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    Happy Mothers Day!!

    in Entertainment

    This week on the show we continue our discussion on Baltimore. We will also talk about how special mothers day is. Nicki Minaj will be in Barbershop 3 with Cedric, Eve and Ice Cube. Prince in concert for Rally4 Peace in Baltimore and more.

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    Mothers Living ON PURPOSE!

    in Motivation

    This month on Purpose Living Radio we will highlight MOTHERS who are living in their purpose! Not only are they mothers, some are wives, some are doing it alone, some are even working full time AND working 9-5s. This week we have the pleasure of speaking with Keithra Morley and Marcella Moore. 

    Keithra L. Morley is a wife, mother, an entrepreneur and the Founder of The Boys and Girls Clubs of the Bahamas. She seeks to empower the youths and young adults of her generation to believe in themselves and create opportunities to achieve their goals and dreams. Her interests are reading, writing, dance and mime, she also enjoys mentoring young girls and learning new information and skills. She currently released her first book 'Confessions of a Woman Saved by Grace' early 2014. She is married to Ta-Shaughn Morley and they have 3 beautiful kids, Ahmad,Tajhanae and Tajhanique. They reside in the beautiful islands of The Bahamas. 

    Marcella D. Moore affectionately known as "Cella D" has been inspiring and empowering women for more than two decades.  Marcella is an inspirational speaker, author and mentor who loves to speak life and encouraging words to others.  Through workshops, seminars and tele-conferences she uplifts members of her audience with powerful words that inspire them to reach new heights.

    She is the founder and facilitator of the weekly Motivate and Pray empowerment call and the monthly “Caring for the Caregiver” support call.  Both calls serve as a resource for motivation, inspiration, empowerment, encouragement and prayer.  Marcella is also the co-author of the recently released “Tainted Elegance: Simply Beautiful” book; a book that gives women the courage to say “I love who I am.”

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    A Mothers Day Tribute

    in Self Help

    Mother’s are considered to be the glue that keeps the family bonded together. Without them, the conception of life would be impossible. Please join the T and K Radio Show on May 10, 2015 at 6 pm as we pay tribute to Mothers all around the world. 

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    Letters to Our Mothers

    in Women

    I love my mother, respect and honor her. But our mother-daughter relationship isn't always peachy-cream. I'll share how I feel about my mother, the sweet and bitter, in a letter to her...in recognition of Mother's Day. 

    This week we're writing letters to our mothers…and sharing excerpts tomorrow, Thursday, May 7, 6:30pm ET. She Struts Radio. My guests are Brother Emir Otto and Zakiyyah Lana. To listen, call 718.766.4468.

    For the whole month of May we're focusing on our mothers. Write a letter to your mother and let me know if you'd like to share it on She Struts Radio one Thursday. 

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    Happy Mothers Day

    in LGBT

    Tonight we discuss our favorite Mothers Day memories, the Nebraska woman who tried to sue all gays, dating with baggage, and much more...but no Eva Mendes or JLo news.

    Don't forget to follow us at @TheSpilledTea @Doquinn76 @MPGrasso @KylieSF @Odaat_webseries and follow my book @WhoIAmbook

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    Mothers Living On PURPOSE!

    in Motivation

    This month on Purpose Living Radio, we are ALLLL about celebrating our mothers! The twist is, we are celebrating those who are living on PURPOSE! These mothers not only take the joy of being a mother seriously, but also are ready to conquer whatever to be their own boss. They aren't playing games! 

    To kick off the month, we have the pleasure of having Shineka Karim on the show. You've heard me mention her Coaching Programs for mothers, now you get to hear from her heart! 

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    A Tribute to the Greatest Mothers in the World

    in Lifestyle

    Join us May 05 2015 at 7:00pm Est Usa as Miss Raina returns and gives graditude to all mothers!


    In lieu of Mothers Day, we will pay tribute to mom's everywhere!  Moms carry one of the greatest and toughest jobs in the world. A mothers job is a 24 hour shift that never ends. They sacrifice everything they have for their family without question and yet it is probably one of the most thankless positions. That's why we will say a much deserved thank you to all wonderful mothers who make the world a better place!

    If you would like to call in and share a story of how your mother has had a positive influence on you call in during the show!


    Call Miss Raina 310-861-2341 and speak Live!

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    Single Mothers Rule The World

    in Entertainment

    Once largely limited to poor women and minorities, single motherhood is now becoming the new “norm”.

    This prevalence is due in part to the growing trend of children born outside marriage — a societal trend that was virtually unheard of decades ago.

    About 4 out 10 children were born to unwed mothers. Nearly two-thirds are born to mothers under the age of 30.

    Of all single-parent families in the U.S., single mothers make up the majority. We will go over this plus a big announcement  give a way from Avenue 4311 Store for singles mothers

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    Tonight we're honoring Mothers, Step Mothers, God mothers, Foster/Adopted Mothers, Spiritual Mothers, all Mother-like figures in our lives and celebrating the lives of those not physically with us.
    Got a Mother figure in your life you wanna give a SHOUT OUT to? Call in and let 'em know how you feel LIVE ON THE AIR!

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    Sunday Worship Church Mothers Day

    in Spirituality

    Sunday Worship Church Mothers Day

    Share the love of Jesus with family and friends the Happy Mother's Day
    Rejoice in the Lord God that loves you...


    New Beginings Christian Center

    Cure for cancer running through this house.

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    Mothers Against Guns Organize To End Firearm Sales

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    Mothers are tired of losing their children to gun violence. They are tired of funerals. They are tired of crying in anguish at the news of another young life snuffed out by a senseless shooting. They want the violence to end, and they are taking to the streets with the aim to close down the business that makes it all possible: gun shops. Mothers Against Guns is an organized effort to stop the flow of guns to depressed inner city areas where crime has increased due to desperation created by lack of economic opportunities. Drug sales have become the means of paying ones rent and groceries for too many families, which involves them in the ongoing turf wars with street organizations who strive to control the drug traffic and rake in the largest share of income from drug sales. It's a deadly war that requires firearms to protect ones right to sell on any given block, and often involves retaliatory shootings by those who seek to avenge past shootings. The cycle of violence never ends. Mothers Against Guns seeks to end the cycle by ending the gun flow. Last week, after protesters marched against Chuck's Gun Shop in Riverdale, Illinois, we explored the point of view of those who uphold the right to carry arms as a means of protection against crime. This week we'll look on the other side of the argument as Dr. JoAnn Roberts, one of the protest march organizers, explains why Mothers Against Guns is seeking to close the shops that sell the weapons which end up in the hands of those who are responsible for senseless shooting deaths.