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    Applewhite Production Saturday Special

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    Applewhite Production Saturday Special 

    Hosted By-Edwin J Applewhite From Applewhite Production!

    Guest Interview With Derek Damian Who  singing background comes from his father Harry Elston which was part of an old school group called the "Friends of Distinction" whose hits included the original "Going In Circles", and “Grazing in the Grass”, which has been used in many movies and commercials. He is constantly producing new R&B songs and hip hop tracks. Music is Derek Damian’s life, passion, and heart.

    n December 2011 Derek Damian's Album "Destined For Greatness" was released to the masses, his music is available on over 35 different online music stores including itunes, emusic, and amazon.com, various reviews from buyers have also given Derek Damian compliments like, He has a Golden Voice, He is a New Revelation in music and his vocals are the truth! In March 2011 Derek was contacted on website ReverbNation.com The UK Soul Charts with Mr. JL Jamz,Independent Radio in the United Kindom, who informed Derek Damian that he was on the charts and requested an interview, and from this broadcast Derek has soared up the charts and surpassing some great names in 2 months from #30 all the way to #5 ( March to April). During that time Derek Damian has shared the charts and with R Kelly, Eric Benet, Mint Condition, Kelly Price, Glady's Knight, and Marcia Ambrosias.
    In March 2012 Derek Damian landed an instrumental he produced called "Mind Xntrol" on the 2011/2012 Snowboarding DEW Cup World Champion Louie Vito's Nike Shoe Collection Video! Amazing instrumental that captures the essence of sports. Recently My his "Watcha Wanna Do" Was nominated for an MP3 Music Award JSB Award in the Soul/Jazz Catagory October 2012. Thank You to all the fans and music lovers who voted. Thank You 

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    Applewhite Production After Twelve! Is A 15min Show,That Consist Of Music,Plus Information On Events,And Industry Opportunities! Hosted By Edwin J Applewhite aka Edw1n From Applewhite Production

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    Gods kingdom In Motion

    in Religion

    A broadcast that reveals the principals of Gods kingdom

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    unknown production

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    always moving up

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    Glitz And Glamour - Idolizing Someone's Relationship Based On A Picture

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    Model Angela, Desi, and Houston ReRe go in with weekly gossip, caller feedback, and more! Also call-in to discuss this week's topic at 347-202-0389.

    Featured Topic: "Idolizing someone's relationship based on a picture good or bad?"

    Have A Topic You Want The Team To Talk About? Contact Them At: https://www.facebook.com/GlitzAndGlamourRadio

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    BLAST MOTION Bat Swing Sensor & GREG MICELI from Tampa Bay Softball

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    Donovan Postrollo from BLAST MOTION Bat Swing Sensor & GREG MICELI from Tampa Bay Softball


    BLAST MOTION is a Bat Swing Sensor that gives you a lot of great information about your swing.  Including Swing Speed, Direction, etc.


    Greg Miceli is back to talk about Tampa Bay Softball and their first few events with ISPS.

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    The Bigger Picture with Timothy Spangler: Dec 14 Hour 1

    in Politics Conservative

    Kim Kardashian is going to Saudi Arabia!

    Rumors are circulating that she has accepted a longstanding invitation from a Saudi prince to spend an evening with him in exchange for $1 million.

    An indecent proposal, perhaps? 

    Although a frequent visitor to glitzy Dubai, Kim's other trips to the region have not always gone well. In 2012, a trip to Bahrain to open a milkshake franchise sparked protests, with police firing tear gas to break up the demonstrations.

    Let's just hope that Kim remembers to pack her abaya. We don't want her to violate the strict Saudi dress codes!

    Meanwhile, the world continued to lurch from one ridiculous story to another:

    * A surprise has been found in Queen Elizabeth's garden at Buckingham Palace: magic mushrooms!

    * A Tokyo restaurant announced couples will not be welcome at the eatery on Christmas Eve because the sight of them would make single customers feel lonely.

    * A Scottish police officer attempting to make an arrest on a farm had to call for backup due to his fear of cows.

    * Authorities in New Zealand announced they seized a haul of imported moist towelettes that were found to be soaked in about a gallon of liquid meth.

    * A pair of Egyptian men are highlighting the struggles of Cairo residents with a photo project featuring Spider-Man tackling everyday activities.


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    To Talk Or Not To Talk: Considerations

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    Coffee House Conversations on Race Relations, sponsored by New Horizons Support Network, Inc. also the sponsors of the Possible Society In Motion Radio Show, are giving Anastasia and Jack a vast portfolio of discussion material from which to draw for this show these days.

    However, when it comes to talking about talking, even whether or not to talk, Starbuck’s recent and abortive initiative to bring conversations on race relations into their coffee shop have certainly upped the intensity of discussions on talking.

    Should people be talking about race relations? And, where, when and how should they do such talking?

    Anastasia and Jack take up these issues on this show. Anastasia who has been watching a movement intent on race and police relations spreading throughout our country, has been seeing growing numbers of citizens yearning to find ways to solve serious community problems by talking their way through them. 

    Has Starbucks brought this movement to some kind of crescendo? Join Anastasia and Jack as they discuss the situation and its implications.

    Again, listeners are encouraged to join Anastasia and Jack for the informal discussion forum following the on-air broadcast at: Conference Call in: 712.432.0600, access code 640883.


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    Gods kingdom In Motion

    in Religion

    A Broadcast that reveals the Principals of Gods Kingdom

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    The State of the Motion Picture 2014

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    So with another Oscar season completed, Jason continues his annual tradition of taking stock of where the film industry is today, presenting his State of the Motion Picture address.  Okay, it's not as formal as a State of the Union address, but tonight, he will talk about the film industry and where it's been this past year and where it's going, how people are watching movies, and so much more.

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    Gods Kingdom In Motion

    in Religion

    A Broadcast that reveals the principals of Gods Kingdom

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