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    January Jones-Meet The Muppets with Scott Smith

    in Culture

    Scott Smith and Jim Hensen

    January Jones-Scott Smith-The Muppets! 

    Jim Henson's Muppets revolutionized puppetry. Frustrated by the limitations of traditional puppets, Henson made his creatures more lifelike, gave them memorable personalities and used them to make learning fun for kids. And he promoted a better world as he entertained adults.

    Time magazine listed him among the 20th century's 100 most influential people, alongside the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg.

    "My father really worked hard but enjoyed his work so much he seemed relaxed, personifying the notion of flow in work," daughter Lisa Henson, CEO of Jim Henson Co., told IBD. "He had so much creativity that it didn't seem like work, just being himself."

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    Muppets Meet Musical Chairs

    in Movies

    This episode features a review of Muppets Most Wanted plus an interview with film producer Janet Carrus regarding Musical Chairs, a sweet and inspiring movie about wheelchair ballroom dancing. In the latest Muppet adventure, our heroes become involved in a jewelry heist led by a Kermit lookalike. In Musical Chairs, an aspiring dancer overcomes tragedy by learning to ballroom dance in a wheelchair. With the Muppets and ballroom dancing taking center stage, this should be an intriguing show! 

    Janet Carrus, producer of  Musical Chairs, has transformed many of her own personal inspirations into a variety of projects that empower people living with disabilities. She combined her passions for competitive ballroom dance and disability advocacy to help found a program to teach the astounding art of wheelchair ballroom dance in that community. Carrus’ inspiration to produce films grew directly out of this experience. 

    Musical Chairs was nominated for a Fred & Adele Astaire Award for Outstanding Feature Film in 2012. In 2013, it received a GLAAD nomination for Best Film in Limited Release and won six awards at the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival. 

    Janet’s other films include Tio Papi and Remembering Lawrence, a Film for Anna Halprin.

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    No DUO bathroom for Houston - Melissa Harris-Perry Hypocrite - Muppets

    in Politics

    Hr1   If social media makes you feel bad BAN IT!

    Houston voters flush away ordinance that would allow men to use women’s bathrooms.

    President Obama bans the box on Federal Employment Job Applications indicating whether you've ever been convicted of a crime. So now they can't even ask the question? Don't you feel safe now?

    Why do they keep trying to make villains into victims? Because gun control is the goal!

    Hr2   Melissa Harris-Perry a left-wing activist who frequently rails against the wealthy for not paying enough taxes... has a massive IRS tax lien. Oops!

    Bradlee Dean, author, radio show host, speaker, and rock star to our kids with Sons of Liberty... joins Joe to discuss issues with our high school children. To leave out God and Christianity would be to leave out our history. If you don't know your founding documents, then you don't know your rights. If you don't know your rights, then you don't have them. Music opens the door to the heart of the youth.

    When is a person not really a person? 6-days-old...

    Homeowners association takes offense to man's Christmas display and orders the man remove it. So much for personal property ownership.

    Hr3   1st grader suspended over imaginary bow and arrow "aimed" at another student. Was the other student injured? Or did a grown up just overreact? He was pretending to be a superhero!

    Muppets no longer family friendly. Another franchise ruined by Liberal Hollywood. Why do they keep having to mess things up?

    28-year-old man, homeless, jobless, jailed, with anger issues & life spiraling out of control, he turned it around with this...

    Feminist group wants colleges to police social media.

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    Let's Talk Kingdom with Catrina - Interview with Guy Gilchrist

    in Christianity

    GuyGilchrist Publicity2 medGuy Gilchrist cut his cartoon teeth on the stylings of Walter Lantz (Woody Woodpecker), Dr. Seuss and Walt Disney.  After high school, Guy was already working on his own children’s books and working for Weekly Reader Books. At the age of 24, he was hand-selected to draw Jim Henson’s The Muppets cartoon strip (which was wildly successful and printed worldwide in over 660 newspapers daily from 1981 – 1986).  Throughout the years, Guy has set his hand to such notable cartoons as Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry,Fraggle Rock and The Pink Panther (to name a few), and was the co-creator of Muppet Babies.     

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    Average Intelligence: Muppets Most Wanted Spoiler Discussion

    in Pop Culture

    The Average White Guys Gary and Nate discuss the sequel (actually the  7th sequel to the original Muppet Movie) to Disney's The Muppets, Muppets Most Wanted.  Were we justified in our cameo concerns?  Do they uphold the legacy of the Muppets? 

    We also discuss our first look at the Michael Bay produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the full trailer for X-men: Days of Future Past.

    Follow us each on Twitter: @Gary_O & @JediN8

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    SCI Encouragement Group-It's Not Easy Being Green

    in Podcasting

    In the latest edition of the Encouragement Group, host David Gerber relates the famous Muppets song to recovery. It's not easy being addicted. It's not easy being in recovery. However, once we accept it and enter into recovery, the doors to peace, serenity and many beautiful things open up. Michael Boccia adds to the discussion by sharing how understanding our past is not an excuse for how we are in the present. Just because it was what it was, does not mean it is what it is. Listen in as miracles will be shared.

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    Total Dudes episode 52

    in Sports

    Sign Guy and Rex walk down the arduous journey of a nightmare once again. They'll have plenty to say about Bellas, Diva titles, and poor Daniel Bryan. There may also be talk of Muppets, hockey, and beer. Find out what they'll say on this edition.

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    CeeLo Green + Keycomedy live MRTR

    in Pop Culture

    *Celebrating 2 Years on Air & over 200 Episodes!*

    @MYREALTALKRADIO interviews Singer/Songwriter/Producer: CeeLo Green & Internet Sensation/Comedian: Keycomedy.

    - As an entertainer and businessman with many layers, CeeLo Green cannot be summed up in just one title. He is a five-time Grammy Award Winning singer-songwriter-producer, television personality, actor, entrepreneur, pop culture & fashion icon, and professional lady killer. In 2001, CeeLo received five Grammy nominations for his worldwide hit “Forget You” (aka “F—k You”), winning the category for “Best Urban/Alternative Performance”. The single is certified Gold in the United States and Denmark and achieved platinum status in Canada, New Zealand, and the UK; and multi-platinum status in Australia. In October 2012, CeeLo will release a new Christmas album as well as a solo album in 2013 entitled “Everybody’s Brother”. He’s made memorable appearances on Saturday Night Live (2011), Oprah (2011), presented at the ESPYs (2011), and Kids’ Choice Awards (2012) as well as making remarkable performances at the 2012 Super Bowl with Madonna, The Grammy Awards with the Muppets (2011), Brit Awards (2011), Billboard Music Awards (2011/2012), Soul Train Awards (2011), BET Awards (2011), and hit such mainstream status that even Gwyneth Paltrow covered “Forget You” on Glee (2011).

    - Internet Sensation/Comedian: Keycomedy @Keycomedy

    Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/GooglePlus/MixCloud: @MyRealTalkRadio

    Jamel- Twitter: @L3TM3LIV3 Instagram: @L3TM3LIVE

    TUNEIN APP: #MyRealTalkRadio Show

    Derrick Dwayne: Twitter/Instagram: @MrLngHairDntCrr

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    in Wrestling

    Today on The Boochcast, Booch talks about the reason his Don Geronimo appearance got cancelled, catching up on his favorite TV Shows, recaps Lucha Underground, NXT, and Elvis calls in to celebrate finding a new job. 

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    Total Dudes Episode 49

    in Sports

    Sign Guy and Rex are back to continue their arduous journey of a nightmare. This episode there will be talk of tracking teas, Daniel Bryan, and Muppets. They may even hit the episode of Total Divas that touched on armadillo control, Chinese food, and bullying.

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    Total Dudes Episode 47

    in Sports

    As we review the second episode of season 5 we bring actor and former ring announcer Shawn Berkey into this arduous journey of a nightmare. Does he know what he is getting himself into here? Will he know what ice cream Rex's dad prefers? Will he have an opinion on The Muppets? Will he love Brie Bella causing Rex to go into cardiac arrest? Find out in this episode.

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