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    UGP #67 Black History Month / Mugged

    in Politics Conservative

    More black history, medal of honor, & Ann Coulter's "Mugged"
    Here at the Underground Professor Community College we are covering Freedom Studies 101.
    We will discuss Historical events relating to our Founding and apply these lessons to current political events.
    Each episode will usually cover a book of interest (required text book) :-)

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    The Ed & Fuz Show Episode 65

    in Sports

    The fellas discuss the NBA Playoffs as the Wild Wild West has lived up to the hype. We continue last week's conversation about Anthony Davis – who is playing lights out in the postseason despite the fact that the Splash Brothers are showing why they are the best back-court in the league. Ed will complain about Deron Williams – whose heart pumps Kool-Aid, give props to the addition of Shump, JR, Timofey Mozgov as the Cavs roll in the playoffs, and gush about the greatness of the San Antonio Spurs while eating a bowl of crow after the Houston Rockets dominant performance thus far in the playoffs.

    Fuz will certainly bring up the Washington Capitals-New York Islanders series, with the Caps now taking a 3-2 advantage. Given time, the guys will also talk about Andre Ward's long-awaited return to the ring, early impressions of the baseball season and a rant about the Montreal Impact almost getting mugged by Club America.

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    59 - 2015 Back To The Future Tech with Teddy Rubskin

    in Pop Culture

    Happy New Year! It's 2015, the same year that Marty McFly traveled into the future in the 2nd Back to the Future movie. So ... what happened? Where's the ACTUAL Hoverboard?!  What about Nike Power Laces? All that cool stuff we saw in the movie should BE here by now! Is the government hiding it? Did we dream too big?

    We'll talk all about this and more with returning guest, Teddy Rubskin! He's back in action with a new compy, but he can sure use some help with that after being mugged just before Christmas! Jeepers!
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    The church of Smyrna reveals much to us

    in Christianity

    This fellow was traveling down from Jerusalem to Jericho when some robbers mugged him. They took his clothes, beat him to a pulp, and left him naked and bleeding and in critical condition.31 By chance, a priest was going down that same road, and when he saw the wounded man, he crossed over to the other side and passed by. 32 Then a Levite who was on his way to assist in the temple also came and saw the victim lying there, and he too kept his distance.33 Then a despised Samaritan journeyed by. When he saw the fellow, he felt compassion for him.34 The Samaritan went over to him, stopped the bleeding, applied some first aid, and put the poor fellow on his donkey. He brought the man to an inn and cared for him through the night. Luke 10:30-34

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    UGP #68 Black History Month / Mugged Part Duex

    in Politics Conservative

    More of Ann Coulter's book "Mugged" and we will look at the effects of minimum wage on black community
    Here at the Underground Professor Community College we are covering Freedom Studies 101.
    We will discuss Historical events relating to our Founding and apply these lessons to current political events.
    Each episode will usually cover a book of interest (required text book) :-)

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    I Will shatter deontay wilders Skull In The Rematch Im The Best Charlie Z

    in Sports

    i got a great tuneup fight May 16th Friday Night I brutally decimated and beat down a 6'7 220lb Pounder 20 second stoppage of the very 1st round the key to beating wilder is rush him get him out of his comfort zone and just aim for that chin Once i land 1 of these bombs this is it hes asleep and I want my Title Back that was Mugged Im 57-0 i Won the Fight By DQ Im Still UBF P4P Champion i want an Immediate Rematch Vs Wilder I want to physically hurt him. i hurt him with that hook in the 1st fight but didnt hurt em enough i wanna shatter his skull into pieces 

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    Meth and Nunchucks

    in Comedy

    Sam is joined by recent Caroline's March Madness winner Gary Vider, Carmen Lynch and Becky Astphan. The crew talks about road gigs, comedy festivals, speech impediments and of course meth and nunchucks. Sam also tells a story about getting mugged when he was 16 while trying to score a fake ID in Times Square. Joe Machi is not a man!

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    Rise Of The Neocons

    in Politics Conservative

    Neocons infiltrated the GOP as the Democrats fell into social chaos, only to find that it was better to control both parties. Irving Kristol said, “Neocons Are Liberals Who Have Been Mugged by Reality,” a catchy summary that is mostly true, but not how Neocons think it is. The reality is liberals, libertarians and even most conservatives are cut from the same cloth – modern liberalism.

    The American experiment in self-governance is conservative to the core. Conservatives and libertarians have much in common because modern liberalism is Utopian in nature and views the state as totalitarian. Republicans and Democrats are allies, they seek to drive the society from the centralized power of the total state, which engenders a reaction from Marxists and anarcho-libertarians for the abolishment of the state. True conservatives see a need for an authority to create the conditions of order so the rest of society can order our lives together organically – this is necessarily a limited government and a society ordered toward virtue, protecting unalienable individual rights.

    We swing between absolutists and anarchists; toward an ever-growing central government. Only conservatives can restore balance, we must resist the impulse toward absolute individualism and absolute government. The Rise of the Neocons in both parties leads to the ever-increasing welfare/warfare. You are the resistance.

    Tyranny is assured UNLESS liberty-loving people can set aside differences and band together against the rising tide of statism. Grassroots conservatives and libertarians MUST work together to ensure the restoration of constitutionally limited government. End the imperialist police state and to defeat the Democrat-Socialists, first you MUST CRUSH the RINOs, for liberty!

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    Master Po's The Arena - Show #7

    in MMA

    Master Po and Grandmaster Rick Lenchus invited Rabbi Gary Moskowits who as a young boy was mugged beaten and was dealing with bully issues throughout his early years. It was until he joined a local martial arts school, it was there that he taught martial arts which changed Rabbi Moskowits life forever.  

    Rabbi Moskowits is a seventh-degree black belt who has recently spoke up in reference to this wave of "Knock-Out Games".  Come listen to a real hero, warrior x cop who fought on the streets against as many as fifteen and more gang members and lives to talk about it.

    Our second guests is Sensei Stewart Ratzker who has dedicated his life to martial arts and also to the history of the fighting jews.  Sensei Stewart is an author and is working on a book that describes factual history of men and women who are of the Jewish faith and are warriors for reasons of a means to survive.  

    For more information on our show, go to: www.masterpo.net



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    UGP #14 1st, 2nd, 9th, 14th, & 10th Amendments

    in Politics Conservative

    We will take a peek at the 1st, 2nd, 9th, 10th, & 14th Amendments.
    We will also dip our toes into Ann Coulter's new book "Mugged"