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    Author Linda Williams, MSW- A SOULS Mini-Series

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    Author Linda Williams, MSW returns back to SOULS to continue to offer her wisdom on purpose, pain, and progression of self. If you missed last week, you definitely want to tune in this week, as well as next week.

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    Guest: Terry Matlen MSW, author of The Queen of Distraction

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    This week my guest is Terry Matlen MSW, author of The Queen of Distraction: How Women with ADHD Can Conquer Chaos, Find Focus, and Get More Done.

    Do you rule the realm of disorganization, clutter, and chaos? Are you constantly battling to get things done? Are you ready to give up and toss your day planner into the dungeon (otherwise known as your closet)? If so, you might just be The Queen of Distraction. And whether or not you’ve been formally diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), you probably already know that something’s got to give.

    The Queen of Distraction presents practical skills to help women with ADHD achieve focus and balance in all areas of life, whether it’s at home, at work, or in relationships. Psychotherapist Terry Matlen delves into the feminine side of ADHD—the elements of this condition that are particular to women, such as: relationships, skin sensitivities, meal-planning, parenting, and dealing with out-of-control hormones. In addition, the book offers helpful tips and strategies to get your symptoms under control, and outlines a number of effective treatment options for you to pursue.

    From getting dressed in the morning, to making it to a job interview, to planning dinner—sometimes just getting through the day can be an ordeal for a woman with ADHD. If you’ve been accused of getting lost in your own world, maybe it’s time to make a change. If you’re ready to start getting organized and stop leaving your groceries in the car, this book can help. It’s more than just a survival guide; it’s an ADHD how-to to help you thrive!

    About the author:

    Terry Matlen, MSW, is a psychotherapist, consultant, writer, and coach. She is the author of Survival Tips for Women with ADHD and founder of addconsults.com. 

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    Jennifer Fox, MSW, Safe Harbor Regional Navigator with Heartland Girls Ranch

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    Fast Horse Productions' The Martha Fast Horse Show

    Special Guest: Jennifer Fox, MSW, Safe Harbor Regional Navigator (West Central Region) with Heartland Girls Ranch in Benson, MN.

    Show Topic: The West Central Safe Harbor Conference will be hosted on May 8th, 2015

    Featured Music: "Flash In The Pan" courtesy of The Reddmen aka Friends of Cesar Romero.

    Producer/Host: Martha Fast Horse (Rosebud Lakota), Producer/Co-Host: C.W. Bearshield (Sicangu Lakota), Engineer/Talent: Brian Curski (Minnesotan).

    Airing Sunday 5/3/15 at 5:30 a.m. CDT on KQRS (KQ92) 92.5 FM, at 6:00 a.m. CDT on KXXR (93X) 93.7 FM and WGVX (Sports Station 105 The Ticket) 105.1 FM in the Twin Cities, MN, USA.

    Streaming at www.92kqrs.com, www.93X.com & www105theticket.com

    The Midnight Special airs Saturday 5/9/15 at 1:30 a.m. CDT on Blog Talk Radio.

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    Linda F. Williams, MSW-FINAL Installment of the LFW experience

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    In this final installment of the mini series with Linda F. Williams, MSW, we will continue to take the verbal journey of pain, strength, and recovery. Call in with your questions.

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    "Whose Apple is it Anyway"- Author Linda R. Williams MSW

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    This evening, SOULS will feature Author Linda R. Williams, MSW will be discussing her new book "Whose Apple is it Anyway". Listen in to share in on this intriquing title.

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    Living & Thriving Guest: Linda Williams, MSW Author

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     An amazing Author who took 9 year to write Whose Apple?

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    Emotional Alchemy - Transforming the Diagnosis with Sarah Ocean, MSW

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    Today(Monday) on Blue Star Radio we will be interviewing Sarah Ocean.  

    Sarah is a spirited visionary leader. In writing, speaking and living out her integrity, her vision is through self-exploration, spirituality and a playful take on one’s self.

    As a youngster Sarah was shy, empathic and wildly imaginative and introspective. Growing up with a struggling single-mother and alcoholic step father, a tyrannical environment of abuse was a regular existence.  Over time, her passions became dulled by her constant state of fear and dis – ease. Her dreams became clouded, and her reality consisted of strategic survival and adaptation.

    In her adolescent years, she suffered with chronic feelings of helplessness, apathy and a heavy heart.  She was diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety Disorder, and ‘obsessive compulsive thinking’.

    Today, Sarah has alchemized her life into a powerful means to help others. She’s experienced as a Clinical Counselor, Public Educator and Group Facilitator. Personally recognizing the significance of spirituality, human consciousness and alternative healing.  Sarah is currently underway with her debut book ‘The Living Book‘ set to be published Fall 2015. 

    She does talks on The Secret to Radical Self Acceptance, Spirituality Made Easy for the Person Who Has ‘No Time’ and Play and Mindfulness in Self Care: Easy Living for the Helping Professional.

    Tune in Monday to experience the mind of the wise and quirky Sarah!

    Check out Sarah's website: www.themindofsarah.com or email sarahtocean@gmail.com

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    Life Forward Radio with Guest ~~ Lisa Jackson-Wardlaw MSW

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    Our guest, Lisa Jackson-Wardlaw, MSW!!!

    Lisa Jackson-Wardlaw is the owner of AstroLifeCycles, LLC and currently employed as a Psychiatric Hospital Social Worker. Ms. Jackson-Wardlaw has ten years of experience in the field of mental health human services and case management. Her past employment experience has been in the areas of addiction counseling and workforce development. She is a licensed social worker in the state of Virginia. AstroLifeCycles, LLC was established to provide natal chart readings and metaphysical counseling services.

    She has been engaged in the study of astrology, esoteric cosmology and metaphysical subjects for 15 years. Ms. Jackson-Wardlaw holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in clinical social work from Norfolk State University. She will complete a second master's degree in special education from George Washington University in December 2014. Her education and experience enable her to provide a holistic perspective to treatment (mental, emotional, behavioral, physical and spiritual) and teach the most complex spiritual concepts in a practical way.

    Ms. Jackson-Wardlaw infuses social work practice with spiritual counseling. Her private practice approach to treatment targets life stage challenges by examining an individuals natal astrological chart. Through examination of the natal astrological chart, she is able to provide life changing recommendations that can empower persons to use their innate gifts, talents and abilities. In addition, she is possesses empathic, clairaudience and claircognizance psychic abilities, which guide her through interpretation of natal chart readings.

    She can be contacted at astrolifecycles@gmail.com, @astrolifecyles on twitter and tumbler.

    Join Vangie and Travis here on Life Forward Radio ~~ Thursdays - 9pm to 11pm

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    What is really going on in my life that I can’t seem to get anything done?

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    Are you tired of always being late, handing in projects after deadline or having a home and life that is a mess? Join me and returning guest Valerie Anderson, MSW as we discuss things you need to think about as you create an organized life.

    Valerie Anderson, MSW provides individual supportive counseling, group facilitation and community education.  Valerie and I have presented workshops together in the past that deal with both Emotional and Physical Clutter. 

    Want a FREE audio book? Go to Audible.com and you can get one. Listen to today’s podcast to find out which book I recommend for you. 


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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Addiction Expert Shontelle Prokipcak RSW, MSW

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    Ottawa, Ontario – Children who begin using substances while their brain is still rapidly developing can become addicted much faster than an adult, sometimes as quick as six months depending on the substance. According to the Canadian Alcohol and Drug Use Monitoring Survey, youths 15 to 24 years old have the highest self-reported use of illicit substances compared to other Canadians and are approximately five times more likely to report harm because of drug use.

    A child struggling with addiction can’t be expected to navigate their way through these challenges by themselves. It’s a family process. Shontelle Prokipcak is a registered social worker who has been providing mental health and addiction services for children, youth, young adults and their families in the Ottawa Region for over 14 years. Shontelle has extensive training and experience in counseling, crisis management, trauma, victim assistance, addiction issues and treatment, as well as youth conduct disorders.

    “I collaborate with schools and the family doctor and the families themselves, even grandparents, so everyone is working together,” says Shontelle. “I try to get everybody on board with my treatment plan because we have better outcomes from that kind of collaboration.”

    Shontelle's expertise is working with children, youth and families who have challenges at home or in the community and struggle with anxiety and depression, behavioral problems and addiction.

    “Kids don’t know how to regulate their emotions because they’ve been using substances to do that,” explains Shontelle. “We work on concrete skills for the kids to use to deal with stress.”

    For more information on Shontelle Prokipcak, visit http://www.shontelle.ca/