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    Morsi clings to power in Egypt, Snowden seeking asylum...

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    Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi clings to power in Egypt as millions of protesters organize against the Muslim Brotherhood.
    Edward Snowden seeking asylum wherever he can find it. One by one countries reject his request.  Rumors of more information about the NSA spy programs forthcoming??!
    Special guest, Lisa Richards, writer for Conservative Daily News, and radio host of "Rock n Roll Politics" will be with us at 8:30 Central.
    Join us at 8:00 pm Central for all the latest!!!!  Callers welcome after 9:00 pm # 646-929-2349.
    ~ Grit & Grace Radio Show

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    McCain, Morsi, and Obama Want To Rule The World!

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    REDHORSE UNLEASHED! Mondays *9:00pm/Est *8:00pm/Ct *7:00pm/Mt *6:00pm/Pt Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com
    McCain, Morsi, and Obama Want To Rule The World!
    Well Morsi is is out, but Maniacal McCain wants to start a new war it seems. And then again, what about Obama? Can this man be any worse? Can he back a winning horse? He backed, nay, solidly embraced Morsi and his Al Queda allies and NOW has been repudiated by democracy. Imagine THAT! So, in response do we send in the rinos and neocons and get us into a new war? That seems to be McCain's heartfelt desire. So stay tuned and chime in at 9pm EST on Monday July 8, 2013.
    Chris Watson
    https://www.facebook.com/#!/chris.prepperspoitin https://www.facebook.com/ThePreppersPoitinHour?ref=hl Keywords- Egypt, Morsi, Obama, McCain, Intervention, US Troops  

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    Pan-African Journal: Special Worldwide Radio Broadcast

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    Listen to this special edition of the Pan-African Journal hosted by Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire. Our regular PANW reports will examine the ongoing imperialist interference in the affairs of the African continent where African Union Chairperson Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe was disinvited to a African Development Bank gathering in Ivory Coast due to the subservience of that neo-colonial state to the French government which installed the current regime in Abidjan. Also the Palestinians are demonstrating against the deaths of a father and child at the hands of Israeli settlers; the Egyptian ousted President Mohamed Morsi is refusing food in prison because he suspects his life is in danger; and demonstrators took to the streets in Ferguson, Missouri in commemoration of the first anniversary of the police killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown. During the second and third hour we continue our month-long acknowledgement of Black August in honor of those who have resisted racism, colonialism and neo-colonialism within the African world. In this segment further focus is placed on the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Voting Rights Act in the United States.

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    Army ousts Egypt's President Morsi

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    The Egyptian Armed Forces first declared, suspending the constitution provisionally; The chief justice of the constitutional court will declare the early presidential elections; Interim period until president elected. Chief Justice will have presidential powersThe Armed Forced warn it will stand up firmly and strictly to any act deviating from peacefulness based on its patriotic and historic responsibility.May God save Egypt and the honorable, defiant people of Egypt.

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    The Betrayal Papers - Part IV - A New Genocide

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    Part IV of The Betrayal Papers will examine foreign policy under Obama. It will explain how the Obama administration and U.S. Department of State have used the American military and standing in the world as tools to kick start the creation of a new Islamic Caliphate. Obama’s unconscionable enabling of and silence regarding a new genocide will be revealed. Finally, this article will offer a cursory reassessment of America’s allies, and which countries we have lost as friends.

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    REELTalk: Gen. Paul Vallely & JD Gordon on Iran, ISIS, & The US Military

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    Joining Audrey for this week's REELTalk - with Iran months away from obtaining a nuclear weapon, ISIS on the march beheading their way through swaths of the Middle East, beheading innocent Christians and imposing Sharia Islamic Law. How should the US respond to this attempted genocide? Now Morsi has been tried, convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison for the murders committed against protesters...is President Sisi the right answer for the Egyptian people and a friend of Israel? We'll discus this and more with Gen. PAUL VALLELY. PLUS, the Obama administration has worked diligently to damage and weaken our Military therefore rendering us vulnerable to attack. Now Obama is pushing women into Special Forces such as the Navy SEALS...AND what about Iran, the largest State supporter of terrorism in the world...who continues to funnel weapons to the Houthi rebels in Yemen: Should we be negotiating ANYTHING with these mad Mullahs? We'll discuss this and more with the former Spokesman for the Dept. of Defense, JD GORDON! AND the top stories and sound clips at the top of the show! Truth deserves a place at the table...and we're bringing it!!

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    Coming Apcalypse

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    USS Theodore Roosevelt and the USS Normandy with guided missile cruiser left the Persian Gulf and are headed for the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aden to set up a blockade to prevent Iran from suppling the Muslim Shiite Houthis Rebels with weapons and supplies. Also a New Book "Clinton Cash" has question the Foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation that were received during Hillary Clinton was serving as Sec. of State and how this may have affected American "Foreign Policy" including the Clinton relationship with Egyptian President Muhammed Morsi. Also Former Egyptian President Muhammed Morsi has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for his connection to the deaths of protestors while he was in rule of Egypt. Also  Australia has been hit with an "Apocalyptic Storm" leaving 3 dead and 200,000 without power as extreme straight line winds rage though the land. Also a "Massive Landslide" in Russia may have been caused by a coal mine accident or and earthquake. Also Ret. Admiral James "Ace" Lyons calls out the Obama Administration about the current Foreign Policy as it relates to Iran, Islam, and the Muslim Brotherhood. These and much more current news events along with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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    Morsi - NSA - Sentient World - July 4th

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    Tonight (7.03.2013) we cover the push by the rottenshield CRIME family to remove Mohamed Morsi.
    We also talk about the clapper apology
    Sentient World
    July 4th security
    All public schools are brainwashing institutions, including universities
    Entertainers are little satans and the morons who worship them are worshipping Satan
    Visit - www.freeworldfilmworks.com
    For DVDs about the CRIMES of the NWO Gang

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    Morsi Ousted, Monsanto-Obama Poison Your Food

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    Egyptians Oust Muslim Brotherhood~Morsi.
    To millions, Obama's sudden and mysterious presence on the presidential campaign trail in 2008 represented the second coming of Christ. The Messiah Barack Hussein Obama quickly proved to be anything But Angelic. With Millions worldwide comparing him to Lucifer.
    With his Signing into law such devastating and illegal protections of Monsanto, referred to as the Monsanto Protection Act, millions more now equate Obama with Satan directly. Since Monsanto's GMOs-Round Up-Glyhosates and many other chemicals are forced into the world's food supply, it is understandable why so many worldwide credit both Monsanto and Obama with doing the work of Satan.
    GMOs have been scientifically linked to many health problems in humans worldwide.  The Messiah Obama says not to worry, you can trust him and Satan, I mean Monsanto.
    Caller lines open at 10:00PM

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    Mama Mia NO Sharia! with Vito Esposito

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    Join us this evening at 6pm est to discuss the day's topics including: 

    Aftermath of Terrorist attacks in Paris, France and yesterday's protest march which included 50 world leaders.  Absent from the Paris Rally was the United States of America. Barack Hussein Obama nor Valerie Jarrett did not send a representative of the U.S. But did they?  (Mahmoud Abbas of the PAHamas was in attendance)  Pres Soundbite was a bit distracted to attend, you know with the NFL Playoffs, his Golden Globe nomination for "Best Actor" in a fictional mini series - "The President" - where he pretends to play a president and probably stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, so who better to represent Pres Soundbite - a fellow Muslim Brotherhooder Pres Mahmoud Abbas. Unfortunately former Pres Morsi was a bit tied up!

    We'll discuss the new narrative from the left - post Paris Terror attacks - these were not muslims who attacked Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish Supermarket - although they yelled allahu akbar and al-Qaeda, an islamic terrorist organization who attacked America on 9-11-01, claimed responsibility for the attack on the magazine for offending muslim prophet (in a cartoon?).  The left is coming unhinged and finding ways to re-write history and sanitize muslim terrorists actions against non-muslims!

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    lincoln, black friday, morsi, fiscal cliff

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    Welcome to another week of the Jeff Perry Show this is a busy week. Congress is back in session will they get a deal done? We will find out that and more!