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    McCain, Morsi, and Obama Want To Rule The World!

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    McCain, Morsi, and Obama Want To Rule The World!
    Well Morsi is is out, but Maniacal McCain wants to start a new war it seems. And then again, what about Obama? Can this man be any worse? Can he back a winning horse? He backed, nay, solidly embraced Morsi and his Al Queda allies and NOW has been repudiated by democracy. Imagine THAT! So, in response do we send in the rinos and neocons and get us into a new war? That seems to be McCain's heartfelt desire. So stay tuned and chime in at 9pm EST on Monday July 8, 2013.
    Chris Watson
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    Mama Mia NO Sharia! with Vito Esposito

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    Join us this evening at 6pm est to discuss the day's topics including: 

    Aftermath of Terrorist attacks in Paris, France and yesterday's protest march which included 50 world leaders.  Absent from the Paris Rally was the United States of America. Barack Hussein Obama nor Valerie Jarrett did not send a representative of the U.S. But did they?  (Mahmoud Abbas of the PAHamas was in attendance)  Pres Soundbite was a bit distracted to attend, you know with the NFL Playoffs, his Golden Globe nomination for "Best Actor" in a fictional mini series - "The President" - where he pretends to play a president and probably stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, so who better to represent Pres Soundbite - a fellow Muslim Brotherhooder Pres Mahmoud Abbas. Unfortunately former Pres Morsi was a bit tied up!

    We'll discuss the new narrative from the left - post Paris Terror attacks - these were not muslims who attacked Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish Supermarket - although they yelled allahu akbar and al-Qaeda, an islamic terrorist organization who attacked America on 9-11-01, claimed responsibility for the attack on the magazine for offending muslim prophet (in a cartoon?).  The left is coming unhinged and finding ways to re-write history and sanitize muslim terrorists actions against non-muslims!

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    Arron's call in list required callers to identify the ten most covered up news events of 2014. Before we can review 2014 we must reverse back to 911, 2012. The Obama un-authorized invasion of Libya and the cowardice in the face of the enemy in Benghazi. The failure to protect American citizens including Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others as the communist press defined them. Those three died to save just like Jesus said: Greater love hath no man that he lay down his life for a friend. The friend was you and me. The communist party blamed their failure to protect the nation on a video story produced by an alleged Coptic Christian. Then with all the misinformation power of the communist Department of Justice cover ups they put that poor bastard in jail and he is still there on a changed venue of charges none of which had anything to do with the lie. His jailing and isolation from the press is typical of the tactics of Mohammed Morsi and Obama's moslem brotherhood in Egypt. The country that the demo commos gave to the Moslem brotherhood. Only the intervention of the Egyptian  army saved Egypt from becoming a suicidal bloodbath. Some questions come to mind about Benghazi.



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    Army ousts Egypt's President Morsi

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    The Egyptian Armed Forces first declared, suspending the constitution provisionally; The chief justice of the constitutional court will declare the early presidential elections; Interim period until president elected. Chief Justice will have presidential powersThe Armed Forced warn it will stand up firmly and strictly to any act deviating from peacefulness based on its patriotic and historic responsibility.May God save Egypt and the honorable, defiant people of Egypt.

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    Were Jews turned into Pigs and Apes in the Quran

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    a discussion of this belief in Islam that Jews were turned into pigs and apes and its relevance to today

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    Obama's America supports Hamas

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      Under President Barack Obama, the US foreign policy has been anything but pro-Israel. Liberal Egyptians [not merely "redneck" tea-Party people] have called out Obama as a Muslim Brotherhood stooge over his one-sided support of Mohammad Morsi and his Muslim Botherhood regime. The leftist paper the Haaretz [which includes "wonderful" anti-Israel self-hating Jews like Gideon Levy and Amira Hass, the latter of whom justified stone throwing against Israelis as writers for their toilet paper rag] has come out with an article bashing Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon for daring to stand up to the leftist Obama regime and their anti-Israel foreign policy. Haaretz blasted Yalaon for calling Kerry "messianic and obsessive", but forgets that Kerry claimed that Israel was heading toward being an Apartheid state. The likes of Haaretz and the international far-left love to play up with any crisis [that is when the left is not trying to convince Jews that Obama is pro-Israel] and then blame Israel. Far-leftists came out with the false allegation that Benjamin Netnayahu's Government wanted Romney to win. Yet the Netanyahu Government in Israel tried to say that everything was going smoothly with the US in front of the international community. But it's clear that the US indirectly supports Hamas. The US, under Obama, continues to support Qatar, the main backer of Hamas, as well as two other Hamas supporters: Jordan and Erdogan's Turkey. Not only that, but according to a leaked transcript, during the 2014 Gaza War, Obama demanded that Netanyahu accepts a unilateral cease fire mediated by Hamas supporting terrorist nations of Erdogan's Turkey and Qatar. Tune in, as I discuss this issue.

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    ISIS Crisis M. Brotherhood Official live from Egypt on Voices of Global Freedom

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    Today on Voices of Global Freedom Radio we are interviewing Wael El-Manzalawy who is calling in live from Egypt.  He is an Egyptian scholar and advocate of the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist group that is worldwide and active in our homeland. The Muslim Brotherhood is an affiliate of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). 

    Wael 41, is a noted Islamic scholar and author of twelve books.  He writes articles and short stories in Arabic and English. His articles are published in print and on the internet. The world watched as millions of Egyptians demonstrated in Cairo and throughout Egypt to oust the elected Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi.

    Wael will be calling in live from his home in Egypt.

    Learn more about Voices of Global Freedom Hosts Backpack Baron and Yoda






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    Morsi - NSA - Sentient World - July 4th

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    Tonight (7.03.2013) we cover the push by the rottenshield CRIME family to remove Mohamed Morsi.
    We also talk about the clapper apology
    Sentient World
    July 4th security
    All public schools are brainwashing institutions, including universities
    Entertainers are little satans and the morons who worship them are worshipping Satan
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    Morsi Ousted, Monsanto-Obama Poison Your Food

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    Egyptians Oust Muslim Brotherhood~Morsi.
    To millions, Obama's sudden and mysterious presence on the presidential campaign trail in 2008 represented the second coming of Christ. The Messiah Barack Hussein Obama quickly proved to be anything But Angelic. With Millions worldwide comparing him to Lucifer.
    With his Signing into law such devastating and illegal protections of Monsanto, referred to as the Monsanto Protection Act, millions more now equate Obama with Satan directly. Since Monsanto's GMOs-Round Up-Glyhosates and many other chemicals are forced into the world's food supply, it is understandable why so many worldwide credit both Monsanto and Obama with doing the work of Satan.
    GMOs have been scientifically linked to many health problems in humans worldwide.  The Messiah Obama says not to worry, you can trust him and Satan, I mean Monsanto.
    Caller lines open at 10:00PM

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    Obama is a Leftist whimpy Muslim Brotherhood Shill

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    During his 2008 election campaign, Obama promised to repair whatever "damage" to America's popularity came about from the policies of George W. Bush. For instance Obama and the liberals wanted to appease the far-leftist Europeans, who believe that Israel is the biggest obstacle to world peace, as if they represent "world opinion." Yet Obama has not "restored" America's popularity. Even the Europeans are mad at Obama for spying. He is more concerned about whatever German Chancellor Angela Merkl says than he is about Iran developing nuclear weapons. The moment Rahouni was elected as the Supreme Leader's puppet i.e. President, despite his bragging that he was able to manipulate the world into looking the other way as Iran continues with their nuclear weapons development. And Obama has certianly not won popularity with liberal anti-Islamist Egyptians, as he was giving F-16s to Mohammad Morsi. When the Egyptian people got rid of him, then Obama stopped military aid to Egypt. And the liberal media just gives coverage of the crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood supporters. And Obama has been silent as Gazan people demanded that Hamas leave their neighborhood. Rather than encourage a revolt against Hamas, which is the real obstacle to peace, Obama, as well as the anti-Semitic internaitonal community, condemns Jews for building in Judea and Samaria [the "West Bank"]. Tune in, as I discuss these examples and more of Obama making America weaker and why I think he is the worst President America ever had since Jimmy Carter, who later became an apologist for Hamas, thusly making him today's version of a Nazi apologist [Hamas's charter calls for another Holocaust on the Jewish people].

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    Welcome to the lawless USA. The only law is Obama's law. Every communist front group has an IRS tax exemption. But if you are a Tea Party group you are a threat to the Obama controlled IRS. If you cause any trouble you will be visited by the OBAMA HOLDER controlled IRS. If you live on the southern border and you complain about illegal democrats Harry Reid will come shoot your kin and steal your cattle with the help of the Obama controlled BLM. You realize that all mosques are under the protection of the Obama controlled FBI. This is the only Un American president to lose the entire world. On his unworkable watch the Russians claimed the Artic sea down to the bottom.  RUSSIAN BOMBERS violate American air space. Iranian ships are off the coast of the USA. The Americans who died on his watch are no longer Americans. They are classified as NATO troops to be identified later. I am still waiting to see the names of 2200 Americans he lost in Afghanistan. If they had died under Bush, you would have seem their baby pictures, name, age, town and a mike would have been stuck in the families face with the NBC question. HOW DO YOU FEEL MOM NOW THAT YOUR SON IS DEAD UNDER GEORGE BUSH? In eight years Bush lost 461 in Afghanistan. Left office with Iraq in stable hands and a fairly stable Middle East. Oloser climbs on board. Goes to Egypt makes a loser speech tells Arabs he is a Moslem and five minutes after he is gone The entire country goes cell phone revolution. Morsi and the Obama brotherhood comes to power throws a dieing Hosni Mubarak into prison. The communists told us Hosni was a bad guy. But he kept peace with Israel for at least 20 years. Now comes general Isisi and restores peace and stops jihad. He saves two CNN reporters one of whom was raped by the brothers.


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