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    Beware, MRSA is on the rise!

    in Pets

    Dr. Roger discusses the troubling increase in cases of this dangerous strain prone to becoming immune to our best antibiotics, while also having occassional ability to jump species and infect humans.  Learn more about MRSA and how you can protect your pets and your family from this dangerous disease.  Plus, Dr. Roger addresses 3 e-mail questions submitted by listeners.  Send your questions/comments to be addressed on the air at comments@web-dvm.net.

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    FDN Support Talk Radio

    in Health

    Dr. Fresco – Biocidin

    Originally designed for Medical doctors who want to treat without medication

    SIBO & reoccurring symptoms

    Acupuncture for Constipation/GI Tract

    Parasite, bacteria and yeast – how long on protocol?

    GI Detox protocol

    Maintenance protocols

    Biocidin capsules for vaginal infections

    Biocidin capsules for prostatitis

    UTI protocol

    Lyme disease

    Biocidin and infants

    Infants and probiotics vs vaccines

    Cold & flu symptoms

    Partner not willing to test

    When & how to take Biocidin

    GI detox & fatty foods

    Topically for herpes, MRSA, fungus

    Exasperation of an outbreak

    Contraindications with other supplements/herbs

    Ingredients that disrupt the Biofilm

    Why Glycerin in the products?

    Do not use if anaphylactic reaction to walnuts

    Noni plant

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    Degenerative Back Disease, SCS, and MRSA

    in Health

    Margaret Hults will share with us her journey as she went from having severe back pain, having a spinal cord stimulator inplanted and removed .... twice - because the doctor left a piece behind the first time causing her to get the deadly bacteria called MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).
    If it weren't for the humor of a close friend Margaret may not have made it through with a desire to live life to the fullest each and every day.
     CALL  IN:  347 - 324 - 5661 then push 1 to speak with Margaret

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    MRSA - Real life drama using ozone as a cure

    in Family

    Internet professional groups can be extreamly helpful, and a particular dental group was on task to help hygienist Stacie Carlson help her son fight a MRSA infection on his neck that threatened his life. This fast moving, painful infection is extreamly difficult to cure or even treat. In her son's case none of the traditional methods for treatment were working and she was desperate. Calling on her dentist friends about how they use ozone in their dental practice helped her son recover quickly.

    Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Infections MRSA is methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, a type of staph bacteria that is resistant to many antibiotics. In a healthcare setting, such as a hospital or nursing home, MRSA can cause severe problems such as bloodstream infections, pneumonia and surgical site infections. Invasive MRSA infections that began in hospitals declined 54% between 2005 and 2011, with 30,800 fewer severe MRS infections. In addition, the study showed 9,000 fewer deaths in hospital patients in 2005 versus 2011.

    Shirley Gutkowski finds out how ozone oils work and how to use them along with ozone gas in the treatment of this radial man-made super bug.

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    Healing with Dr. Daniels- Deadly MRSA on Your Dinner Plate

    in Health

     Dr. JDrDHDr JennDr Jennifer Daneils once again brings her show Healing with Dr Daniels toDdddd
    Dr. Jennifer Daniels's show entitled, Healing with Dr. Daniels airs every Tuesday at 6:00 pm.
    This week's show topic is:  Deadly MRSA on your Dinner Plate
    MRSA is the deadly flesh eating bacteria that is resistant to most antibiotics.  It is associated with hospital and antibiotic use but recently, people who have never been to a hospital are dying of it. Dr. Daniels explains the origens of MRSA, how you are exposed to it evey day and what you can do.  This is a must hear episode.  MRSA is on your dinner plate.  Find out where it is lurking and why hand sanitizers actually make you unsafe.
    Tune in and get this life-saving information.
    If you care about your health, inform yourself and listen to the show.
    Dr. Jennifer Daniels is a graduate of Harvard University and University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. While she is trained as a Family Practice Physician, her interest is Natural Healing and providing information to enhance understanding and choice in healing. For further information, visit http://www.DrJenniferDaniels.com  

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    Ebola: can it be contained?

    in Writing

    Ebola is spreading among health care workers, primarily due to lack of proper equipment, protective clothing, training and procedures.  Hospital-acquired infectoins are already rampant in the Unitied States, yet the authorities want us to believe that they can contain Ebola.  Ebola is a weapon, whether it arose naturally or was produced in a laboratory.  Hospitals cannot prevent or contain MRSA and other infections, and they cannot contain Ebola.  Thos pressurized isolation rooms and space-man sutis that you saw in the movies are found in only four U.S.hospitals.  

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    Illegal Immigrant with Native American Otilia

    in Politics Conservative

    Bleeding hearts talk about plans to reach out and come to the aid of the poor little illegal aliens crossing our borders by the thousands.

     They can spend their  money any way they  wants…. but once those kids take up entitlement residency here because bleeding hearts we were so nice to provide them with everything they could ever want and need, it`s MY MONEY that has to pay for their care.

     Now it becomes my business and I don’t believe in rewarding ANY KIND OF ILLEGAL ACTIVITY, THE AGE OF THE OFFENDERS IS NOT RELEVANT.

     As a Christian, I understand the responsibility to help those less fortunate, HOWEVER, there are millions of “less fortunate” children who are American born citizens that need help… There are millions of Veterans who have returned to our country with missing body parts, and their families who need our help.

     Why choose criminals as beneficiaries of our charity when there are law abiding Americans born citizens suffering?


    We’re having an outbreak of scabies that’s been going on for a month or so now…We’re starting to see chickenpox, we’re starting to see [MRSA] staph infections, we’re starting to see different viruses…”

    “They’re all contagious,” Cabrera continued. “So now we’re transporting people into different parts of the state, different parts of the country and some of these viruses are asymptomatic at this point — they’re not showing the symptoms.”



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    sunday on monday

    in Politics Conservative

    Moral Mortal Monday, Obama wants Malaki to Resign, Land of the Free?, Liberials Walk Conservatives Talk, Liberalism is a Mental Disorder, 1St Class Millennials, Obama's Forgery, Does USA Own our Water, George Orwell, Guns Save Lives, Military fights Global Warming, Socialism is Slavery, Queen Michele Obama, Saddam Judge Killed, Obama Appeasement Policy, MRSA Over Southern Boarder, NSA Loves You, Global Warming PSYOP, Climate Change Church, Big Trouble in USA,

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    Food prep and MRSA

    in Fitness

    Join me. I'll have a special guest Kimberly with Health services. Topic will be on Food Prep and MRSA. How to know the signs, places that are hot spots for infection and ways to protect yourself. Plus the right temps for your foods.

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    APRIL 2014 WEEK 3 REVIEW (Part 2)(News-to-Use)

    in Current Events

    With all the MUNDANE STORIES that keep repeating on major media outlets, WHY NOT GET SOME ENDTIME NEWS TO USE in winning new souls to Christ?! This has been one of the most fantastic weeks of Bible Prophecy in over half a century! At 51 years old, I cant remember a time when there was so many COSMIC SIGNS OF CHRIST RETURN, than what has been seen in April 2014! We talked about all that on Part 1 and on todays episode, we picked it back up with TOPIC OF NEW DISEASES with MERS outbreak; YELLOW FEVER is back; 2000 Tubes of SARS virus are missing; EBOLA outbreak kills over 120; New Strain of EBOLA, not Zaire Strain; BABY PIG virus hits 93 farms in Michigan; More MUMPS & MEASLES in NYC; New MRSA Superbug in Brazil; Cat gives MENINGITIS to British Baby; Florida Orange Crop hit by CITRUS GREENING DISEASE. Then we discuss new FRANKEN FEATS of ARTIFICIAL BLOOD and CLONING STEM CELLS from Adult Males. Also look at latest updates on CYBORGS, ROBOTS, and TRENDS OF MAKING THE MARK OF THE BEAST! More updates on BIG BROTHER TECH! Also latest updates on the UKRAINIAN CRISIS and CHINA'S ISLAND DISPUTES! More Fukushima Failures to report! This weeks stats on MASSIVE WILD LIFE DIE-OFFS of the ongoing Hosea 4 Prophecy! All this and more in our SPECIAL WEEKLY REPORT, if its not covered on Part 2... GET IN THE KNOW!... STAY INFORMED!.. Call in during last 15 minutes @ 11:45 EST.  

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    ENCORE EPISODE of April 2014 Week 3 Part 2 (News You Can Use!)

    in Current Events

    Special ENCORE EPISODE of EASTER APRIL 2014 Week 3 in Review Part 2. If you missed the LIVE SHOWS of Part 1 & 2, here's your chance to catch up on all the MAJOR NEWS THAT YOU CAN USE to help you win new souls for Christ in these Last Days! These special Encore episodes have been edited and enhanced with SOUND EFFECTS and MUSIC that makes them a wonderful HOME BIBLE STUDY TOOL for you to use inviting your friends & neighbors over for a SPRING PICNIC! Thats what we did over 20 years ago in the Mosheim Meetings in Greeneville, TN and its great way to spread the gospel message about ENDTIMES SIGNS OF CHRIST SOON RETURN! It is most certainly the kind of NEWS YOU CAN USE to wake up new souls for Christ in this 11th hour! So wake some people up with Topics such as RISING NEW PESTILENCES & DISEASES W/O CURES such as the EBOLA epidemic, MERS, SARS, and others! Wake 'em up with FRANKENSTEIN FEATS of ARTIFICIAL BLOOD, CLONED ADULT STEM CELLS, and such like! Wake 'em up with CYBORG IMPLANTS & BIOMETRICS leading to the MARK OF THE BEAST! Wake 'em up with KILLER ROBOTS, LETHAL DRONES, and other Tech Threats, such as BIG BROTHER SYSTEMS of ALL-SEEING SPYING EYES! Wake 'em up with MAGOG RUSSIA & ASIAN EASTERN KING CHINA news updates, as they relate to the future BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON... ALL THIS & MORE ON TODAYS SPECIAL ENHANCED & EDITED EDITION of April 2014 EASTER Week #3 in Review!!... 

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