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    Sangeet nirdeshak Viswa's world

    in Culture

    Viswa Subbaraman is the Artistic and Music Director of The Skylight Music Theatre in Milwaukee, WI.

    Raised in Texas, Viswa studied music and biology at Duke University before assisting William Henry Curry, Resident Conductor; North Carolina Symphony.

    After his master’s degree at Texas Tech University he got a Fulbright Grant to study conducting with John Nelson in Paris where he was also Visiting Assistant Conductor of the Ensemble Orchestral de Paris. Subbaraman was offered a post by Kurt Masur with the Orchestre National de France.  After his year, Subbaraman received the first ever Fulbright grant issued by the French Fullbright commission.

    Subbaraman has conducted orchestras such as Bombay Chamber Orchestra (Mumbai, India), Orchestre Symphonique et Lyrique de Nancy, Orchestre National de France (Paris, France), Colorado Springs Philharmonic. Subbaraman was debut conductor at the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center D.C.  for the National Conducting Institute.

    He got an MBA from McCombs School of Business, UT Austin and is collaborating with renowned economics professor Michael Brandl to write a business primer for musicians. Viswa studied with prominent conductors including Leonard Slatkin, Marin Alsop, David Effron, Gunther Schuller. He received the Edward C. Lynch Fellowship. Most recently, Subbaraman was invited to be an INK fellow as part of the INKTalks in Mumbai. 

    Before  Milwaukee, Subbaraman was the Artistic Director/Founder of Opera Vista in Houston where he conducted the world premiere of James Norman's Wake…, the Texas Premiere and historic New Orleans premiere of Amy Beach's Cabildo, and the creation of the annual Vista Competition for new opera.
    Viswa lives in Milwaukee with his cats Milton and Cameron and considers himself a devout fan of college basketball.


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    Metal International EP10

    in Rock Music

    This week's show will feature global metal by:

    Adorned ln Ash - Evangelion (Pretoria, South Africa)
    Breed Of Burden - The New Wave (Morocco, London, England UK)
    Mist Of Nihil - Wind Of A Thousand Winters (Athens, Greece)
    OUTLOUD - We Came To Rock (Athens, Greece)
    The Silent Wedding - To Them (Athens, Greece)
    Enmity - Bloated Slabs (Capetown, South Africa)
    Tetrarch - Final Words (Atlanta, Georgia USA)
    Absence Of Light - Samadhi (Nairobi, Kenya)
    The Spindle Sect - Lines (Capetown, South Africa)
    Born From Ashes - lnside Out (Winter Park, FL USA)
    Hellwitch - Neolithic Journey (Fort Lauderdale, FL USA)
    Cave Moth - 108 (Ormond Beach, FL USA)
    Psychostick - NSFW (featuring Bill Manspeaker from Green Jello) (Tempe, AZ USA)
    Bhayanak Maut - Ranti Nasha (Mumbai, lndia)
    Cradle Of Filth - Born in a Burial Gown (Suffolk, England UK)

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    The Wendy Powers Show

    in Spirituality

    The Wendy Powers Show. Join "Psychic/Medium Wendy Powers "First Saturday" each month. Show starts at 10:00am EST. Topic/Guest:  Samira Rao, who is an author and an amazing survivor, born in South Asia, raised in the West, influenced by two different religions, her mother was a Roman Catholic, and her father a Hindu both who were raised in Mumbai, India. She will share the miracle of positive thinking, survival and manifesting miracles. To get your Mini readings call into the show: 646-378-0378. www.bodymindspiritradio.com

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    Metal International EP9

    in Rock Music

    This week's show will feature global metal by:


    Midhaven - Seeking The Divine (Mumbai, lndia)


    Ad Inferna - One Million Miles Away (Bordeaux, France)


    Chlover - La Maldicion (Originally from Cuba, now Tampa, Florida


    Loudblast - Ascending Straight In Circles (Lille, France)


    Devilment - Even Your Blood Group Rejects Me (Witch County, Ipswitch, Suffolk, UK)


    Static-X - The Only (Los Angeles, California)


    Cannibal Corpse - Sentenced To Burn (Midlands, UK)


    Ministry - Stigmata and Thunderstruck (Los Angeles, California)


    Cradle of Filth - Nymphetimine (Suffolk, UK)


    Death - Leprosy (Altamonte Springs, Florida)


    Cruachan - Sauron (Dublin, Ireland)


    Napalm Death - Breed To Breathe (Meriden, West Midlands, UK)


    Yana Raymi - Ritual (Huancayo, Peru)


    Traverser - Architeuthis (Orlando, Florida)


    Skindred - Kill The Power (Newport, South Wales)


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    Metal International EP6

    in Rock Music

    Tonight's show will feature global metal by:

    Bathtub Shitter - Hip ls The Main (Osaka, Japan)


    Bhayanak Maut - Chakna for Church (Mumbai, India)

    Chthonic - Defenders of Bú-Tik Palace (Taipei, Taiwan)

    Carrion Witch - Limbless Twitching Torso (Sarasota, FL USA)

    Dark Philosophy - Disruption (Cairo, Egypt)

    (de)absolve - Phantoms (Orlando, FL USA)

    Cronian - Drifting Station (Norge, Norway) & Sverige, Sweden)

    Hatesphere - Need To Kill (Aarhus, Denmark)

    Psychostick - Obey The Beard (Tempe, AZ USA)

    Voracious Infection - Eternal Sores (Lima, Peru)

    Illusion Suite - Orpheus' Quest (Oslo, Norway)

    (N)ception - Song 5-8 (Orlando, FL USA)

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    Metal International EP5

    in Rock Music

    This week's show will feature global metal by:

    Chthonic - Forty Nine Theurgy Chains


    Embrace The Envy - Awakening


    Embrace The Envy - Wicked


    De Absolve - Death ls Relevant


    Sickness - MurderKing


    Static-X - l'm With Stupid


    Static-X - Destroyer


    Napalm Death - When All ls Said And Done


    Midhaven - Fall Of Olympus


    Midhaven - Spellbound


    Midhaven - Third Eye


    Abaddon lncarnate - Hour Of The Dog


    Cannibal Corpse - The Murder's Pact



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    Metal International EP3

    in Rock Music

    This week's show will feature lnterntional Metal by:

    Borknagar - Roots (Bergen, Norway)

    Extol - Open The Gates (Oslo, Norway)

    Bhayanak Maut - Dear Name (Mumbai, lndia)

    Demonic Resurrection - Facing The Faceless (Mumbai, lndia)

    Crypted - Flesh Eater (Chennai lndia)

    Midhaven - Seeking The Divine (Mumbai, lndia)

    Communic - Facing Tomorrow (Kristiansand, Norway)

    Green Carnation - Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness (Kristiansand, Norway)

    Legacies - Jekyll And Hyde (Miami, FL USA)

    Blood Covenant - At The Cross (Yerevan, Armenia)

    Blood Red Throne - Soulseller (Kristiansand, Norway)

    Girish And The Chronicles - Loaded (Bangalore, lndia)

    ATROX - No Coil For Tesla (Trondheim, Norway)

    Mantric - Symptoms (Oslo, Norway)

    Guillotine - The Aftermath (New Deldi, lndia)


    Check out our interviews with "Legacies" from Miami, FL USA and "Midhaven" calling in all the way from Mumbai, India

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    Life Positive: A Journey to the Center of My Heart

    in Spirituality

    Life Positive: A Journey to the Center of My Heart with Nicholas Snow

    Nicholas Snow is a journalist, author, actor, radio and television host, singer/songwriter, LGBT civil rights activist, and a world-renowned, openly-gay, openly-HIV positive advocate for HIV testing and safer sex.  This is told in his riveting, new, written-as-he-lived it, well-reviewed, living-powerfully-with-HIV memoir, Life Positive: A Journey to the Center of My Heart.

    From Hollywood to Bangkok, to Bali and beyond, including Kuala Lumpur and Palm Springs - with profound expansion to Singapore, Mumbai and throughout all of Asia, and ultimately in 21 languages across the globe -Life Positive: A Journey to the Center of My Heart could easily be titled "Eat, Pray, Disclose."

    In Life Positive: A Journey to the Center of My Heart, Snow's life-affirming story of courage empowers people to save their own lives and the lives of those they love.

    For more information visit: http://www.LifePositiveBook.com and http://www.NicholasSnowLive.com


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    Stop Qatar Now: Qatar a Major Sponsor of Terrorism on Voices of Global Freedom

    in News

    Qatar Awareness Campaign: What and Why?

    The State of Qatar is one of the preeminent sponsors of terrorism in the world today. The Qatari ruling family, the al-Thanis, also operate a virtual slave state, exploiting foreign workers while routinely withholding their pay, and even denying them exit visas. The Qataris have numerous links to the Taliban, as well as the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence Agency; they are the financiers and financial recipients of Boko Haram's terrorist and smuggling activities. In the years preceding 9/11, Qatar was host to 9/11 mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohamed.  Finally, the government of Qatar has been a prominent supporter of the Syrian rebels, including the rebels who have become the genocidal Islamic State.

    The Qatar Awareness Campaign Coalition is an ad hoc group of journalists, retired military, publishers, and activists who are helping to spread awareness concerning the influence of Qatar - a state sponsor of terrorism - in the United States.  The Coalition consists of several experts on matters such as national security, Islamic terrorism, and transnational organized crime.  Its members consider the Qatari influence on American foreign policy to be a major threat to national security and world peace.  There are many articles of potential interest, but this may be a good place to start because it ties Qatar in with the Pakistani ISI and the Mumbai mafia. Visit this website to learn 


    Learn more on hosts of Voices of Global Freedom Radio Yoda & Backpack:




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    Bollywood Movie Review and Style talk about Pakeezah- by Dr. Afshan Hashmi

    in Entertainment

    Bollywood Movie Review and Style talk about Pakeezah- by Dr. Afshan Hashmi

    Lets friends talk about classic Bollywood movie Pakeezah. Let's talk about our thoughts about this movie. So all those Bollywood fans of those masterpiece and classic Hindi cinema dial -in and talk  live with me.

    Educate yourself about Bollywood if you are not familiar with it in a glam, fun way!!

    Also some style and fashion talk will be in this segment that how you can wear clothes of Pakeezah in the western world!!!


    Dr. Afshan Hashmi


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    #cloudtour 2014 Update: The Dubai Connection

    in Business

    New Wave 2014 company cloudBuy has just begun a 5 country, 30 day tour in which they will travel to Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Syndney and Hong Kong to talk about their unique B2B eCommerce platform.

    What makes them unique?  Why after 20 years is the company, according to founder and Chairman Ronald Duncan, now in the position to challenge the Amazons and Googles for eCommerce global dominance?  How is the merging lines between the B2C and B2B worlds reshaping the way in which corporations procure goods and services?

    Starting with today's segment featuring Ronald Duncan, and in subsequent broadcasts over the next four weeks, the answer to these as well as other questions will be provided through a series of interviews with key members from the cloudBuy Tour.

    You can track news and updates from the tour through the #cloudtour hashtag on Twitter, as well as get our take on the Procurement Insights and Procurement Insights EU Edition blogs.


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