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    Ebola, Mudslides, and the Board Game "Survival"

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    Ebola, Mudslides, and the Board Game "Survival"
    Survival Medicine w/ Bones & Amy
    on American Preppers Radio!
    Mondays 7:00pm/Est 6:00pm/Ct 5:00pm/Mt 4:00pm/Pt
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    In this episode of the Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine Hour, Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy are excited to announce their new board game, DOOM AND BLOOM’s SURVIVAL!, plus updates on the spreading Ebola outbreak and survival strategies for mudslides.  Our hopes and prayers go to the families of the victims of the recent tragic mudslide in the state of Washington…
    Get The Survival Medicine Handbook HERE! 

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    Mississippi confirmed God killed at least 10 people in fierce tornado

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    On Thursday, heavy rain flooded parts of Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina causing mudslides, multiple road closures. It also shut down two stations on Atlanta's public rail system.  Officials in Mississippi have confirmed that four people were killed Wednesday evening in Benton County and two more in Marshall County in connection with the severe weather that swept through the area. Two are still missing in Benton and Tippah counties. Holly Springs coroner James Anderson told The Weather Channel that a 7-year-old boy was found dead in a van on Highway 7 outside Holly Springs in Marshall County. The boy's family was taken in unknown condition to a nearby hospital. Anderson didn't release any preliminary cause of death, but did confirm it was related to the severe weather in the area.  The three other deaths in Benton County were confirmed by the emergency management director for Benton County. The vicitms have not been identified, but Benton County Coroner Shane Ward said the dead are two men and one woman, all approximately in their 60s.  At least 40 people across six Mississippi counties were injured in severe storms, according to the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency.

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    Helping The Island Of Dominica After Tropical Storm Erika’s Wrath

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    Quick geography lesson.  The Dominican Republic and Dominica are NOT one in the same. The Dominican Republic is on the island of Hispanola and is right next to Haiti.  Dominica is a separate Caribbean island/country that was devastated by the wrath of tropical storm Erika on August 27th.  

    Dominica now lies tattered but unbowed, and needs your help. The storm caused severe flooding and mudslides and killed at least 20 people. More than 50 people are still missing.  

    A group of Dominican-Americans have now joined forces in an effort to help their native land, while working with the government to help rebuild shattered communities.

    On today’s show we’ll talk with Pastor Cuthbert Joseph, the official spokesperson for Boston for Dominica who will discuss what happened last month and how we can help.

    It’s a show where your compassion will be appreciated and welcomed.

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    Survival Medicine Hour: SURVIVAL! the board game, Ebola, Mudslides

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    In this episode of the Doom and Bloom(tm) Survival Medicine Hour, Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy are excited to announce their new project, the Doom and Bloom SURVIVAL! board game!  Also, we talk about Ebola virus, could it be the next pandemic?  Also, survival strategies in the event of a mudslide (26 deaths and rising in the state of Washington)...

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    Shari Shattuck has appeared in more than two hundred television shows, films, mini-series, movies of the week and commercials on her acting resume.  A few of her acting credits are the television shows, ‘Dallas,’ ‘Sisters,’ ‘Life Goes On,’ ‘The Young and the Restless,’ and ‘Babylon Five.’ Her film credits include “On Deadly Ground” with Micheal Caine, “Spy Hard” with Leslie Neilson, and “A Man of Passion” with Anthony Quinn. In addition, she has performed most of Shakespeare’s major female roles on stage as well as a host of other characters, including the lead role in a hit production of “Cabaret.” Shari has also written and directed for the stage. Daily Variety’s rave review of her play, “In Progress,” said,  “Shattuck’s delightfully romantic comedy not only displays her talent as a stage performer, but also as a writer.” Her many years of acting and directing all contribute to her sense of drama, comedy and story as a novelist.

    Her first book, “Loaded,” was selected by Publisher’s Weekly as one of the Best of 2003. She has since published seven novels, co-produced the films  “Redemption” and “Scream at the Devil” with her husband, survived two fires, four mudslides, many rattlesnake relocations, and being the class-room-rep-parent-association-member for her daughters’ classes. Her new book, “Becoming Ellen will be released in the summer of 2015. She lives in the National Forest above Los Angeles

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    Destination: Paso Robles

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    A few years ago we took an epic road trip up California's Pacific Coast Highway. Mudslides forced us to take a detour through Paso Robles. We found the city so charming that we vowed to return when we could spend more time. 

    Well, we finally made it back and spent three days on what we can only describe as the most incredible culinary, wine, and art adventure we've ever experienced. While in town, we interviewed Fritz, our super-fun Grapevine Tours tour guide, and Amanda Diefenderfer, Destination Manager of Travel Paso Robles Alliance, for today’s show.   

    Tune in and hear why we found so much to love in Paso Robles! 

    Be sure to read our blog post for all the luscious details of our adventure and check our our Paso Robles Photo Album on Facebook.


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    Holiday Eating and Tips to Keep the Weight Down

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    Turkey, stuffing, mac and cheese, cake, cookies and pies. It's a jungle out there during this time of the year when it comes to food and if you're trying to watch your weight, then you have to watch out for quicksand and mudslides out there in that jungle also.

    This Monday evening at 5:30pm, the Trailblazers will share with you some tips to help you stay fit and trim throughout the Holidays. Be sure you join us.



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    Coming Apocalypse

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    Hamas breaks the "Cease Fire Again" as it was only for 4 hours to help the civilans with humanitarian aid, but Hamas in the Gaza Strip continues to fire rockets at Israeli populations. Also more mysterious craters have been found in Russia's remote Siberia region causing people to wonder if the Demon Apollyon has rased from the bottomless pit of hell as mention and prophised in Revelation in the bible. Also a "Massive Landslide" has trapped 160 people under the earth in India. Also a 30 inch water main pipeline has broken causing 10 millions of gallons of water to flood Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles, California and the Campus of UCLA. Also Hamas has killed 20 of their own Palestinians in Gaza in public because they were protesting aganist Hamas. Also a Priest in Poland says after he failed to preform an "Exorcism" that he has been harrassed by a Demon that sends him bizarre text messages. Also what is Russian President Vladimir Putin's next move in Ukraine and is this the "Signs of Preparations of Gog and Magog"? These events and much more along with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana.

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    The World Is Going Insane Monday Night Live with Evangelist Anita Fuentes

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    Evangelist Anita Uncovers Breaking News  proving we are the last generation according to Bible Prophecy. This Live Broadcast will discuss:
    - Ebola now in NY, UK, GA
    - Health Workers contracting Ebola despite protective gear
    - ISIS grabs Iraqi Dam, could unleash possible catastrophic flood breakout
    - Worldwide anti-antisemitism on unprecedented level
    - Hail, Fires, Mudslides, Storms, oh my!
    - U.S. Public schools damn children this school year with common core revised U.S. History
    - China Quake devastates, kills 398+
    -Russia holds HUGE Military exercises near Ukraine Border
    - Leaked CBP report shows "entire world" exploiting open U.S. Border
    and much, much, more...

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    Coming Apocalypse

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    Israel has warned the citizens of the Gaza Strip to flea their homes and thousands have in anticipation of a ground invasion by the IDF. Also the Hamas from Gaza have fired almost 1,000 rockets into Israel and Israel has responded by hitting almost 1,000 targets and killing 168 people. Also in Paris, France thousands march against Israel offensive in riots and protest in the streets with police. Also the water turns blood red in Vancouver Canda in the English Bay. Also Yellowstone National Park the roads are melting causing the Park officials to close major parts of the Park as the "Super Volcano" is rumbling below. Also Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu orders the IDF to prepare for a possible strike on Iran Nuclear Plants in 2014. Also 41 earthquakes have hit the earth in the last 24 hours. Also a strange Hail Storm hits the beach swimers in Russia. Also an apocaliptic "Snow Storm" hits in Russia in mid July. Also ISIS continues to bring terror though out Iraq. Also mudslides have killed 5 and left 25 missing in China. Also thousands of dead fish wash up on the beach in China. Also an extinct volcano has come back to life after 3,500 years in Costa Rica. These events and much more tonight along with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana.