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    Multiple Revenue Streams for Your Home Business

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    Did you join an mlm? Do you make jewelry? Are you an online marketer? No matter what you do for your main home business, you need to create multiple streams of revenue. We will talk about why and we'll give real world expamples of how you can add other revenue streams to what you already do.  

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    Mistakes in Establishing Multiple Streams of Income

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    Doing four totally different businesses with different target markets is the wrong way to establish multiple streams of income. Why?

    1. You appear schizophrenic to everyone you meet.

    2. You waste time and energy working to capture the attention of multiple markets.

    3. Your mind has to keep track of systems and information for four companies.

    How to Create Multiple Streams of Income – The Right Way

    There are two ways to create multiple streams of income that make sense:

    Same target market, multiple offerings.
    Same offering, multiple target markets.

    Starbucks does have a number of multiple streams. In their stores, they sell coffee machines, mugs, chocolate covered coffee beans and lunch items. You can also purchase their coffee and bottled frappucino in grocery stores and I’m not sure if it’s nationwide yet, but Starbucks just launched a line of ice cream.

    Any online business has set up multiple streams of income.  The second way to create multiple streams of income is to market the same product or service to multiple markets.

    Ex. Zukul--mention all their different products and how how have access for 1 fee instead of multiple companies paying a fee to each and you can sell the products separately.

    People who should listen to this show are career coaches, entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers


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    Multiple Streams of Income... 7 is the Magic Number!!

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    Join me Boundless Lola This Saturday morning to talk about Multiple Streams of Income and what that means to you! Every person should have at least 7 Streams of Income flowing into their lives from various different sources to make the both recession proof and lay off proof. How is this developed? Does that mean getting 7 jobs? Do I have to have seven different businesses? What are you talking about Boundless Lola??

    Well, jum pon the line with me tomorrow morning and lets have an enjoyable time sharing and breaking down how you too can stay afloat with Multiple Streams of Income!

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    "How to use multimedia to make multiple streams of passive income" Sidra Shaukat

    in Internet

    You can use the different media channels to make multiple streams of passive income.

    From the traditional way of using the written word as an author, podcasting to having your own video channel, Google Cash author Sidra Shaukat gives you practical techniques you can start using today.

    Pure content and pure tips in easy to understand tips that you can understand and apply.

    Download Google Cash today from www.amazon.com/author/sidrashaukat and itunes.com/ibooks.



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    How I'm Creating Multiple Streams of Income

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    When looking at traditional job opportunities this last January, I found one that was traditional situation, but one that also came with a big plus. I was hired on as a sales manager and trainer for a local real estate company to the tune of a $30,000 a year base salary. This increased (and stabilized) my personal income, in addition to giving me a stake in the success of the brokerage. With my traditional gig, I have the health insurance and 401(K) I needed, but I have the unique potential to earn some rather large bonus bucks. Since I earn a percentage of the profits that the brokerage nets each month, I have a job that has both a stable salary and a passive income stream.

    . This company offers amazing deals on travel, discounts on local items in addition to deep dish discounts and bonuses on things I would buy anyway -- both online and offline. In addition to this, as I recruit people to be on my team on the business side of this firm, I earn even more passive income as they grow their own teams. Yes, it's network marketing. Yes, it's direct selling, but it comes with a very positive cash flow paycheck, as well as a steady stream of bonuses, a potential for a car allowance (a BMW nonetheless) and even a potential for a housing allowance on top of it. All in all, the income potential for my network marketing gig is an extra $50,000 annually if I work hard and sell my little buns off. Of course there are also scads of extra bonuses, and the potential to travel around the world at whole sale prices with my girls, on the cheap --

    I am currently working on the manuscripts, but see a very realistic potential (after having done lengthy research) to earn an additional $20,000 to $30,000 a year from three to five publications (the average is $10,000 for a well-written work), even after the initial publishing fees.

    People who should listen to this show--entrepreneurs, career coaches

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    Leverage Your Network for Multiple Sources of Income

    in Jobs

    Leverage Your Network for Multiple Sources of Income

    In this episode of Own Your Career host Rod Colon will answer your career management and job search questions plus ...

    9:00 PM:      Leverage Your Network for Multiple Sources of Income:

    What do you do if you have one main client and for some reason the work from that client dries up? Perhaps the client goes out of business or goes in a different direction or just has a lull in business? Your main source of income is then gone. Which is why it's crucial as the CEO of Me, Inc. to have multiple streams of income. That's easier said than done. Tonight Rod will discuss several options for the CEO of Me, Inc.

    9:25 PM:       Author’s Corner with Kathleen Brady on Get a JOB!

    9:45 PM:       Live Coaching … taking your questions and comments 347-857-3320

    See you on the radio …

    Own Your Career and Keep Networking alive ...

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    Creating Multiple Income Streams

    in Marketing

    You're Too Brilliant To Be Broke!
    That's the message of Monique Caradine, who's guesting on our 2/9 show about creating multiple income streams, garnering thousands in free publicity, and turning media opportunities into profits.

    Monique is a TV and Radio personality based in Chicago. She hosts and co-produces Perspective, a weekly news affairs show on FOX-affiliate MY50Chicago. She is also the voice behind The Monique Caradine Show which airs live every Friday on WVON 1690 AM. 

    She'll also be supplying PBP followers (remember to Like us on Facebook and FOLLOW us here on BlogTalkRadio) a link that will allow you first access to her e-book offering 7 secrets to success. We'll have more details shortly, so key an eye out on our Facebook page. Meantime, check out Monique's link:

    And don't forget to call in: 347-884-8365

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    Multiple Streams of Income: How to Create Additional Sources of Income From Your

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    answer is yes. The benefits of having of several sources of income include:

    1. It’s easier to create several small income producing streams over one large one. For example, it’s easier to create three streams that earn $1,000 than one stream that earns $3,000.

    2. It reduces the risk of being left without any income. If you’re laid off or one source of income drops, you have other sources to help you get by. Especially in home business, which has an ebb and flow, you can offset the ebbs through having more than one source of income.

    3. It helps you avoid boredom in work by having different things to do every day

    4. You can create income streams based on your interests, talents and passions.


    1. Take out a piece of paper and write your main business product or service in the middle to start a mindmap. If you’re a virtual assistant, you’d write VA in the middle of the paper.

    2. Create four spokes titled “Products,” “Services,” “Advertising/Affiliate,” and “Other” off of your main product or service.

    3. Create spokes off of each of these options with ideas on how you can make money at them.

    People who should listen to this show are home-based business owners, entrepreneurs, under-employed, coarre coaches

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    Using Your Intuition to Create Multiple Streams of Income

    in Entrepreneur

    Intuition is an innate spiritual gift that you can use to create multiple streams of income you are passionate about or love to do. In this Launch Talk conversation, Darlene Pitts shares how to use your intuition to achieve success with new and existing businesses.
    Our Guest: Darlene Pitts is an Intuition Consultant, Speaker & Author of Let’s Talk Intuition and Discover Your Intuition. She teaches intuition development courses and uses her intuition in consulting with individuals, businesses, and law enforcement. She is also an Inspirational Photographer, a Graphic Designer, and a Senior Information Security Analyst for a global corporation.
    Your Host: Tai Goodwin is a Launch While Working coach, speaker and author of the upcoming book: You Don't Have to Quit Your Day Job: How to Pursue Your Passion, Start a Business and Still Take Care of Home. Co-host of #smallbizchat, she blogs at at www.taigoodwin.com and is editor-in-chief at Launch While Working.com.

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    Looking at Other Streams of Income

    in Spirituality

    Join Minister Kim as she discusses “Looking at Other Streams of Income” Are you inspired to start your own business, but don’t know where to start? You have these vision boards and business plans but don’t have the resources to launch your business. The Entrepreneur Spirit is there, but needs to be watered.

    Meet our guest Michelle Gill Newton, a wife, mother, home based business coach, speaker and published author who will ignite and inspire you to dream, believe and enjoy what you’re doing.

    Michelle will teach you some strategies to incorporate when your spirit is half-empty.

    The importance of connecting with the Right Coach to cheer you to the finish line, she has a strong background in Marketing and has over 10yrs of experience as a Marketing Manager for large corporations; Time Warner Cable of NYC, Time Warner Inc. and Double Book Clubs.

    She was award “Living To Your Potential Award”, earning incentive trips and featured in company catalogs.

    Help us welcome Michelle Gill Newton to the show…..


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    Setting Up Multiple Streams of Income

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    In today's marketplace more and more people all working from home, either for themselves, or for someone else. There are many ways you can go with multiple streams of income. For instance, if you are someone who writes articles to promote your business, you can collect them and put them into a booklet that you can sell. If you are considered an expert in your field, you can take those articles and convert them into training programs. For years, speakers and trainers, would offer tele-seminars in the niche. The first tele-seminar would be an overview, as a free session, to sell training for multiple weeks, offering to the first five attendant signed up with in 5 to 10 minutes, would receive a discount. Those tele-seminars can be multipurposed to promote selling articles or books or training packages.

    Tele-seminars you fall into webinars using such software as go to webinar where you paid $500 a month with enough bandwidth for 1000 people to attend. With the advancement of technology you can do the same thing with Google hideouts where you can have unlimited number of people attend for free.

    You can also be an affiliate or distributor with a product that is multipurposed to create multiple streams of income. There are companies who sell their software or platform to individuals that can become an affiliate of distributor with them and earn commission selling those products. Two such companies that incorporate different products into their platform for businesses to utilize to market their business and also earning an income promoting the product to their friends and business associates.  I will be discussing the power lead system and 20 now marketing these platform allows companies to brand themselves and their niche and also the opportunity to become an affiliate and earn an income by promoting their product to companies who can use this platform for their own business.