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    The LOUDnKLEAR Radio Show PREMIERE at the Mojo Motown Eatery

    in Indie Music

    Tonight is our premiere episode! We will be broadcasting live from the Mojo Motown Eatery and interviewing the artists performing at 'Industry Unleashed' presented by LOUDnKLEAR Entertainment.

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    Assassinations, Threats, & the American Presidency with historian Ronald Feinman

    in History

    Now in a groundbreaking new book, “Assassinations, Threats, and the American Presidency: From Andrew Jackson to Barack Obama” (ISBN: 978-1-4422-3121-4), historian Ronald Feinman investigates the countless assassination threats and attempts on 16 presidents, as well as three important candidates and five living presidents today, and how they were directly threatened with assassination, ranging from the first known threat to Andrew Jackson in 1833, to threats to Barack Obama in late 2014. Feinman elaborates on the six who were killed, three wounded, and ten unhurt as well as some failed attempts which could have resulted in fifteen different men becoming President of the United States.

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    WIIM Radio: November 1st Edition

    in Hockey

    Welcome back to another episode of WIIM Radio. This week we had me, Graham, and Jeff in a WIIM throwback edition with Michelle providing us a meaty helping of prospects news. You can listen to the episode via the embedded player above or download it from our Blogtalk Radio page.

    Here's the rundown:


    The Week that Was - We started off with the 1-2 shitshow to lead into everything else we wanted to talk about, so the loss to Carolina, the loss to Ottawa, and the win in Ottawa led things off for us as we reacted to those games.
    Latest Topics - Luke Glendening is back as the sacrificial lamb for the team's possession and it's absolutely terrifying. I try to put lipstick on a pig while fighting a person who isn't even here to defend himself. After we work through our feelings on that, we go over the defensive logjam and our wishlist for what will happen when the blue line is totally healthy.
    Tyler Bertuzzi and the Prospects Report - We lead into the prospects report with Tyler Bertuzzi talk after his two-game suspension, then hand it over to Michelle for a wide range of topics including that same play, Todd Nelson's mark on the Griffins, the scheduling oddities in the AHL, and the non-AHL prospects.
    Reader Questions - We were kind of light on questions, but still got a number of good ones in. Great work by our readers here.
    The Week Ahead - We'll take a look at the upcoming games for the Wings and give you the stone cold locks on what's going down.


    - - -

    As a reminder, WIIM Radio is always rated R. Prepare your earholes accordingly. Thanks!

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    Listen to WIIM Radio: Season Opening Edition

    in Hockey

    Welcome to a new episode of WIIM Radio! We've got Kyle, Graham, Joseph and me along with another fantastic prospects report from Michelle.

    Reminder: WIIM Radio is rated for adults. Please don't let babies listen to it if they've already been born. If unborn, please play this episode through a speaker played directly into the womb. This helps their development.

    At any rate, here's a rundown of topics we went over:


    The goaltending battle - Who won the right to start on opening night? Does it even matter who takes the first game?
    Building out from the blue line - Injuries in camp have changed things up, but how is the Wings' defense going to look this year? Can Quincey-Green cut it until DK gets back? Will Kronwall-Ericsson be able to handle tough duties? What's going on with the third pair?
    DYYYYYLLLLLLLAAAANNNNNNN LAAAAAAARRRRRKKKKIINNNNNNNN - Hey, have you heard of this kid? He's good huh? How good is he? What makes him special compared to the other well-performing prospects? What about the other forwards?
    Prospects report - Michelle gives us the scoop on the kids outside the Wings roster right now.
    Reader questions - This is where we circle back to your questions to make sure we haven't missed anything in a segment that includes Graham saying something mean about Andersson and Tangradi.

    Remember, you can download or listen to the episode via the link above or on our Blogtalk Radio page. You'll also be able to listen via iTunes by searching for Winging It In Motown there.

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    The Legacy Continues with Motown Records "The Originals"

    in Music


    The Originals often called "Motown's best-kept secret", were a successful Motown R&B and Soul group during the late 1960s and the 1970s. They worked continuously with recording artists such as Jimmy Ruffin, Stevie Wonder, David Ruffin, Marvin Gaye, Edwin Starr, and a list of other Motown artist. The Originals found their biggest success under the guidance of Marvin Gaye, who co-wrote and produced two of the group's biggest singles, "Baby, I'm for Real" and "The Bells".

    Hear the stories behind their success and enjoy the journey back to the days when the hits were rolling out of Hitsville, USA.

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    PWTorch Livecast - Wade Keller interviews Bockwinkel historian Mick Karch

    in Wrestling

    PWTorch editor Wade Keller welcomes back Mick Karch to the Livecast for a discussion on the late Nick Bockwinkel and other topics with your calls and emails to pwtorchlivecast@gmail.com.

  • WIIM Radio: Halloween Week Edition

    in Hockey

    Hello and welcome to this week's edition of WIIM Radio! This week we've got me, Kyle, Joseph and Michelle with us for the entire episode. Click on the player above to give a listen to this week's episode of WIIM Radio. Here's a rundown of what we covered:


    Wings Latest News - The injury bug is hitting pretty hard with Mike Green out for several weeks,Kyle Quincey day-to-day and Brad Richards currently status unknown. How screwed are we here and what's the roster plan? Is this playing into the problem with the Wings getting consistently outshot?
    The Week That Was - Three of six possible points in Western Canada is disappointing, but overall not disastrous. We covered how Detroit got to where they were after the Vancouver game and why the team is struggling.
    Prospects Report - Michelle gives us the rundown on the Griffins and their struggle starting off 1-5 with a talk about how the system is working before hitting on the prospects outside of Grand Rapids, followed by a rundown on James De Haas from Joe.
    Reader Questions - We got a lot of questions about our Pulkkinen and Jurco feelings, so we started off talking about that before hitting the real hard-hitting stuff about candy corn and how gross it is.
    The Week Ahead - WIIM gives you our stone cold locks for what's going to happen in the future. Fear our prowess.


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    WIIM Radio: Week of October 18th

    in Hockey

    We've got another episode of WIIM Radio to throw at your ears this week as me, Jeff, and Kyle ran a fairly tight show with Michelle adding in a great prospects report. Here's the rundown:


    The Week that Was - The Wings beat Tampa and then lost two games in a row. We go game-by-game on breakdowns and talk about what's going on, from the very good performance on Tuesday to the weekend shitshow that was.
    Overall Impressions - Detroit is getting badly outshot, both in not creating enough and not preventing enough, but we're only five games into the Jeff Blashill era. What's leading to the problems and how worried are we at this point? How would we change up the roster?
    Prospects Report - Michelle runs us through the Griffins' struggles, the players, and the kids playing elsewhere in this week's Prospects Report.
    Reader Questions - We frankly take way too much time answering things, meaning you all are very good at asking questions we don't think to answer early. Good job, you all.
    Looking at the Week Ahead - Heading into Western Canada, we'll tell you what's going to happen.
    Outro - I tell the story of an awful sandwich.

     A gentle reminder that WIIM Radio is rated for adults, so if you're teaching kindergarten, please play our podcast on full volume in front of your class. Kids should know about the Red Wings as soon as possible.

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    David Harvey~Paranormal Researcher/Archaeologist & Historian

    in Paranormal

    David Harvey is an independent paranormal researcher with extensive experience on residential cases and historic sites. David is the former historian and researcher for The Pasadena Paranormal Research Society, and the co-producer, co-host, and music director for Altered States Paranormal Radio Podcast http://aspararadio.wordpress.com/. David is also a member of The Paranormal Consultation Network:
     http://paranormalconsultationnetwork.wordpress.com/ David gives numerous lectures and radio interviews on the topic of the Paranormal and was the instructor in Fall 2012 for  “Things Shouldn't Go Bump in the Night: Paranormal Investigations in Museums and Historic Sites” for Museum Classes Online (http://museumclasses.org/). David has over 30 years experience in the museum and cultural preservation fields. He has been a museum blacksmith, an archaeologist, and historian. His long current career as a professional museum, art, artifact, architecture, monuments, and sculpture conservator and museum consultant with projects ranging from private collectors to major museums, city / state/ federal agencies, and a close encounter with the first artifacts that were raised from the RMS Titanic. David has been interviewed by NPR, “All Things Considered” and his historical research  was featured on a national PBS Show.

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    WIIM Radio: October 12

    in Hockey

    We're back with another episode of WIIM Radio now that the season has started. We have me, Jeff, Graham, and Joe talking Red Wings hockey and Michelle dropping the prospects report for us. Here's a rundown of how things played out:


    Dylan Larkin! - Jeff didn't want to wait to talk about the wunderkid so we led off espousing what makes the guy so special to the Wings and why we're all sporting massive Dylan Larkin banners.
    Setting the Roster - Hopefully the second-to-last time we ever have to speak objectively about Dan Clearys use to the Red Wings on ice, we go over what it means for him to have been waived and refuse assignment, as well as some other rosterbatory discussion.
    The Wings started off 2-0! - Breaking down the Toronto and Carolina games, we try to make excuses for why winning hockey games in which you get badly outshot isn't a portent of doom in early October and also congratulate some people on doing a good job.
    Prospects Report - The Griffins started off 0-2 in California, but Michelle gives us a really good rundown on why that's not a bad thing, as well as player-by-player evals for the BAM line. Then she goes on to discuss how our non-AHL prospects are doing, including some really promising stuff about the future of Detroit's blue line.
    Reader Questions - Did you ask a good question? We probably answered it! We were almost certainly polite about that too!

    As always, WIIM Radio is rated R. Sailors don't think it's a big deal and they seem like pretty cool people.

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    WIIM Radio: Early September Edition

    in Hockey

    Welcome to the first September episode of WIIM Radio! For this recording, we had Kyle, Joseph, Graham, and I on with a special appearance from Michelle to talk about the prospects. We're this close to meaningful hockey again and that can only mean one thing, talking about the last two weeks!

    Here's a rundown of what we had.


    Johan Franzen's status update since the last time we recorded was not promising.
    Dan Cleary went from rumor to actual signing and we still hate that move.
    Henrik Zetterberg diplomatically dropped the hammer on Babcock in a summer full of quotes from Wings players about the bygone coach.
    Dylan Larkin is going to be really good y'all. Get on board.
    Reader questions!

    Go ahead and give us a lesson via the embedded player above or right at our Blogtalk Radio page. You can also search us out on iTunes at Winging It In Motown. Thanks for listening and LGRW