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    The Impact of New Technologies on the Stock Market

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    What creates Bull Markets that last for more than a decade? New Technologies, especially information and communication technologies that advance societies, cultures, global interaction, and economies. Currently new technologies coming to market are accelerating in many different industries.
    Find out what new technologies are going to impact stocks, the markets, and how you trade and invest. Listen to Martha Stokes CMT as she explains how she was able to see MSFT as a leader when it was still a fledgling company. Learn how she was able to warn of the topping risk of AAPL long before it collapsed.  Find out where you should be looking for the next growth stocks of this decade.   Listen On-Demand Episodes and read Martha's daily Blog http://technitrader.com/weekly-stock-discussions/martha-daily-blog/radio-archived/

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    New Technology & the Stock Market

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    What new technologies are going to create the next big blue chip stocks?  How can you find out more about these technologies? What companies are leading their industries?
    How can you discover the next MSFT or AAPL early so that you can have a strong long term growth company that gives you financial security and profitability?  New technologies drive the stock market and the economy. Find out which new technologies are going to change our economy, increase jobs, and bring prosperity to the US in the next few years.
    On-Demand Episodes & Read Marta's Daily Market Report: www.technitrader.com  

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    .The Value Guys--Blood Doping For Enhanced Stock Picking? 30.Aug.12

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    www.FinancialSurvivalNetwork.com presents

    The Value Guys are back in town. Unfortunately their liquor cash was raided by a neighbor which has led them on a search for other performance enhancing substances. And if blood doping can work for Lance Armstrong and baseball players, why can't it work for stock pickers. We have a feeling that Val and Mo are a little too squeemish for it. In the meantime their stocks for the week look particularly good. Chevron (CHX), Corning (GLW), Flowserver (FLS) and Microsoft (MSFT). Our personal preference is Chevron. The dividend is good and if you believe that oil prices are headed higher or even just staying where they are, then this could be a good place to ride out the storm.