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    Cornelius Muller is a former basketball standout; having played on the college and professional levels. He was also on the NBA draft list and had a professional basketball career overseas. He is also a seasoned actor, director, writer, and President/Founder, of Cornelius Muller Productions, LLC.. He wrote, directed, and starred in, BROTHER'S KEEPER, a story based on a personal family tragedy. His latest project entitled, FIND A WAY, is inspired by the life of Harry Cohen, a senior quarterback at Williams High School (Burlington, NC). Harry was a remarkable young person and gifted athlete who tragically passed away following a record setting game last fall. Cornelius stops by to chat about his career, his movie, FIND A WAY, and current projects on Sunday, March 10, at 7pm EST.

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    The LUVCOACH Show w/guest Lillian Muller

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    Lillian Muller, the 1976 Playboy Playmate of the Year and the person who is "the most featured PLAYMATE OF THER YEAR in the history of Playboy" with 9 covers, will be a guest to talk about eating healthy to stay young. You will just not believe how old Lillian is as she looks every bit as good and fit as she did 40 years ago! Go to her LillianMuller.com website and see for yourself! Don't miss this show to find out how to claim the "fountain of youth" for yourself!

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    Mark Muller Revisits the Infamous Legend of Lizzie Borden

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    On August 4, 1892, the body of wealthy businessman Andrew Borden, was found in the parlor of his Fall River, MA, home. As doctors arrived at the scene, the body of Abby Borden, his wife, was discovered in an upstairs bedroom. The initial investigation focused on local businessmen, neighbors and the family maid, Bridget Sullivan. Police soon realized that Andrew’s daughter, Lizzie, had as much to gain as anyone by the death of her father. A week later, Lizzie, was arrested for the double murder. In an era when women were considered the weaker sex, and female murderers were unheard of, the trial and subsequent acquittal of Lizzie Borden made her a media sensation. The trial has been compared to the trials of Bruno Hauptmann, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, and O.J. Simpson as a landmark in publicity and public interest in the history of American legal proceedings. On June 20, after deliberating 1.5 hours, the jury acquitted Lizzie. Officially, the case remains unsolved, and the Borden’s 1892 double axe murders continue to fascinate the public more than a century later. Lizzie and her family have been the focus of dozens of books, plays and films. In 1975 actress Elizabeth Montgomery, star of television’s Bewitched, and a distant relative of Lizzie, portrayed her in a TV movie. So who done it? Was it Lizzie after all? History buff, Mark Muller has a fascination with this infamous case and will share some details. After the show, check out After Hours at Jersey Coastal Live.

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    The HD View with Carla Muller - A Place For Mom

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    Today, our incredible special guest is Carla Muller, Eldercare Advisor at A Place For Mom, connecting families to senior care and dementia care. A Place For Mom is the Nation's largest senior care information service. Learn about assisted living facilities, nursing homes, residential care homes and facilities that care for folks who suffer with dementia. With resources about home care, Alzheimer's care or information about how to decide between keeping someone home, or finding the right placement, A Place For Mom has a great wealth of information with wonderful advisors to help you through the most difficult decisions. It's always good to know what your options are before you need them.

    Visit http://www.aplaceformom.com/ for more information about this wonderful free service. We have known Carla for many years and she first appeared on Help 4 HD Radio in 2012.

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    Grab Some Bench with Shawn Muller

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    Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling fined $2.5 million and banned for life by NBA Comissioner Adam Silver....too harsh of a penalty?

    Adam Silver sets the tone for other comissioners around the sports world...well done on his part.

    Indiana Pacers all-star Paul George robbed during game 5 against the Atlanta Hawks...huh?

    Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban against giving Sterling the boot.....why?

    College football also makes an appearance....Playoffs?!  Playoffs?!

    All this and more, tonight, on "Grab Some Bench" with Shawn Muller, 8:00pm CST.

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    Grab Some Bench with Shawn Muller

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    He's Back!

    After a two week hiatus, "Grab Some Bench" with Shawn Muller returns to the airwaves.

    Tonight, we will be discussing Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his remarks making waves througout the NBA.

    Golden State head coach Mark Jackson says Clipper's fans should boycott Game 5 against his Warriors squad in protest...good idea?

    Also...players react to the Sterling tapes....

    All of this and more tonight, on "Grab Some Bench" with Shawn Muller, tonight, at 8:00pm CST on BlogTalkRadio.com.

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    Coffee Lunch Coffee: Successful Networking with Alana Muller

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    Our guest Alana Muller provides a practical process for networking your way to business success. Alana is the President of Kauffman FastTrac and the author of the book Coffee Lunch Coffee: A Practical Field Guide for Master Networking and a companion blog CoffeeLunchCoffee.com. She is also a frequent lecturer and workshop facilitator on topics such as networking, entrepreneurship, and women in business. She is a contributor to Forbes.com, The Huffington Post, CNBC and other publications.

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    Grab Some Bench with Shawn Muller

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    All Sports...No Fluff.

    Tonight, we preview the NCAA FINAL FOUR.

    Who will meet on Monday night in the National Title game?  Find out my thoughts, tonight, on "Grab Some Bench with Shawn Muller".

    10:00pm CST.

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    Grab Some Bench with Shawn Muller

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    All Sports...No Fluff!

    Tonight, it is ALL about the NCAA Basketball Tournament as we discuss the Brackets.

    Who is heading to the Final Four?

    Who got "snubbed"?  Who didn't deserve a bid?  Which teams are the "dark-horses"?

    All of this and much...much more...tonight on "Grab Some Bench" with Shawn Muller, 9:30pm CST, on BlogTalkRadio.com.

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    Grab Some Bench with Shawn Muller

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    All Sports...No Fluff!

    The NCAA Tournament is in full swing...so I'll give you my thoughts on where things stand.

    Which teams have the easiest path to the Final Four?  Find out tonight on "Grab Some Bench with Shawn Muller", at 8:00pm CST, on BlogTalkRadio.com.

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    Grab Some Bench with Shawn Muller

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    All Sports....No Fluff!

    Carmelo Anthony in Chicago?  

    The Minnesota Vikings found their quarterback...sort of.

    College football looking at an early signing period?  Sounds good to me.

    Grab Some Bench with Shawn Muller tonight at 10:00 CST on BlogTalkRadio.com.

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