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    Win The Race of Life with Author Nadine Lajoie

    in Motivation

    Ms. Lajoie brings unparalleled dynamism, focus, discipline, and vision to every accomplishment — including having been named a Top-10 volleyball player at the Canadian Nationals, before injuries compelled her to change direction.  In 1999, Ms. Lajoie began a course of personal and spiritual development at The Institute for Personal Growth, under the direction of Annie Marquier in Quebec, Canada.

    In 2001, she bought herself a motorcycle for pleasure, and two years laterstarted motorcycle racing for sport. In 2007, she secured a Third-place finish at Daytona Raceway, against 75 men and scored 9th overall in the WERA National Championship in the USA.

     In 2008, Ms. Lajoie formed her own real estate investment firm, Nadynn International Inc., which operates in four states with four partner teams. Her rapid success led her to greater financial independence, while enabling her to help other investors and partners to achieve their own financial goals. For more than a decade, Ms. Lajoie has enjoyed a journey of personal and spiritual growth.

    After purchasing a recreational motor home, Ms. Lajoie set off on a solo tour of 21 of the United States. During her unique journey, she expanded her professional network with a team of nationally recognized advisors who helped propel her to greater success.

    In 2010, she signed a contract with Tendril Press to author her first solo book, Win the Race of Life at 180 MPH! with Balance and Passion. This book is written to inspire teens and adults to stay engaged with life and believe in themselves while racing toward their dreams.

    www.keepdreamingkeepliving.com  Nadine's website

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    Attending Events with your Dog: tips for success and our visit to Okotoks, AB

    in Pets

    PAWsitive Radio hosted by Team Toby. Join Host Charmaine Hammond, professional speaker, bestselling author and president of Team Toby.

    PAWS Across Canada Tour Pet Friendly Adventure was a Team Toby dog friendly adventure focussed on building a kinder Canada one paw one person at a time. Today we'll talk about attending events with your dogs and tips to make these events successful.  We'll also talk about our visit to Okotoks, AB during our PAWS Across Canada Tour.

    Follow the tour live as it happened via Team Toby's Twitter Feed: https://twitter.com/TeamToby2  To find out about PAWS Across Canada Visit our Facebook Page  https://www.facebook.com/TheOriginalTeamToby or watch the video at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlSAQLlA5l4    To order a copy of Toby’s books, or find out more about Charmaine and Team Toby, visit www.TheOriginalTeamToby.com

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    Discover The Hidden POWER of Your Mind

    in Business

    Learn how to grow you mind and your life with Joan Moran. Joan is a LIfestyle Leader and Minset Expert. She will teach you how to unleash your limitess creativity and potential. She shares profund wisdom on how to tap into the potential that lies dormant inside of you. You don't want to miss this fascinating talk! 

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    in Lifestyle

    Join us in a discussion on depression and how to deal with life when it gives you lemons.  Our special guests incude Superstar Lj Ugarte, Actor Jorge Ortiz, Author and Motiviational Speaker Dr. Jenn Alves DPT, Director, Producer, Actor and Humantarian Gerry Orz, Actress Maria Stall, Bully Prevention Advocate Tigerman and Actor Michael Mathis. Call in to speak live at 718.766.4494

    Love All Humans Hosts: Shawn & Tracy Williams

    Junior news team: Gerry Orz & Minay Matthews

    News Team: Larry D. Ragland Jr., Tara Bre, Mir Waiss Najibi & Melissa Santos


    Advertisers: Advertise with us for only $25 per episode for
    a 60 second commercial and get mentioned 3 times per 1 hour and a half show. Reach our listeners and reach more listeners through our archives on Blog Talk Radio - Love All Humans.

    Email your info to: join@loveallhumans.com

    Or Call 562.283.3115

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    POSITIVE PERSPECTIVES Living With & Healing Allergies

    in Spirituality

    Psychic Medium Melinda Carver welcomes Camille Jarmusz "Living With & Healing Allergies".  Camille returns to the show to provide YOU with a biomedical home intervention, advice & tips to heal your allergies.  Learn how to alleviate your allergies naturally!  Do you want a chemical free house?  What should you do to clean your home?  How does eating organic food, and going dairy & gluten free affect your allergies?  What does it cost to make these environmental & diet changes? Will your kids like it?
    Camille Jarmusz is the founder & CEO of Natural Image Skin Care.  Her biomedical & nano-technology products are available through TV, online, spas, holistic centers & expos.  Camille is an international speaker, motiviational coach, and educator.
    Twitter:  @PsychicMelinda
    Brian Henke provides the show's music. http://www.brianhenkeguitarist.com

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    Blogtalkradio host/ Motiviational speaker DYNAMIC Daphne stops by AHWV

    in Women

    She is a life force and powerful voice on the airwaves across America. Join TV Journalist Victoria Gaither and Entertainment Co-Host Michael Kay as we chat with Daphne Clarke-Hudson. When Daphne speaks people listen. You don't want to miss this show. For more information check out her show on BTR.

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    Diving 4 Success: It's Time to Go Deep!

    in Lifestyle

    There are some people who love to throw around their intellect because it makes them appear "Deep".  But this show is not about that!  We are here to discuss how success and going deep (getting serious about your life) go hand in hand. It's time to take off your snorkeling gear and put on your scuba equipment and dive into you purpose...your life!
    Join Angela and Elise as well as special guest motivational speaker and author of the book, Secrets to Success, Eric Thomas to share ways on how to go deeper in order to take your dreams, goals, relationships and careers to the next level.  We will share with you principles from the article,Going Deeper In Your Relationship with God at www.crosswalk.com. to going deeper so that you can discover the many treasures God has in store just for YOU!
    In addition, we will have an up close interview with, Daryl Dudley of Dudley B Sharp Music Academy and I Got the Truth Ministries, one of P.A.C.K. Promotional Management clients. And we have a new "Ask the Doctor" segment where you can ask questions regarding healthy living.
    But that's not all, we are giving away prizes to our loyal listeners and debuting new music from Carmen Calhoun:-)
    So mark your calendar and tune in for another thought provoking conversation with Angela and Elise on Life Happens! So what are you going to do about it? 
    The number to call is 917-889-3810 or click on the link.  Can't wait to hear from you!

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    Death By Medicine / Life By Wellness with Dr. Richard London

    in Self Help

    “LETS TALK LIFE!” says Dr. Richard London, physician, world renowned author and wellness consultant. “Do I want death by medicine? Or life by wellness?. We all have a choice.”  “Health and wellness have changed drastically over the past quarter century” Dr. London points out. “I notice that television viewers are regularly being admonished to ‘ask your doctor about…’ whatever the latest made-up malady a pharmaceutical is alleged to ‘cure’.”“It is not pharmaceuticals that cure maladies in the world today,” Dr. London continues. ”It is a known fact that conventional medicine kills more people every year than drunk drivers and wars according to statistics.”  Dr. Londonis the Leading Visionary Manifestation Intelligence Coach in the World.“People today are skeptical about what the future holds for their health, and that of their family,” Dr. London said. “As a physician, a visionary and a life coach, I can both tell them what the future has in store for humans, and what they can do for their greatest benefit. How they can choose Life.” “The solutions for improved wellness have changed,” Dr. London stated. “21st century solutions to wellness that work can be achieved easily, and everything in this life really can be EASY” said Dr. London, creator of a visionary new life path he calls the Wellnessaire Life Program. “This life path will rapidly lead its participants to wealth and wellness in every area of their life” he concludes.

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    no limit radio show

    in Religion

    empowerment and inspiration in one hour

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    The Amazing Fran Capo

    in Comedy

    Fran Capo is a stand up comic, motivational speaker, TV host, 14 time author, adventurer who has bungee jumped, eaten fire, climbed Kilimanjaro and gone down to the wreck site of the Titanic. She is also a 5 time world record holder, most known as the Guinness Book of World's records fastest talking female clocked at 603.32 wpm. She has appeared on over 350 television shows and 3600 radio shows. To learn more about Fran go to her website, www.francapo.com or follow her adventures on Facebook/francapo. SHe has a new book out called, It Happened in New York City, 23 chapters about crazy stories in the big apple. http://www.eventbrite.com/event/336925754/Presenters/3427559131

    Fran Capo, the GUinness Book of World Records Fastest talking female, comedienne, 14 time author, spokesperson and 5 time world record holder is the keynote motiviational speaker at the Powermastery Weekend on April 17 & 18th in Bear Mountain. She will be doing her talk humorous, yet informative talk: Creativity in Marketing. To find out more go to the link below. To find out more about Fran go to www.francapo.com

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    Daily Inspirations

    in Social Networking

    Scripture reading,self-help tips,meditations