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    Karith Foster - Humorist, Motivational Speaker, TV Personality on Diversity

    in Entrepreneur

    Karith Foster, Humorist, motivational speaker, TV & radio personality, actress, author, blogger and entrepreneur are all titles fitting for Karith Foster. She is one of the hottest comics to come out of NewYork City according to both The Hollywood Reporter and Backstage Magazine who named her one of the “Top 10 Comics to Watch.” She has made a name for herself as national headliner for being a clean, funny African-American comedian. Karith travels nationally and abroad bringing humor and inspiration to all of her audiences.?

    For nearly a decade Karith Foster has taken her passion for entertaining and critical thinking nationwide: from the airwaves to organizations; from universities to corporations creating a seismic shift in mindsets when addressing issues of diversity and inclusion.

    The former co-host of controversial radio personality Don Imus and former Fortune 500 human resources executive administrator brings the perfect blend of knowledge and experience when conveying the ever-present need to address diversity. Karith leaves her audience feeling inspired and encouraged to commit to the journey of mutual respect, acceptance and a greater sense of belonging. Karith.com

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    Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker Ileaa Swift

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    Ileaa Swift is a Arkansas native and Entrepreneur who is changing the lives of others around the world through her platforms in travel and motivational speaking. She is a business maven and successful business owner with over 10 certifications in travel and language including being a Certified Travel Agent. She is also a Wife, Entrepreneur, Author, Travel TV Personality, Life Motivational Speaker for youth, women and entrepreneurs, Owner of TG travel inspired jewerly line, Owner of Girls with Goals Entrepreneur Branding Program, Owner of Swift Travel Deals USA and Swift Travel Deals International global travel agency, Owner of Islandy by Ileaa travel inspired perfume fragrance, Owner of ReadytoSeeTheWorld.com (private tour groups by Swift Travel Deals) and Author of "25 Tips to Start Your Career in Entrepreneurship".

    Ileaa has been featured in over 100+ news and media features in over 15 different countries including major news outlets such as ABC News, Yahoo UK, India and Singapore, Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Celebrity Philippines, MSN, CNBC, NBC, The New York Times (twice), The Associated Press and USA Today to name a few.

    She prides herself on being a leader who creates leaders and not followers and she is determined to inspire and empower others focusing on women empowerment and motivating the youth and other entrepreneurs. She is determined to help others, inspire travel and  intentionally change the world for the better. www.swifttraveldeals.com


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    Motivational Monday- This Is What You Were Made For!

    in Motivation

    Nick and Erik In the Monin are back with another Black History Month Motivational Monday. This week Nick and Erik will be joined by the work of two great artist and staples in the African American culture. Common and John Legend. This BHM episode will be a classic that you dont want to miss. Tune In.

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    Lisa Semien Motivational Speaker

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    Lisa Semien is an acclaimed Motivational and Keynote Speaker, Moderator, Trainer, Minister, Psalmist, and Mentor. Lisa Semien is a lover of God, life and people. She has an innate passion to inspire people globally with hope, empowering them to walk in their divine assigned destiny. Lisa’s PASSION to inspire others was birthed from a depth of PAIN which eventually led her in great PURSUIT of her PURPOSE. Lisa believes there is a divine purpose in one’s pain, and all things have a way of working itself out for good. By Walking in Destiny, Lisa has embraced her life’s experiences and now willing shares her transparent testimony with the world. Lisa is empowered to make positive and significant deposits in the lives of other’s. Her sincere heart’s desire is to stir up hope within people, activating direction and teaching others how they too can learn to Walk in Destiny. 

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    The Motivational King Show Presents The Power Of Intention Versus Pretension

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    In this long overdue episode we will discuss the hard to deal with past intentions and with what we often pretend we are at a level or place we are truly not. We must be honest with ourselves and not belittle or attempt to destroy others because of our lack of happiness due to our inaction to peform to get the desired results. The Motivational King will dive deep into this discussion to make a difference in the lives of those that will hear the message. 

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    Motivational Monday- Are You Tired Yet?

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    Its Motivational Monday!! Its also Black History Month and Nick and Erik in the Monin will be disecting a great quote from none other than the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This will be a great episode. It will be rich which motivation, passion and liberation. One that will fuel growth, equality, but mose of all, GREATNESS! Tune In, this is an episode you dont want to miss.

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    Quarantine Radio Interviews Motivational Speaker Ryan Doizer

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    Quarantine Radio's ILL McKenzie speaks to Ryan Doizer who has raised his voice to inspire and empower others to become the leaders, powerbrokers and pioneers hidden within, he reconciled with himself and forgave others who paved his path of mediocrity from childhood to adulthood. Dozier’s message is one of universal appeal, powerfully and magnetically delivered by the educator, husband, father and spiritual leader whose story of personal transformation reminds audiences words help and hurt lives, forgiveness is a breakthrough to better and mediocre is never appropriate. He recounts how forgiving his fourth and fifth grade teachers for expressing low expectations of him in him and his parents necessary to finally unveil the Ryan Dozier who, instead, is driven to achieve and succeed. With brutal honesty, Dozier turns a mirror to himself to reveal how he freed himself of inner by forgiving himself for allowing others’ words stifle his dreams for so long.

    Tune in to hear more about his movement while listening to the best of Indie music

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    Bathsheba Smithen ~ Recording Artist, Motivational Speaker

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    Simply put, Bathsheba Smithen is a quadruple threat. A lyricist, educator, recording artist and motivational speaker, Bathsheba is gifted beyond her years. Her life’s story reads like a Lifetime Movie, but she’s taken the trials and learned from them. She’s turned her struggles into strengths and found out who she is

    in the process. Most importantly, she’s on a mission to inspire, educate and empower those who tussle with their identity unaware of the greatness God has placed within them. Using faith as the backdrop and music as the soundtrack, Bathsheba released her first recording and accompanying concept music video called “Let’s Get It Rockin’”. A mixture of rap and what Bathsheba calls “neo rock”, the track captures the motivation she wants to pass along to all within earshot. Clearly, a nimble poet, Bathsheba Smithen is set to change the world with her gift for words and passion for change.She says, “I have seen that many people don’t know who they are. Many are lost and operating out of the fact they don’t know who they are. It took me a long time to navigate my own complicated family situation and find myself. In my music, I aim to talk about the root of people’s identity issues by highlighting the symptoms.” Through her music, Bathsheba desires to enlighten people and help them see the beauty God created when He made them. 

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    Model and Motivational Speaker Clarisa Velazquez stops by #ConversationsLIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes model and motivational speaker Clarisa Velazquez to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss what it's been like to do what she loves and to show others how they can feel good in the skin they are in. The two will also discuss what keeps her motivated, how she balances work and home and what's coming up next for her. 

  • Conversation with Author and motivational speaker Dana LaMon & Rodger Cota

    in Motivation

    Join the conversation with Dana LaMon and Rodger Cota on Sunday October 18th, 2015 at 8:00pm pdt

    The District One Fall Conference gets more exciting by the minute!
    Tonight¹s radio spot features the esteemed Dana LaMon, author and
    motivational speaker, 1992 World Champion of Public Speaking, who has
    been blind since childhood. Dana is a featured presenter at the Fall
    Conference on November 21. Get a preview tonight and find out why we¹re
    so happy he¹s coming!

    Music from:http://www.bensound.com  

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    in Motivation

    Edward C. Williams

    Edward C. Williams is a passionate speaker and empowerment coach as well as youth advocate. His mission in life is to empower others to embrace their own greatness and tap into the power within to live the life they were truly meant to live. Edward has over 15 years coaching, mentoring and speaking sharing his positive message of hope and purpose to the masses. Edward is a father of two young men so he knows the importance of teaching and mentoring our youth so they can have a better chance of a productive life. He is also one of the founding members of the Men of Vision a group of speakers and mentors committed to improving the lives of males and to show them through collaboration they can be the leaders in society they were meant to be.   This five-man team are made of powerful speakers, authors and coaches from around the country. As author of the bestselling book Living A Powerlife 365. Edward travels the country sharing the 7 principles to live a powerlife and the power proverbs you need to live a life of propose and service.

    Motto: If you have nowhere to go in life, you're already there

    Edward brings pure heartfelt passion to the stage and he will not only inspire, empower and motivate the audience but he will encourage them to take action. He will keep them engaged and entertained . His speeches and programs are practical and easy to implement.

    To book Edward C. Williams

    Contact him at 678-437-5367

    E-mail Williams.powerlife@gmail.com    Facebook: Edwardpowerlife

    Twitter: EdwardCWilliams   Business page; The powerlifecoach