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    Everyday Enthusiasm: Transform the Mundane Into the Miraculous

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    “The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which mean never losing your enthusiasm.” Aldous Huxley, famous writer and thinker, knew the power of carrying the spirit of enthusiasm with us as we grow older. The child is easily excited and enthused about life. Even the smallest thing—a little bug, the crunch of a leaf, a small treat—can brings squeals of joy and laughter from a child. The key to living a purposeful life is retaining that sense of wonder and joy about the world and our lives, even as we grow older. Or maybe especially as we grow older!

    This week’s show will be all about the importance of living our life with love and purpose and enthusiasm. How can we bring joy and excitement to the every day things of life?  How can we authentically live each moment with enthusiasm and purpose? How can living this way lead to a truly meaningful, fabulous life? How can we transform the mundane into the miraculous?

    Join us Wednesday, June 18, 2014, 12pm to 1:00 pm PDT (1pm MDT and 3pm EDT) on The Enlightened View as we get excited about sharing our genuine enthusiasm for life with you!

    Michelle Dwyer, MS, CNC http://healthcoachmichelle.com

    Rebecca Grado, MS, MFT http://www.rebeccagrado.com/

    Jill Lebeau, MS, MFT http://fengshuiyourmind.com/

    Betty Pegues, Psychic Intuitive www.bettypegues.weebly.com

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    Think Create Build: Drop the mundane hustle and bustle of a 9-5

    in Women


    Tune in with host Dr. Lesly and Candice Kilgore, Brand Designer and CEO of Think. Create. Build.

    Candice Kilgore is the Lead Designer and C.E.O of Think.Create.Build.comCandice dropped the mundane hustle and bustle of a 9-5 and decided to pursue her passion for graphic design and helping start-ups discover their own brand identity.  Her target audience are those entrepreneurs that are working in the trenches day in and day out to keep their business up and running.

    Listen in as Candice shares how she stepped out on faith to launch her business removing the words fear and doubt from her vocabulary.

    Candice did it and so can you!


    Dr. Lesly is available for you next event connect at joyfullivinforwomen@gmail.com


    September 8, 2014 Book launch 


    Available after September 8, 2014 at breakingcodependencybook.com


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    How does a children's ABC, Affirmation, Art coloring book, WHAT IF? YOU ARE AND LIFE IS MIRACULOUS!, support ecology.  www.igg.me/at/WhatIfABC.  What do we do when we are faced with our shadow aspect?  How do we embrace both Light and Shadow, lift them both, and evolve?  That's the name of one of the biggest games on Earth.  Also, how do we live our spirituality every day in what we call mundane life?

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    The Visitors Section: Download me.

    in Sports

    Hosts Mike Erwin and Josh Hatesthings are filled to the brim with joy to bring you their brand of Football talk. Why listen to the mundane when you can laugh at them instead? All day filled with seriousness, NO MORE. Let them help you. I am not lying to you. They will inform you about the important stuff and entertain you while doing so. NFL Combine questions? You won't believe who your team is drafting. 

    *If you would like to be a live studio audience member of The Visitors Section or The Josh and Mike Mike and Josh Show simply submit a recent headshot and submit a well-reasoned argument about why Mike is the same person as Taylor Swift.

    *All audience members must be at least 18 years old. Everyone in your party must present a valid government identification card with proof of age. Your ID must have a photo, your name, and birth date. Acceptable forms of identification include: State issued driver's license, State ID, Military ID, or Passport. Facebook and other social networking sites cannot be used as a valid form of ID. Faxing a picture of your ID is also not permitted.

    *Video cameras, large bags, backpacks, sharp metal objects, firearms, wallet chains, mace, or any other bottles that contain fluid are not allowed at the studio. No recording devices of any kind are permitted. Pictures may only be taken AFTER the show

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    Take a long walk. Forgive everyone. Find Success.

    in Spirituality

    Walk.  Meet Barbara Anderson. She takes some life changing walks.  500 to 660  mile walks. Does a vacation on the trail interest you? Listen in for a quick chat on how you can walk your way through Europe.

    Forgive.  That's they key. If you're holding onto a grudge...let it go!! A little Chicken Soup for the Soul Ccan help loosen your grip.

    Succeed!  Jack Canfield has written the book on Success.  "Remember, you and you alone are responsible for maintaining your energy. Give up blaming, complaining and excuse making, and keep taking action in the direction of your goals - however mundane or lofty they may be." How do you do that?  Jack can help with this how to guide. I love it!

    Thanks for listening in.  This show aired Sunday 2/15/15 on 100.7 WHUD.


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    Living Beyond The Mundane and walking the path of the soul embracing Godhood.

    in Motivation

    There is veil or curtin of ignorance that blocks our understanding of who we truly are and what we are capable of. We will work at peeling away the mundane to truly uncover spiritual destiny. We are not alone in our many eternal walks. We will talk about taking the time out of our day to meditate, pray or communicate to our inner being and the unseen world around us.  Manifesting this ability to empower our everyday life. By eating well and living holistic. We will have a special guest as a part of our economic unity segement of the show. Will " The Chef" Guy a chef and best selling Author of The Audacity to Cook. So join us as we take this spiritual journey on a natural vibe tonight at 9pm. Don't miss out!

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    Metalsmith Benchtalk with Local Author and Jewelry Designer Connie Fox

    in Art

    Our guest on Metalsmith Benchtalk on Thursday, February 12th, 2015 at 3:00pm PST is local author and jewelry designer Connie Fox. 

    Please join us for this live interview and participate by logging onto the chatroom or by sending a message to Whaley Studios via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. 

    About Connie: Connie Fox was a psychotherapist who turned to fabricating jewelry 18years ago. Once a means of balancing her very demanding job, jewelrymaking eventually became her full time pursuit. In the course of learningfabrication skills she realized her designs were mundane and unsatisfying.This realization turned into a quest to learn as much about jewelry designas she could. Fifteen years later, she is sharing what she learned in her recently self-published eBook, Maker Magic: How to Develop YOUR Voice Designing Art Jewelry. She wrote the book for people who are overwhelmedwith choices, stuck in repeating familiar designs, referencing otherswork, or simply in need of design information."




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    The Introduction of the Couple Motivators

    in Romance

    In tonight's reincarnation on the air, Gregory & Charyl Clarke will presnet their views, wisdom and information for couples via "The Inner Discovery with Greg & Cheryl". Also, you will be able to find out about their new initiative, "The Couple Motivators" and how you can be apart. It will be a lively hour of discussion on topics that can be from the mundane and conservative to the outrageous and controversial. We would love for our audience to grow and expereince with us; so join us on this journey starting today!

  • Illuminating Minds Society

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    Illuminating Minds Society

    I guide you through Life’s Challenges in an effortless fashion through our Life Coaching  techniques utilizing the understanding of the Universal Laws, Multidimensional, Parallel Universes, Quantum Physics, Esotericism,  the Power of your Thoughts, Your Words,  Subconscious Reprogramming, and Vibrational Energy, Sound, hypnotherapy, Meditation  teachings on Law of Attraction, within the Microcosm of the mind and the Macrocosm. In order to master the outside world we realize one needs to move inside our own inner reality to manifest the reality we wish. If you are ready to  take your power back as a Sovereign God/dess you will know how to act appropriately against life’s difficult challenges and obstacles.  We coach others on how to effectively operate on in the mundane of Malkuth confidently without any misconceptions that have been construed by the public, media and education system, of the belief that we are just a human chattel lacking the capacity to utilize the gifts that are inherited to us by Prime Creator.

    Join her every Wednesday afternoon at 12:00pm pst to 1:30pm pst as she shares some enlightening info that will rock your socks off!

    Freedomizer Radio Call in and join us - 347.324.3704
    Support our network by joining our live chat and listen at  FreedomizerRadio.com


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    Boston's Ubiquitous Redhead

    in Politics Progressive

    From fellow pols to constituents, everyone in Boston seems to love Matt O'Malley. The City Councilor for the West Roxbury and Jamaica Plain neighborhoods (and smidgens of two others) will be on again with us.

    He is indefatigable and seems to0 appear everywhere. We'll likely touch on many subjects. He has strong opinions on the city's 2024 Olympics bid and in other sports is likely to talk underinflated footballs. We've had big shifts in the Mayor's office and the police force. He can tell us what he sees there. For some folk, the topics might but mundane, but he heads the city's Environment and Parks Committee and co-chairs the Education one. He has driven the likes of recycling and composting to make Boston cleaner and greener. We'll ask about those and what he sees with the search for a new schools super.

    In short, if you want to know that is happening, will happen or should happen in Boston, start with Matt. 


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