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    Today In Bible Prophecy Radio/ Near Death Experiences, are they biblical?

    in Religion

    August Rosado of Today In Bible Prophecy Ministries comes to you every Saturday at 2:30 PM (EST) as he covers world events in light of Bible prophecy and the soon return of Jesus at the Rapture of the Church. August Rosado studies the prophetic Word of God for it's plain sense literal meaning. He was a student of the late Zola levitt of Zola Levitt Ministries and a Graduate of the Institiute of Jewish Christian Studies. He was also a student of Dr. Ed Hindson and gradauted from Liberty University (King Is Coming College), and is a student of Dr. Jimmy DeYoung and the School of Prophets. August travels the US speaking at Churches on current events and prophecy related to Jesus soon return. Tune in and call with Q/A toll free 1-877-659-8944 or type a question in the chat room. Send an e-mail question at august.todayinbibleprophecy@gmail.com . Visit his website at www.todayinbibleprophecy.org and join him on his Israel Prophecy Tours.

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    "Dying to Fit In" Erica McKenzie on Near Death Experiences & Dialogues with God

    in Self Help

    Near Death Experience and dialogues with God while clinically dead startle readers of Erica McKenzie's book, "Dying To Fit In" as detailed in this hour interview on Dr. Carol Francis Talk Radio.  Binge eating, bulimia, diet pills, anorexia, the unnatural urge to be unhealthily skinny --these practices drive many women into the darkest of secret pathways, leading to emotional and physical death.   Why would women so disrespect, even hatefully treat their bodies and risk everything because skinny becomes their self-defined trophy or proof of being worthy?   Erica McKenzie explains this frightening trap of "thin means beauty" from her own dreadfully harried eating, purging, diet pills craze, and starvation journey into death.   Erica McKenzie then reveals her miraculous journey into God's very threshold while clinically dead.  Share her many dialogues with God about human worth, self-respect. love and freedom to honor self and others with trememdous depth in this interview.   Following the trials detailed in this quick and moving book "Dying to Fit In,"  this interview with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Carol Francis and author Erica McKenzie expounds on further profound truths which will help listeners view life from genuine and healthy perspectives instead of the chains of bodily torturous starvation, purging, and weakening slow death.  

     Dr. Carol Francis, Psychologist, Marriage Counselor, Family Therapist and Hypnotherapist, can be reached through drcarolfrancis.com or 310-543-1824  and her book "If You Can't Stop Eating, Maybe You're Hungry:  Reset Your Cravings"  


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    MXMGBTR - 09/21 "True Life Experiences," TEST

    in Motivation

    A show dedicated to "True Life Experiences."

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    MXMGBTR - 09/25 "True Life Experiences," Host Jazz' Jai

    in Motivation

    A show dedicated to "True Life Experiences."

    MINGXMEDIAGROUPBTR - Leading the way for future leaders of America!

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    Aug. 25, 2015, 10pm (PDT) - Near Death Experiences with Diane Corcoran

    in Paranormal

    Diane Corcoran, R.N., Ph.D. Col. USA (Ret) is the current (2012) president of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) organization. She received her Ph.D in Nursing management from the University of Texas in 1981.

    Corcoran became interested in near-death phenomena in 1969, as an army field nurse in Vietnam, when injured soldiers first started telling her about them. She left the military to pursue her doctorate at the University of Texas at Austin and to continue her interest in near-death phenomena-- particularly as experienced by soldiers and by children. Corcoran is a contributor to When Ego Dies: A Compilation of Near-Deathand Mystical Conversion Experiences and the lead investigator in the Combat Veteran NDE Project.

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    MXMGBTR - 09/23 "True Life Experiences," Host Jazz' Jai

    in Motivation

    A show dedicated to "True Life Experiences."


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    Luis Minero, Out-of-Body Experiences Expert

    in Spirituality

    As President of the International Academy of Consciousness and Author of the book Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience, he has taught courses on out-of-body experiences, paranormal phenomena, and spiritual growth in cities worldwide.

    Luis shares his many adventures with OBE's, starting with when he first left his body at age 12.

    His stories include how he could "fly" to have shared experiences with friends across the country, how he was escorted by spirit guides to other dimensions to assist other non-physicals, how he learned what happened in between physical lives, how he contacted a relative who had passed on, and how he learned to assist others - all while "out-of-body."

    As one of the foremost authorities on the paranormal and Out-of-Body experience worldwide, Luis relates his first-hand experiences on life beyond physical death, how our past lives can affect our present life, and the role that developing our cosmo-consciousness can play in our future lives.

    He also shows how anyone can have an OBE.

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    Review of Magnolia Motor Speedway Late Model and NeSmith Street Stock Action

    in Sports

    7:00 – "Double E" Evan Ellis - Double Win NeSmith Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series at Magnolia Motor Speedway

    7:10 – Magnolia Motor Speedway “Mr. NeSmith Performance Parts Street Stock” Justin McRee

    7:20 – The 2015 NeSmith Performance Parts Street Stock Division National Champion Richie Stephens

  • MXMGBTR - 09/30 "True Life Experiences," Author LaSuria Kandi-Kane Allman

    in Motivation

    A show dedicated to "True Life Experiences." The Life & Motivation of Author LaSuria Kandi Allman. "Kandi" is the daughter of Civil Rights Activist & Icon Ms. Mamie King-Chalmers, and the Author of "Her Stolen Pride & Pride Restored." A True Nubia Talk Show Host, Producer, Author, Publisher, and Manager.

    Kandi Kane just released a new urban book - "What People Do For Money?" Do you feel the impending doom like I do? Kandi wrote this book under her pseudonym, but her book about her mother’s true "Civil Rights Movement Story," tells the reader about the hoses that was turned on her mother, and the aftermath following in Detroit during the 1960’s. As an author, she writes as #LaSuriaKandiceAllman - "Her Stolen Pride," she suggest is a heroin’s tale." 

    MINGXMEDIAGROUPBTR - Motivating & Inspiring the Next Generation - X, through "True Life Experiences," we are leading the way for future leaders of America!

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    Mr. Brett A. Scudder presents Lived Experiences: Life After Suicide Attempt

    in Lifestyle

    Mr. Scudder is a suicide attempt survivor who has lived through various life challenges that challenged his beliefs, faith, family, lifestyle, perceptions and overall wellness. Through his challenges and struggles, he found important lessons about life, people, self and society that allowed him to change the ways he lived his life after his attempts, how he engaged with people, and how he recovered. While he still faces suicide ideations every now and then, he is able to more effectively overcome the challenges and move past them from the lessons learnt and self-care he practices.

    He will be talking about his lived experiences and how he had to not only change his lifestyle but also the ways he looked at himself, loved ones and society. People think that because the attempt failed a person can just get back to living their life normally and not have further emotional challenges or distress, and that is far from true. Life can get harder, more challenges and a person can develop physical health complications from their emotional distress if not treated or addressed properly.

    Thankfully, from his challenges and lived experiences he created the Scudder Intervention Services Foundation, Inc "SISFI" and The Suicide Prevention Institute of which he leads with the passion, commitment, compassion and dedication of a survivor who has lived with and through emotional crisis and distress from life challenges. This allows him to make real humane connections with the people he works with that reaches out to him for help, support, counseling and care. Sometimes people call in for services and asks specifically for him and if not available they wait for him to be because they heard about him and how he works with people.

    Tune in and help to raise the awareness about depression, life challenges and suicide. We are grateful for him in sharing these important lessons for people to learn from, heal and recover.

    Thank You. One Love.

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    MXMGBTR - 09/17 "True Life Experiences," Poet/Author #D.D.Bard

    in Motivation

    D.D. Bard, a native of the Bay Area in N. California, is a College and Pro Sports Injury Rehab Therapist/NMR Practitioner and Health Educator. The majority of her time is spent making a difference in her community by working with individuals with pre-existing injuries to achieve their goals whether it's fitness or health. She also locally volunteers for charity events within her industry. Her long term goal is becoming an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist to train athletes with pre-existing injuries. Aside from her professional career, D.D. Bard is a former dancer, lover of music and an author and poet of her newly released poetry book, "Because The Cellos Played". The book is about the poetic expressions of what love feels like between two soul mates. The story behind the title of her book she says, "was the epiphany of the concept that one knows it's love because the cellos finally played within them."

    MINGXMEDIAGROUPBTR - We are Motivating & Inspiring the Next Generation, through "True Life Experiences," Live on BlogTalk Radio!

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