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    Your True Colours with Vintage Costume Jewelry

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    Carolyn Bendall, Fashion Critic and blogger (www.carolynbendall.com), discusses subjects, trends, or products within the beauty and fashion industry, focusing on Your True Colours, and how it applies to you, the individual.  

    Matt Burkholz is the author of three books on vintage costume jewelry and is the owner and operator of Route 66 WEST, in Palm Springs California. He is considered the leading dealer and authority on several  varities of highly collectible vintage costume jewelry and Bakelite.



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    Brombergs Jewelry- 1st Hour Brian Diamond Expert,2nd Hour Julia Registry

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    About Bromberg’s – Jewelry, Birmingham, AL


    When you’re searching for the perfect jewelry, Birmingham has trusted the experts at Bromberg’s for over a century. Family owned and operated since 1836, we have established our reputation as the one of the finest purveyors of quality diamonds, jewelry and gifts. We can help you find the perfect selection for all the most special times in your life, whether an engagement, wedding, anniversary, or other special occasion. If you are looking for quality jewelry stores in Birmingham, AL, Bromberg’s has you covered.

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    YTC Radio & Vintage Jewelry

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    Carolyn Bendall, Fashion Critic and blogger (www.carolynbendall.com), discusses subjects, trends, or products within the beauty and fashion industry, focusing on Your True Colours, and how it applies to you, the individual.

    Melinda L. Lewis is the author of The Napier Co.: Defining 20th Century American Costume Jewelry. As a jewelry historian, she has been involved with the online vintage costume jewelry community for the last 15 years, with a focus on The Napier Co. over the past 12 years.

    She is co-founder of Costume Jewelry Collectors Int’l (CJCI), an organization for collectors and dealers dedicated to the study of vintage costume jewelry which hosts an online venue for its members. She served as co-editor for CJCI’s quarterly magazine in 2010 and co-hosts annual jewelry conventions held in bi-annually in Providence, RI, alternating in even years in locations around the country.

    She curates a fine collection of vintage costume jewelry to bring to their clients at The Jewelry Stylist and Vintage Jewelry Collect.



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    Eugenia Lynne McMullin-Jewelry In Candles

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    We salute women in business Eugenia Lynne McMullin..

    All natural soy wax candles and tarts that come with YOUR choice of jewelry with anywhere between $10-$10, 000Tell us "Why" you represent the products you doMy family has very strict sensitivities so I strived to find something they could use to make their houses smell good without all the harmful chemicalsWebsitewww.jewelryincandles.com/store/eugenia-mcmullinGive us a Brief Bio about YourselfI'm a 24yr old SAHM of 2 beautiful children.  I have a 2.5yr old daughter and a 5 month old son. 
    My husband is a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom,  spending 14 months overseas in Afghanistan. 
    We currently made major move for our family.  Moving from Florida to Tennessee.  
    My husband quit his job and moved us up to be closer to my family without having a job waiting for him.  
    4 days later he had a job and I've been doing my best to get my business up and running  Facebook Page  Place an Order  Core Store Specials  Sponsor the Brian The Hammer Show Our Sponsor Loretta New Orleans

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    How to Sell Your Jewelry with FabOn5th.com

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    The holiday season is right around the corner. Are you prepared to purchase gifts for the entire family? If you're noticing that your holiday budget continues to shrink, consider selling your unworn jewelry. Andrew Fabrikant of Andrew and Peter Fabrikant or FabOn5th.com, nationwide estate jewelry buyers, will explain how you can sell jewelry to help your family this year. If you have estate jewelry or jewelry you no longer wear collecting dust in a safety deposit box, you'll want to tune in to this episode of Hilary Topper on Air! Learn how you can sell your jewelry for the best price possible. 

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    Metalsmith Benchtalk with Jewelry Artist Noël Yovovich

    in Art

    Our guest on Metalsmith Benchtalk on Thursday, November 20th, 2014 at 3:00 PST/ 6:00 EST is jewelry artist Noël Yovovich, a 2013 Saul Bell Award Finalist.Please join us for this live broadcast and participate by logging into the chatroom or by sending a message to the Whaley Studio’s Facebook Page.


    About: Noel Yovovich lives and works in Evanston, Illinois, but draws much of her inspiration from her childhood in rural Florida.  The locale was popular as an over-winter and retirement spot for traveling circus and carney performers. This colorful beginning was followed by study culminating in a B.A. in Fine Arts from the University of Chicago, and the professional pursuit of art ever since. Landscapes and intimate still-lives predominate in intricate jewelry, much of which uses carefully-controlled anodization of titanium, combined with sterling silver, plus gold, copper, and/or stones, to produce works with surprising detail and illusion of depth. Noël Yovovich has taught teens and adults for many years at the Evanston Art Center as well as the Bead & Button Show, BeadFests, and schools around the country.  President of the Chicago Metal Arts Guild, contributing editor of Art Jewelry Magazine and Lapidary Journal/ Jewelry Artist Magazine.

    For more info. please visit Noël’s website and Facebook page.


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    How To Remain Loving When The Love Is Gone

    in Radio

    Tonight we will discuss relationships and whether or not one should leave if they feel the love is gone. Is it ok to leave while married or in a committed relationship if your spouse is no longer showing love and interest? When is enough, enough?!

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    Allison Stackpole: BLO Vintage Jewelry - Every Breath Counts

    in Entrepreneur

    Steve Gordon and Dana Reeves will be talking with Allison Stackpole, founder and lead designer of BLO Vintage Jewelry, about how she got her start, where her inspiration comes from, the challenges - and joys - of having her pieces sold in retail locations nationwide, and the role philanthropy plays in her business.

    BLO Vintage is a unique Atlanta-based jewelry line that incorporates vintage and antique whistles, harmonicas, and pitch pipes into each piece, combining elements of design, history and personal safety. BLO Vintage offers five collections:  Breathe, Boheme, Harmony, Dream, and Pitch. Each design incorporates a vintage or antique whistle, harmonica or pitch pipe, varying from a beautifully crafted railroad station Masters's whistle, circa 19th century England, to a petite, sweet-sounding sterling silver toy whistle from America in the 70s. Designed with a sense of whimsy and combining form with function, BLO Vintage offers a truly unique experience for the wearer. Through her extraordinary line of one of kind pieces, Allison uses a variety of mixed metals, rich deerskins, vintage silks and organic stones which are all blended to enhance the history and personality of each unique piece. BLO Vintage is a proud supporter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

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    Christmas: God Will Supply All Of Our Needs

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    Tonight's Show Will Cover The Christmas And The Holidays. Christmas Has Very Much Evolved Throughout The Years And Many Think That It Is Too Commercialized. Would We As Christians (Knowing The True Reason We Celebrate) Be Willing To Stop The Gift Giving And Materialistic Aspects Of The Holiday? We'll Also Discuss The Happenings Of The Holidays, Like That One Relative Who ALWAYS Manages To Make A Scene. We'll Also Talk About Our Best And Worst Gifts, Traditions, And Food Of Course! Tune In Tonight For The Full Conversation!!!

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    Ferguson: Economic Strategies To Combat Racism

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    Tonight's Show Will Cover Recent Events Dealing With Ferguson, MO And The Killing Of Michael Brown And Other Similar Incidents. How Can We Combat Racism? Will It Ever Really End? Many Have Their Opinions On This Matter And Tonight We Want To Have This Discussion And Examine The Underlying Reasons For These Frequently Occuring Instances. Call In And Join In On The Convo!

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    Kept By God: Robe of Praise & Oil of Joy for Your Mourning

    in Christianity

    AJS Ministry

    Come and journey with me as I am lead by the Holy Spirit to share in the discovery of the mysteries and revelations of “The Tabernacle Dwells In You”. The primary focus is on the historical relationship and the role of the Old Testament Priest, High Priest and New Testament believers “Putting On The Whole Armor of God.” It highlights the importance of the OT Priest and NT believer’s responsibilities for the care, preparation and the process for entering the courts/presence of God through Jesus Christ.

    The divine instructions and processes on how to enter the presence of God through Jesus Christ today remains the same: come before the Lord’s court, into the Mercy Seat; to repent, confess, repent, pray, praise and worship the Lord Jesus Christ. The Tabernacle is God's meeting place dwells in the hearts of believers. The power of God, his Light, the Holy Spirit, must shine brighter today in the Body of Christ, to illuminate the fullness of truth and righteousness.

    There is so much pain, fear, doubt and despair in our communities, neighborhoods and the Nations. Nevertheless, there is Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ: The Tabernacle Dwells In YOU.” Jesus Christ has arisen and He now dwells in the Inner Spirit if you by faith can believe. Allow the Holy Spirit to reveal God's plans for your life.

    May God Bless You! Ministers Anton and Jennifer Seals


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