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    Michael Taylor Gray Talks, "OH MTG!"

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    Join Christopher & Amanda for a show full of the things they love to talk about most: music, movies, entertainment, and news. Christopher shares his Top 5 Hits of the Week!
    Michael Taylor Gray joins the show to share all the latest on his new show, "OH MTG," premiering right here on LNR Radio, next week, August 7! He will give you the full scoop on why his show is worth the listen, what topics he will cover, the types of guest he will feature, and much more.
    If you are interested in sharing your thoughts call in live 10PM EST/7PM PST (718) 766-4652 or find us on Facebook. Tweet us your thoughts @lnrradio.

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    OH MTG: “Mommy With A Penis” Blog Virtuoso: Hutchins Foster

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    Join your cocktail deprived host MTG, colorful co-host Tuffet Schmelzle and our featured guest, the delightfully charming blog virtuoso of mommywitha.blogspot.com, Hutchins Foster. MTG opens the show with “Tuffet’s World” - discussing some of the hottest headlines of the week: Michael Dunn Trial Verdict and Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law.

    Tuffet has cooked up this week’s Winter Olympics themed “Word Up!” list and MTG is going for the gold. MTG delights Tuffet with this week’s “Shitz and Giggles (or Crap That Makes You Laugh)” segment with the weird-but-true story, “Jason Willis Banned From Internet For Sending Naked Man To Neighbor”.

    Featured guest, Hutchins Foster is an actor by trade, writer by necessity, and an epileptic by concussion. He met the love of his life in a seedy gay bar in Brooklyn over twelve years ago. They’ve been married twice. First, spiritually, and then legally in California. He and his husband have adopted two children, resulting in Hutch putting his classical theatre training to good use by cooking firm food for his family and unclogging toilets.

    “Chat Time” covers Kansas House Bill 2453 that discriminates against gay couples and the powerful blowback from social media. We delve into Hutch’s adventurous “Bucket List” that has him skydiving, scuba diving, bungee jumping and composting.

    This week’s “JUST THE TIP” segment helps us to get our act together: “Top 10 Ways To Make Your Day More Productive”. We close the show with our JUKEBOX 5 segment that’s all about taking control and living a truly authentic life.

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    OH MTG: Broadway, TV, Film & Web Series Star, DAVID PEVSNER

    in Lifestyle

    Join your flyin-it-solo host MTG and our featured guest, a man for all seasons - Broadway, TV, Film, Web Series actor and writer, and silver fox, David Pevsner.  MTG kicks of the show with a cocktail and some ponderings on a few of this week’s headlines.

    Barbra Streisand serenades our featured guest onto the show as he dances his way into the studio to charm us with his wit and wisdom.  You’ve seen the wonderfully talented David Pevsner on film in Scrooge & Marley, Joshua Tree, 1951: A Portrait of James Dean, Role/Play and the Lifetime TV movie, Liz & Dick, as Lindsay Lohan's doctor. On TV, he’s appeared on Modern Family and Grey's Anatomy, on Broadway in Fiddler on the Roof, and the Off-Broadway hits, Party and When Pigs Fly.  As a writer, David's songs have been heard in the film, Adam & Steve, both the stage and film versions of Naked Boys Singing! ("Perky Little Star"), and the musical revue, Fancy Boys Follies.  David has also written and performed his own one-man shows, To Bitter and Back and Musical Comedy Whore.

    CHAT TIME! with our featured guest, David Pevsner explores his most recent honor as February 2014’s “Deep Dish - Groovy Guy of the Month”! by marcharshbarger.blogspot.com. Ooh La La! David is more than just a pretty face; he’s an entrepreneur with a nifty side business as a personal organizer. And his lifelong outspoken spirit led him to write “An Open Letter to the Closeted Leading Man” - posted on HuffingtonPost.com

    This week’s “JUST THE TIP” segment reminds us that sharing isn’t always caring when we review the “8 Celebrity Sex Tapes No One Wanted To See”.  It brings new meaning “Heeeerrrrrre's Johnny!”  This week’s “Jukebox 5” selections will get you putting on your flared pants, sparkle top and platform shoes.

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    OH MTG: Funniest Man in Hollywood & Cover Girl: Drew Droege

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    Join your topsy-turvy host MTG and special guest co-host, Columbus, Ohio Chemist, Ted Mayberry and our very special featured guest, the funniest man in Hollywood and newly minted “cover girl,” Drew Droege for a rollicking good time.

    Our out-of-this-world talented featured guest, Drew Droege's best known for his Chloe Sevigny internet videos, as well as his new web series "Hollywood Acting Studio" on Starz. His TV appearances include "Sean Saves The World", the new animated series "Chozen", "Hot In Cleveland", "House Of Lies", "Key & Peele", and "New Girl". He's an alum of The Groundlings and Upright Citizens Brigade, and he's currently performing his new solo show, "Bright Colors And Bold Patterns" in Los Angeles.  Droege’s impeccable comedic timing makes him a flawless scene stealer, as evidenced by his recent appearances on “Chelsea Lately”.  He’s a fixture of Outfest, adding humor and dimension to films like “Eating Out: Drama Camp” and the upcoming “Such Good People” with Michael Urie and Randy Harrison.  Between Drew Droege’s skill and dedication to his craft, this SoCal funny man is poised to ride the crest from local talent to the next big thing on a national level.

    MTG, Ted and Drew offer some sage remarks on this week’s JUST THE TIP! segment. This week’s topic: “Top 10 Reasons Prostitution Should Be Legalized.”

    And as we always do on every “OH MTG!” show, we end on a musical note with our JUKEBOX 5 segment. This week, it’s all about LOVE, LOVE, LOVE  and a disco beat - featuring songs by Ohio Players, Loleatta Holloway, Barry White, Diana Ross and MTG’s all-time favorite Disco Queen, Donna Summer! 

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    OH MTG: INDEPENDENT SERIES AWARDS: Roger Newcomb - Producer

    in Lifestyle

    Join your newly crowned host MTG (by his dentist, that is), purrfect fill-in co-host Amanda Gari (Late Night Rendezvous) and our featured guest is the “We Love Soaps” editorial director and producer of the 5th annual “Indie Series Awards”, Roger Newcomb.  MTG opens the show with The World According to Catmanda - discussing some of the hottest headlines of the week: Arizona’s Anti-Gay Discrimination Bill, the death of actor/director Harold Ramis, and the nation’s governors erupting in partisan disputes just outside of the Oval Office.

    Our featured guest, Roger Newcomb is a producer and writer in New York City.  Aside from co-hosting the WE LOVE SOAPS TV web series, he has written and produced a full-length indie film, “Manhattanites”, and two radio soap operas.  He has also made acting appearances in indie web series such as IMAGINARY BITCHES, and produces the annual Indie Series Awards.  He is executive producer on the indie short May Mercy Lie, which is currently making the rounds at film festivals.  He appeared in FRANCOPRHENIA in 2012 and the documentary SOAP LIFE, out on DVD in 2014.  Roger worked in Corporate America for nearly 20 years before going full-time with his own company, We Love Soaps LLC, for the past two years.

    Chat Time! with our featured guest,  Roger Newcomb reveals the impressive rise of the “Indie Series Awards” and the web series community, his home-life menagerie of 1 husband, 2 cats and an African Grey parrot - Marlo.  We also discuss his personal connection to supporting cancer research and sift through his bucket list to just what inspires him deep down.

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    OH MTG: RuPaul’s Drag Race Superstar, SHANGELA: DJ Pierce

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    Join your “You Better WERK!” host MTG, our purrfectly catty fill-in co-host Amanda Gari (Late Night Rendezvous) and our featured guest, RuPaul’s Drag Race Superstar, “Shangela Laquifa Wadley” - the delightfully energetic D.J. Pierce.

    MTG takes the reins again with this week’s Word Up! list and Amanda is feeling lucky. Our Shitz and Giggles (or Crap That Makes You Laugh) weird-but-true story, “Brother & Sister Kiss In Jail After Getting Arrested For Meth At Walmart” will have you thinking twice about having your stash on you in the check-out lane.

    Our featured guest, DJ Pierce’s story starts out by sashaying back in time to that lil’ boy with a big personality and even bigger hair. A native of Paris, Texas (the second largest city of Paris in the world!), DJ grew up as an only child with a single Army vet mom, a hard-working aunt and the most lovable “church-every-Sunday” grandparents you can imagine. His grandpa was a pig & cattle farmer ranch hand but luckily DJ didn’t follow in the family biz. He spent his childhood singing in the church choir, kicking butt in Atari Pole Position and tracing dresses from the bridal section of his granny’s JCPenney catalog.

    Chat Time! with our featured guest,  DJ Pierce reveals his impressive rise to fame on RuPaul’s Drag Race - Season 2 & 3 and his continued resilience and keen business sensibilities with building his own unique celebrity brand. Tune in to hear all about his many hosting, performing, and starring turns in comedy & drag events, film, television, stage, music videos and web series. DJ is literally everywhere you turn!

    This week’s “JUST THE TIP” segment pays a well-deserved tribute to: “10 Famous Drag Queens-of Color” by BET.com - and you know that our featured guest has a prominent position on that list.

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    OH MTG: Indie Film Screenwriter & Director Jeremy O’Keefe

    in Entertainment

    Snuggle up with your host-of-hosts, MTG and his fabulous co-host, Tuffet Schmelzle as they chat it up with featured guest, the multi-talented, creative and spirited, writer/director of the new indie feature film, “Somewhere Slow,” Jeremy O’Keefe.

    MTG & Tuffet kick off the show with some sizzling conversation in this week’s segment of “Tuffet’s World” - discussing some of the hot current events making the news: President Obama’s State of the Union Address and sexism towards women running for public office. And this week’s “Shitz & Giggles (Or Crap That Makes You Laugh)” leaves nothing to the imagination: “Naked Man Walks Into A Bar With A Bag Of Sex Toys And Asks, ‘What’s The Problem?’”

    Our featured guest this week is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and BADA, Jeremy O'Keefe's second feature film as writer/director, SOMEWHERE SLOW, hits theaters in January 2014.  Winner of the Brooklyn Film Festival for Best Narrative Feature, SOMEWHERE SLOW stars Jessalyn Gilsig (Glee, Vikings), Graham Patrick Martin (Major Crimes) and Academy Award Nominees Robert Forster and Lindsay Crouse.  His other works include the feature film WRESTLING (2008), the shorts CLOSURE (2008) and FINALE (2013). SOMEWHERE SLOW was an Official Selection at Cinequest, Omaha Film Festival, Vail Film Festival and the Monadnock International Film Festival. Additionally, Jeremy directed a music video for Marriage Equality for musician Brendan James "Nothin' But Love". Jeremy lives in Los Angeles where he teaches acting and works in casting for Greenstein|Daniel Casting.

    And because we just can’t live without music, we wind down the show with some favorite songs that tap into the spirit of the independent filmmaker.  And then it’s time to thank you all and call it a night.

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    MTG kicks off the show with Tuffet Schmelzle to chat about the recent Thanksgiving holiday, Time.com’s article on “You Can’t Be Fat and Fit”, a Nigerian man who survived 3 days 100 feet underwater in the Atlantic ocean, and the untimely death of “Fast and Furious” movie star, Paul Walker. Then it’s time once again for “WORD UP!” -  a word/mind association game where MTG says a word, name or phrase and our “OH MTG!” sidekick, Tuffet has to say the first thing that comes to her brilliant, colorful mind.  And this week’s “Shitz & Giggles (Or Crap That Makes You Laugh)” is one to really make you shake your head, “California Woman Rescued After Getting Stuck Between Buildings.”

    Our featured guest, Carlos Torres, has an extensive background in public relations and maintains premier editorial alliances with the country’s most widely read and seen media outlets. Carlos has worked with Guess, Old Navy, Murad, Rrivre Works, and OPI to name a few. Carlos has found his niche in the lifestyle arena specializing in beauty, fashion, and health.  He gives us some real insight into what makes him tick romantically as we delve into the beautifully illustrated and thoughtfully conceived, “Love and Misadventure” by internationally recognized poet, author and artist, Lang Leav.

    MTG, Carlos and Tuffet weigh in on this week’s JUST THE TIP! segment – a how-to moment where we give you just enough info to get you started.  This week’s topic: “10 Signs You’re Falling In Love (Whether You Like It Or Not).” Tune in to find out how MTG, Carlos and Tuffet match up to this revealing list as they discuss their current love affairs.

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    OH MTG: From Paris with Love...

    in Lifestyle

    Join your semi-clothed host MTG, special guest sidekick, the skincare goddess, Betsy Burr and our featured guest, the enchanting French actress, Paris Benjamin. We’ll start off the show with MTG & Betsy talking about the hot topics of the day or just gossiping about the neighbors. MTG will then flip the switch to throw his guest sidekick some Word Up!  curveballs – a word/mind association game where he’ll say a word, name or phrase and ask our sidekick to say the first thing that comes to his mind.  And then we gear up for Shitz and Giggles (or Crap That Makes You Laugh) – those slice of life moments that happen all around us. Our featured guest, a very alluring French import, actress Paris Benjamin will chat with MTG about her world travels and how she ended up here in America to pursue her acting goals. During the month of October, be prepared to see Paris Benjamin not once, but twice on top network television shows: NCIS and Revenge!  And then it’s time for JUST THE TIP! with our audience – A how-to moment where we give you just enough info to get you started.  This week’s topic: “Top Ten Tips for Safe Travel As a Single Woman.”
    And stick around for our JUKEBOX 5 segment where MTG puts on his blinders and reaches out to grab 5 various musical artists to share with his guests and listeners. This week’s song list covers the gamut: from modern French rock to old school 60’s U.S. dance hits. And then it’s time to say goodnight, but not farewell. There’s nothing like good friends, good laughs and good stories. And there’s nothing like catching you off guard and hearing you say, “OH MTG!”

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    OH MTG: Hollywood, Booze, and Drugs…

    in Lifestyle

    Join your host MTG, special guest sidekick, newly minted author, Mark Bennett and featured guest and MTG’s childhood best friend, Columbus, Ohio Chemist, Ted Mayberry for a very personal and revealing evening. Enjoy an excerpt from Mark Bennett’s book “The Big Show” - a very touching, true account of his life-altering friendship with legendary Hollywood producer, Fred de Cordova.  And then  kick off your shoes for Shitz and Giggles (or Crap That Makes You Laugh) – those slice of life moments that happen all around us. And MTG will wind up and throw Mark Bennett some Word Up!  curveballs – a word/mind association game where he’ll say a word, name or phrase and ask Mark to say the first thing that comes to his mind.
    Our featured guest, Ted Mayberry will chat with MTG about his challenges with addiction. Who better to have a gut-level conversation about something so personal than with your childhood best friend for over 30 years? MTG lightens the mood to share JUST THE TIP with our audience – A how-to moment where we give you just enough info to get you started. This week’s topic: “Top 10 Signs You’re From The Midwest.”
    Don’t forget to cue the music!  MTG features his JUKEBOX 5 musical artists. Michael puts on his blinders and reaches out to grab 5 various musical artists to share with his guests and listeners. We end the show with Tale Ends – an excerpt from a book, short story or article that has a little something for everyone. This week’s excerpt “Friends - Soul Food” - written by your host Michael Taylor Gray, is from G Man Magazine - a digital publication created by our show producer, Christopher Taylor. There’s nothing like a good story.  And there’s nothing like catching you off guard and hearing you say, “OH MTG!”

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    OH MTG: Wedding Bells and Silver(man) Bells

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    Start off 2014 with a bang by joining your host MTG and our Featured Guest, the multi-talented and multi-award winning creator, writer and producer of “Pretty - The Series” & “The Inn - The Series” and newlywed, Steve Silverman.

    MTG kicks off the show with Steve Silverman by delving head first into Hollywood award season - the hits, the misses, the surprise noms and the snubs. This week’s “Shitz & Giggles (Or Crap That Makes You Laugh)” is one that will be sure to get your tux and wedding gown into a twist.

    Our accomplished featured guest, Mr. Steve Silverman, continues to enjoy a multi-faceted career as a writer, director and producer. WeLoveSoaps TV named Steve one of the "15 Most Fascinating People" of 2010, saying "Silverman may be one of the most brilliant minds in the entertainment industry.  His sharp sense of humor and outrageous take on the child pageant industry has fans of his series, PRETTY, clicking "replay" again and again. In 2013, Steve debuted his second original web series, THE INN - starring another daytime soap star, Crystal Chappelle.

    MTG and Steve weigh in on this week’s JUST THE TIP! This week’s topic: “Top 10 Wedding Planning Tips.” Steve and his loving husband, Jim were just married on December 28, 2013, so he’s got a lot to say about this list.

    Then we shift gears as we wind down the show with some wedding themed Broadway show tunes for our JUKEBOX 5 segment that features songs from My Fair Lady, Guys & Dolls, Company, West Side Story, and one of  MTG’s fall-time faves, Cabaret. There’s nothing like good friends, good laughs and good stories.  And there’s nothing like catching you off guard and hearing you say, “OH MTG!”