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    allLEGACYaccess with guest: Motown Records first A&R Mickey Stevenson

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    Host: Charles I am branded Madison
    Guest: Mickey Stevenson

    Guest Mickey Stevenson has been granted
    Access to Nexxlegacy to discuss all new things
    Mickey Stevenson
    Celebrate what radio has to offer by calling in

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    The Miracle in Motown!

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    22 SportsTalk

    It was amazing! It was surreal! It was perfect! It was the single greatest ending to a game! Especially in a season where we have been teetering on mediocracy. There is no doubt that this year has been a roller coaster of emotions. One week we look like the Packers from the 70's & 80's and then the next week we look like a team from the 90's. Inconsistency should be painted in our endzone. On the other end: Perseverance. Cause just when you start to think we're down and out...We come back! And we do it big! Join me this week as we discuss the chaos that was the Packers v Lions game. We'll also hit on whats next for the Pack and what we can expect going into the finale of the season. And for you Badger fans...don't you worry...I will give my take on the Badger Basketball team & discuss the Holiday Bowl matchup against USC #LaterStave 

    Tonight on 22 SportsTalk:

    We talk PACKERS
    We talk SPORTS

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    For show appearances or general questions email me at: FThurston22@yahoo.com

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    EP215 Author & Historian Robert Buccellato Joins Kori on the Back Porch

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    Robert Buccellato is the Author of "Florida Governors Lasting Legacies", "Jimmy Carter in Plains the Presidential Hometown", and the forthcoming "Finding Dan McCarty."
    He is a Graduate of Florida State University and the Historian for the Clerk of Courts for Leon County, a position created for him by Clerk Bob Inzer. 

    The physical connections to most American presidents are deeply rooted in the past and unfamiliar. One can no longer see Washingtons birthplace or William Henry Harrisons log cabin. Plains, Georgia, is different, and the attachment Americans have for it remains truly unique. Jimmy Carter in Plains: A Presidential Hometown tells the inspirational story of how one man and his community transformed a nation. When Jimmy Carter, a one-term governor of Georgia, announced his candidacy for president, few took him seriously. Yet, in just two years, he managed to pull off a spectacular and unprecedented victory, thanks to his personal style of politicking and the support of his hometown. Many of his neighbors campaigned for him, and they became known as the Peanut Brigade. Crowds started to flock to the sleepy hamlet of Plains, making celebrities out of the candidates mother, younger brother, and daughter. The exceptional photographs of Charles W. Plant guide the reader through the 1976 election, which made Plains Americas hometown.

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    WIIM Radio: Post All-Star Break Edition

    in Hockey

    Welcome to a new episode of WIIM Radio. This time we had me, Jeff and Kyle only (RIP Graham) to cover the week where there were no Wings games to cover, but lots to talk about. Here's what we got into:

    The ASG Weekend and the amazing John Scott story - The NHL fell backwards into the best All-Star game I've ever seen. Trying to pick a favorite moment was like trying to pick a favorite kid (meaning you do it, but don't tell anybody because they'll judge you for it).
    Dylan Larkin's ASG Weekend - Hey we had a guy there and he caught everybody's eye with how good he is. Larkin rules.
    Can you recreate the Scott magic? Should you even try? - Nobody knew what was going to happen this year, but now there's a "script." Is it possible to have this happen again without it all coming across as hokey saccharine bullshit? I say no.
    The line combos - Luke Glendening practiced on the third line because of Sheahan's illness. Kyle tries to be ok with it and I say something mean to him because of it.
    The defense and the future of Kronwall - Detroit's de facto #1 defenseman isn't capable of doing that anymore. What can he still do for us and what's his future with the team?
    Prospects Report - Michelle runs us through all the goings-on with the prospects spread about the world.
    Reader Questions - Everybody's favorite segment covers all the great reader questions you left in our mailbag. No duck-sized Eric Tangradis this week, but we got some real good questions.
    The Week ahead - The Wings will play four more times before we meet again. How will they do in that time?

    - - -

    As always, WIIM Radio is rated R for clown groping and language.

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    OT - AWESOME Interview with Bestselling Author/Historian Professor John Ferling

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    John Ferling has authored some of the most important and impactful American history books of this generation.We spoke about his books Adams vs Jefferson, Independence, & Whirlwind.

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    John Ferling is the author of twelve books,most of which deal with the era of the American Revolution. His newest book, Whirlwind: The American Revolution and the War That Won It, was published in May 2015. It is his ninth book to be a History Book Club selection. 

    2 of his books have been prize winners. Almost A Miracle: The American Victory in the War of Independence (2007) and A Leap in the Dark: The Struggle to Create the American Republic (2003) won prizes as the best books of the year on the American Revolution.After teaching for nearly forty years, he retired in 2004 in order to devote more time to writing.

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    WIIM Radio Prospects Report: January 28th

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    If you've already listened to this week's episode of WIIM Radio, you'll have already noticed a bit of a hole in the middle of the show. We had a timing hiccup this week and couldn't get the prospects report cut into the main episode in time. We don't want you to miss out on it just to miss out though. What we've got here is this week's WIIM Radio Prospects Report. 

    In this report, Michelle runs down the Griffins' relative return to health and what kind of an affect those injuries have had on the team in the standings lately, since the Griffins have had kind of a roller coaster season so far.
    Vili Saarijarvi and the odd case of a bad Flint Firebirds team, along with the odd case of his juniors eligibility and potential for next season.
    Svechnikov is hot since returning from the World Juniors. We like hot.
    Joe Hicketts and his impact on the Victoria Royals
    Dominic Turgeon's offensive growth
    Axel Holmstrom's dominance in Sweden
    Ehn and Vahatalo
    Listener Questions: Mantha/Bertuzzi callups? What's the future for Frk?

    You can listen via the embedded player above or at our Blogtalk Radio page. You can also download straight from iTunes for listening as well. This episode is rated for everybody, so play it for your children's bowling league. 



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    WIIM Radio: Pre All-Star Break Edition

    in Hockey

    Welcome to our latest edition of WIIM Radio. This week we had me, Graham, Jeff and Kyle on to talk about the Red Wings and all things NHL for you. Here's a rundown of what we got into.

    The week that was, including the PRO-cess of the Wings - Detroit won two and lost two since we last talked. Surprisingly, the two wins were the games we deemed "good" while the losses were "bad." I promise we say smarter stuff than that in the episode though.
    The defense - How bad is Jonathan Ericsson? How good is Brendan Smith? What's going on with the pairings? There's always a lot to talk about when it comes to Detroit's blue line.
    Petr Mrazek and the end of the tandem - Has Mrazek's relative lack of games compared to other starters hurt is Vezina chances? How badly? We look ahead and try to guess at how many more games Howard will get.
    Dylan Larkin and the All-Star game - With our lone representative being an excitable 19-year old, are we more excited about this ASG than we have been in years past? The answer is of course we are!
    Reader Questions - You guys made a mess of the mailbag and we cleaned up after you. You're welcome. Also Nick asked the worst question ever and we answered it so hard that it just kind of made everybody mad. Good job there.
    Final thoughts - Why start thinking at the end? We were on a roll.

    - - -

    For the prospects report, we kind of missed the cut for the episode, but don't worry, we're going to be releasing that soon for your listening pleasure!

    As always, WIIM Radio is rated R for saucy puppetry and mild fucking language. 

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    Podcaster and Wrestling Historian Efren Guzman joins us live Tonight!

    in Wrestling

    Tonight we bring you podcaster and Wrestling Historian Efren Guzman to the show to discuss the happenings of the New York City Wrestling scene and how things are going on his show. Plus we review impact, raw, smackdown and all in between so make sure to not miss a moment! 

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    WIIM Radio: Western Road Trip Edition

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    Welcome to another episode of WIIM Radio. The Wings are out West, but we're all together in the studio pumping out quality online podcast content for your listening pleasure. We went a bit old school tonight with me, Kyle, Jeff, and Graham chewing the fat that is the ass of the Red Wings lately. Here's what we went over:


    The Kings loss and the road trip - The Wings had a loss coming, so we're not terribly bummed out by the loss in Los Angeles. Hopefully the loss will reset the less-than-stellar play leading up to it.
    The cap situation - Elliotte Friedman explained what Ken Holland meant about the "$66M" cap in regards to the timing of Pavel Datsyuk going on LTIR. We try to make sense of it all in regards to what exactly they can and can't spend.
    Drew Miller tinfoil time - If he gets a contract this summer, you know for damn well certain it has something to do with the timing of his torn meniscus. I'm not saying, I'm just saying...
    Kyle Quincey, playing seven defensemen, and Smith sucked again - What is the plan for the defense going forward and what was the plan for the defense on Monday night? Should Kyle Quincey get pillow-soft usage? Should the pairings be mixed again? Will I ask any more rhetorical questions where the obvious answer is yes? Tune in and find out.
    WTF Gustav Nyquist - 10 games without a goal and only 16 shots on goal during that period. What the hell, man?
    Prospects Report - Michelle walks us through all the happy-haps in prospects land, including what's going down with the Griffins of late.
    Reader Questions - You asked a bunch of good questions and we gave probably 80% good answers. That's pretty efficient if you ask me.
    The week ahead - Listen to Jeff crap on all your dreams.

    As always, WIIM Radio is rated R.

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    OT: One-on-One Interview with Historian and Bestselling author Thomas Fleming

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    There is no such thing as a bad experiecne with Tom Fleming.  His library of books are amazing and bring history to life in a way that few can.  This time around we discussed The Great Divide: The Conflict between Washington and Jefferson that Defined a Nation.

    1st interview with Tom Fleming

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    Background on The Great Divide:

    Thomas Fleming’s The Great Divide observes America’s earliest era through a lens that looks beyond her bloody struggle with Great Britain to investigate the internal animosity between two highly respected Founding Fathers. Jefferson strongly disagreed with Washington’s negative opinion of the French Revolution, which Jefferson wholeheartedly supported regardless of moral concerns over its violence. But their most contentious debates were about the most powerful office in the country: the presidency. The results of this dispute have left fingerprints on the face of American politics today.

    The Great Divide explains why and how the two greatest founders disagreed so intensely about so many issues, and ended their lives enemies rather than friends. At least as intriguing is the way James Madison began as Washington’s advisor, then became, thanks to Jefferson, the President’s toughest critic—and at the end of his life returned to Washington’s side.