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    getting into the Muck !

    in Religion

    What does it mean to get in to the Muck?

    How did Jesus get in the Muck?

    and How do followers get into the Muck of the world to show the light of the Christ?

    Join Mike anD Linus about getting n the Muck

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    Avoiding the Holiday Muck to Get to the Holiday Merry

    in Spirituality

    Oh boy-- the holiday season is here!  This can put us in situations of obligation to be in energy that has not or does not serve us well on our spiritual journey.  In other ways, the season can become so much about material things that it can sap that spiritual peace that you've worked to obtain.  This episode will discuss how to discern where to put your energy and your time during this season, and in ways that will enhance your path and purpose rather than set it back.  



    As always, lines will be open for on-air intuitive mini-readings for guidance from Angels and Spirit for your best steps now in your spiritual journey.  Last week's calls were amazing -- please tune in and CALL IN for your own personal guidance.  It can be even more helpful at this time of year, and help you stay committed to your deeper spiritual journey, outside of the "muck".   

    Show duration will be up to 90 minutes-- depending on calls and discussions.  






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    Community Investor with Larry Muck: Connecting Business With the Right Space

    in Real Estate

    "On today’s Community Investor, Larry is host to Kelly Oliver, who is a commercial realtor specializing in helping technology based companies find suitable quarters for their operations. She is also a member of the CXO Collective, a brain trust of experienced professionals offering their services in a consulting fashion across the country."

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    QARLive: Breaking Bad: Obama vs. Israel; Foreign Policy Run a Muck!

    in Politics Conservative

    Join hosts, Jason Taylor/Randy Hahn @StQuagmire & Watson Prunier @StPrunier this coming Monday night at 10:00pm EST here on qarlive.com


    The U.S. and Israeli leaders have traded insults, slights and snubs for six years. Another month, another insult.

    Israel and the United States call themselves the strongest of allies, and in many ways they are. But the White House’s latest rebuke of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — in the form of an anonymous complaint Wednesday about Netanyahu’s ambassador to Washington— is just one more example of how poisonous the personal relationships between the two governments have become.

    The White House stopped short on Thursday of calling for the ouster of Israeli ambassador Ron Dermer after the New York Times quoted an unnamed senior official accusing Dermer of putting Netanyahu’s political fortunes ahead of his country’s interests.


    CALL IN NUMBER 347-989-1665

    The Parody spots we play during the show are not the actual person; they are an actor’s voiceover.

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    Community Investor: Excellent Housing Alternatives for Baby Boomers

    in Real Estate

    On this episode of Community Investor, Host Larry Muck sits down with Jay Mason, President of Classic Carriage Development, discussing solutions to providing excellent housing alternatives for baby boomers.  Learn about his plan to end the trend of reliance on reverse mortgages and an improved lifestyle.


    To ask a question or to learn more drop Larry a note. Send your email to  Larry@larrymuck.com

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    Community Investor: Tools to Make a Land Lord's Job a Little Easier

    in Real Estate

    On this episode of Community Investor with host Larry Muck, discover how being a landlord can be tough for small operators. Our guest is Gino Zahnd, co-founder and president of Cozy.co, which brings business process and technology to landlords across the country.

    To reach show host Larry Muck, visit LarryMuck.com.

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    Flesh Wound Radio: News & Reviews - 3/19/2015

    in Film

    Tune into Horror Society Presents Flesh Wound Radio w/ Todd Loya and Daniel Schein Thursday 3/19 at 9:30 pm eastern. On this episode we cover Eli Roth in the highly anticipated slasher Clown, in which he plays a loving dad turned into a kill crazy freak by his cursed Clown suit purchased for his son's birthday. Also horror icon Kane Hodder brings the pain once again in he brand new release Muck. In addition we will have reviews for the controversial Blu ray release of the Troma classic Rabid Grannies, Arrow's stateside Blu Ray of Mark Of The Devil, and 88 Films Blu Ray of the slasher comedy Slaughterhouse. All that plus Horror Hot Topics, TV Terror Talk with Walking Dead and the premiere of Izombie. Don't miss it Flesh Wound Freaks (now available on itunes).

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    Kathi Burns on "Mastering the Muck" that Blocks Prosperity

    in Business

    Welcome to Business Black Belt Radio!

    Conscious leadership from a Professional Organizer’s viewpoint = taking deliberate action steps to clear away the obstacles that block prosperity. 

    Kathi Burns, CPO® is a Certified Professional Organizer, Image Consultant, Speaker, Trainer and the Author of How To Master Your Muck and Home Organization, the Smart Guide. She is known for her remarkable ability to help people realize their dreams by showing them how to remove the “muck” that blocks them from achieving their potential. 
    Her books are more than about clearing clutter, they're about heightening awareness of the things that are ‘mucking up’ your life, and providing inspiration to remove those obstacles -- Giving you the skills to conquer the areas in your life that often make you feel stuck and overwhelmed. 
    In addition to her books, Kathi has developed 2 online courses to help clients be better organized. Home Organizing Made Simple helps clients clear their clutter from the front door of their house to their backdoor and garage with videos, 
    checklists and more. 

    1. What is muck and how does it sabotage our business? 
    2. Why go through the process of clearing your office space? 
    3. What to clear and what to keep? 
    4. Is letting go a muscle? If so, how do we strengthen it? 
    5. What new technology tools do you recommend? 
    6. How can creating the right systems shorten your path to success? 
    7. Is there a shortcut to becoming organized? 
    Learn more about Kathi Burns
    Learn more about JIAN Business Software Templates

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    CUTV News spotlights Suzanne Simcox of Rock Solid Leadership

    in Motivation

    Vancouver Island, BC – By the time women reach their 40s, most have set aside who they are because they placed expectations on themselves that they needed to be the best mom, the best wife, and the best in their chosen career. They have forgotten who they are and the language the makes them their unique self.

    Women want one thing — to discover their best in all aspects of their life. Suzanne Simcox is the founder of Rock Solid Leadership, a business, life and executive coaching practice dedicated to helping women become the Chief Executive Officer of their lives through the transformative and experiential journey of self-acceptance.

    “I’ve moved through the muck of my life and come out the other side in a way that’s allowed me to be able to help others,” says Suzanne. “I have gone through all this wonderful life experience that I’ve been able to translate into a coaching practice where people know I can walk the walk and talk the talk.”

    As a coach, Suzanne specializes in a methodology known as Power Coaching with Mind-Kinetics (PCMK™). These transformative science-based methodologies access your subconscious mind to identify and change unconstructive behavior, as well as, assist in creating unique and innovative solutions to issues and challenges that are present in your business, life or career.

    “PCMK offers a balance of logic and heart based methods where clients find their own solutions through my guidance as a coach and mentor," says Suzanne. "We find the root cause of the issues, experientially release the emotions around those issues and then create solutions to move forward.”

    For more information on Rock Solid Leadership, visit http://www.suzannesimcox.com/

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    On the Ledge

    in Relationships

    Welcome everyone!

    Tonight, the DIvas must take a moment to speak on an issue close to us ALL! It's an issue that is hard to talk about, but MUST be talked about. It's an issue that plagues countless people...some that would shock you!

    What do you do when you are feeling alone in the world? What do you do when you feel invisible? What do you do when the walls just seem to be closing in? Some can navigate well when the chips are down, which they can often be. But there are some, for various reasons and from various backgrounds that find themselves so deep in the muck that they can think of only ONE solution...suicide!

    It doesn't just affect the depressed...it affects families, friends and any other life that has been touched by that person. 

    The Divas want to talk about it...we HAVE to talk about it...we NEED to talk about it, and my bet is that so do you. Join us while we attempt to understand and interpret the signs of a person On The Ledge.

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    Let's Coach! with Mark & Carolyn - Parenting

    in Goals

    Let’s Coach with Mark and Carolyn, Wednesday, April 8, 2015, Noon EST

    Empowered Parents

    Parents – imagine taking the muck of life (the problems, the challenges, the heartache) and growing something positive for your child and yourself.  Parenting coach Biteena Frazier helps families do just that.  Biteena empowers parents bringing to her life work an eclectic mix of professional and personal experience that makes her uniquely qualified to support parents, whether they are going through a major life transition, feeling overwhelmed with family life or struggling with a particular parenting issue. Biteena helps parents gain clarity around their goals and develop strategies for moving forward so they can live more purposefully and parent more consciously. In addition to holding a Masters in Social Science (Counselling) from the University of South Australia, Biteena is a PCI Certified Parent Coach, a Certified Solution-Focused Brief Coach and a Master Solution-Focused Practitioner. Biteena also has extensive parenting experience having raised four children, moving across three continents. A former school counselor, Biteena is now in private practice as a parent coach. Her company, Best Parent, Best Child (www.BestParentBestChild.com <http://www.bestparentbestchild.com/>) offers private sessions, workshops and resources that support parents to bring out the best in themselves and their child.

    Join us as Biteena shares unique parenting ideas and how to build something great. 

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