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    MS Awareness Month; Keep It Moving

    in Health

    Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been living with multiple sclerosis for many years, each person’s journey with MS is unique. Because of the complexity and uncertainty of the disease, it can be challenging to find information that is specific to one persons situation.

    As a person living with MS, the host of The Keep It Moving Blog Talk Radio Show, Nakikia "MSKeepItMoving"  recognizes the need to help other African Americans in the MS community find a clear, direct path to the information they need now to help them through the journey living with MS. Join her  on another episode of The Keep It Moving Blog Talk Radio Show as she shares her journey and provided education about MS. If you are someone you love is living with the disease, please join the open discussion to share your experience, provide encouragement and support others who are also fighting against the disease.

    Topics include:

    Information guiding newly or recently diagnosed individuals
    Resources to help strengthen the day-to-day management of MS
    Support services to address mobility, independence and caregiving needs
    Open discussion for those living or caring for someone living with MS (optiona)

    Call into the show at  773.897.6470 or click the link below.



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    Living For The City

    in Comedy

    On this episode of Pick Up The Pieces your hosts Z and the discuss our list of essential Black films. You can follow Z on Instagram and Twitter @Zoluwaseyi and Tam can be followed on Instagram @_The_Tam. Also, like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PickUpThePieces


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    Keep It Moving Blog Talk Radio; A Look Back

    in Health

    Join me MSKeepItMoving tonight at 8pm eastern time on The Keep It Moving Blog Talk Radio Show, A Look Back. If you missed any of the shows you can join in tonight for a brief overview of each episode and the special guests. If there is an episode that you really want to hear, no worries. Feel free to listen to playbacks of any or all episodes available. 

    So come on, join me as I take A Look Back on past episodes of The Keep It Moving Blog Talk Radio Show. Hear what you missed and about upcoming shows you won't want to miss out on! 

    Dial 773.897.6470

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    Moving In The Moment of Favor

    in Spirituality

    Don't delay but keep moving

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    Conversation Pieces discussses SAINT MONKEY by Jacinda Townsend

    in Current Events

    Conversations LIVE host Cyrus Webb and Brotha Magazine Editor-In-Chief Charles Clark come together on "Conversation Pieces" to discuss the book SAINT MONKEY by author Jacinda Townsend.

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    Amongst Friends: Picking up the Pieces

    in Entertainment

    Amongst Friends is a group of friends who get together to discuss the everyday nuances of life.  We talk about it all.  Love, Sex, Politics, TV, Movies, Education, Church!  Nothing is too taboo for this crew. This show will make you laugh, scream, gasp, think, wonder, and respond.  Come chat with us for a spell and LET IT ALL HANG OUT. Join us every Wednesday night @8pm and be Amongst Friends!!!

  • The Lilisa Show- Steps To Moving Forward

    in Motivation

    The Lilisa Show is a morning show that seeks to motivate it's listener to do BIG things in life. The show is produced, created and hosted by Lilisa J. Williams, MBA. Weekly topics are designed to help you get motivated to reach your personal, professional, entrepreneurial and Spiritual Success. Topics discussed on the show have been selected to bring you up to date info on how to make a success of your business and your life. Tune in Weekday mornings @ 7 am (est) for strategies that will help you stay empowered, inspired and motivated as an entrepreneur, professional, community leader and individual. The show is brought to you by PSUI. To listen or speak to the host call 347-945-7991.The show has been on the air since March 2008. Visit our website for FREE Stuff www.coachlilisa.com or go to www.release-your-power.com to order your book now!

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    Conversation-Pieces with Cyrus Webb and Charles Clark on Conversations LIVE

    in Books

    Welcome to this month's edition of "Conversation-Pieces" on Conversations LIVE with host Cyrus Webb and Brotha Magazine's Editor-In-Chief Charles Clark. This month's discussion is of columnist and author Charles M. Blow's FIRE SHUT UP IN MY BONES.

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    Moving On and How to Love/Trust Again and Answering Psychic Questions

    in Spirituality

    This episode continues with my love series.  This episode I will discuss moving on after a relationship has ended and how to trust and love again.  I did discuss the grieving process in a prior episode. This episode deals more with being able to love again.  Insecurities are brought into new relationships.  Sometimes it's not by you but rather your partner or someone that you want to start a relationship with. 

    Remember, love is patient and love is kind.  You might think that someone doesn't like you but rather it's not the case and it's because they have insecurites.  They are afraid to love again.  Sometimes you need to push them and be more of the agressor in the relationship.  

    I will discuss further in this episode and I will also take your psychic questions. They can be about anything. 

    For a detailed reading and a special priced reading of $30.00 please contact me at http://www.kasamba.com/psychic/mia0899cs. 

    If you are interested in following my psychic predictions about the world and the USA please visit me at http://www.youtube.com/mia0899cs.  I recently made a video of my visions regarding training exercises called Jade Helm 15 which will occur 7/15/2015-9/15/2015 in the Southwest. Two states specifically which are red States or "Hostile" States will be TX and Utah.  Martial Law is coming and I see this. 

    This will be followed by an economic collapse in September 2015.  

    I hope you listen to my show today. 

    Love and Light, 

    Cindy aka Mia0899cs



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    Don't Turn Around

    in Comedy

    On this episode of Pick Up The Pieces your hosts discuss racist frats, International Women's Day, Self Love and Rejection. You can follow Z on Instagram and Twitter @Zoluwaseyi and Tam can be followed on Instagram @_The_Tam. Also, like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PickUpThePieces                                                                                              

    Feedback is greatly appreciated!!!


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    Moving Spirits of Color

    in Culture

    Lela Aisha Jones and A. Nia Austin-Edwards speak about community it's organizing, creating a safe space, getting people involved in the Movement and much more

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