen to the show & share your thoughts @657.383.0365 or you can listen online and share your thoughts on our chat room platform!!!

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    Murders and Coverups: Can We Trust The Police Anymore?

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    More cases of police misconduct have surfaced and more coverups are being investigated. Are some police really secretly members of white supremacists groups hiding in blue uniforms? Are we in danger of our lives every time we are stopped by a police car? What about that blue code of silence? Today's guests share the nightmare of heir family's experience. Eric Greenwood of Jackson Mississippi has been struggling to uncover the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of his son Quardious Thomas. After the publicly viewed video of the shooting death of Laquan McDonald in Chicago, many are asking where are good police officers? And why are they deafeningly silent? Are they fearful of their jobs or even their lives if they speak publicly about what they know? Joining us also is retired Chicago police officer TC McCoy. We ask the question "Can we really trust police anymore?"


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    KITM/News/Our Responsibility To Us/Sandra Bland & Other Unnecessary Murders

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    KITM means KINGS IN THE MORNING.  K for KINGS, I for IN, T for THE and M for morning.  K I T M.  347-205-9366.  if you have heard this show before, YOU KNOW WHATS UP.  If you are a first-timer, you may be stunned, shocked or enlightened, all depends upon the frame of mind you're in.  THIS SHOW AIN'T FOR EVERYBODY.  347-205-9366.


    HANG ON TO YOUR DANCING SHOES, or hold your favorite beverage in your hand shoes, or whatever you may be considering - it's WILD WEDNESDAY with JOHNNY DAVIS.

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    Intuitive Heart Radio... The Keddie Murders

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    Keddie was originally established for railway workers and is located in the Sierra-Nevada mountains off highway 70 just outside Quincy. Four people were brutally murdered, thirty-six year old Glenna "Sue" Sharpe, her twelve year old daughter Tina, her fifteen year old son, John and his friend, seventeen year old Dana Wingate. They were all tortured and left dead in their cabin home, cabin number 28. The murder is still unsolved today.

    Two years ago, my guides asked me to help oorganize a group of Loving Hearts to create a vortex of Love at the site of this horrific crime. All four victims were energetically and psychologically "stuck" in the last moments before their deaths. During this incredible event, details of the crime, as well as the identies of both people responsible for these horrific crimes were revealed to me.  I am making those details public for the first time here on Intuitive Heart Radio. 

    Intuitive Heart Radio is an 'out of the box' platform where spiritual Truth can be explored with out judgement. The topics will vary and listeners are encouraged to call in with questions and comments. All beliefs and views are welcomed as long as spoken from a place of personal truth and Love.  


    Abigail Noel, the host of Intuitive Heart Radio is an evidentiary medium and conscious psychic channel. Aware of her abilities and connection to Heaven since birth, she is a direct channel for the soul expression of Jesus Christ whom she Lovingly calls J and God The Father whom she most often refers to as Dad. Abigail has been in private practice as an intuitive therapist/medical intuitive since 2010. She divides her time between her home in Northern California and her home away from home in Memphis, Tennessee.

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    George Taylor,Non-Prophet Murders

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    George's friend, Becky Wooley, has written a murder mystery/clerical crime/satire called Non-Prophet Murders which is full of spiritual ideas.  While making you scratch your head trying to figure out “who-dun-it”, Becky challenges you to think about the Church and your beliefs and allows you to laugh, too.  How does she do it?  Well, you have to listen to the podcast to find out!!