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  • 01:28

    The Conversation: Introducing James Arthur Ray

    in Self Help

    Thank you for tuning into our 6th year of broadcasting. This is "the Conversation" with hosts Klarque Garrison & Michele Gilliam-Morrissey! Each week we look to inspire, motivate and educate you our loyal listeners. Our Guests this week include:

    James Arthur Ray- From "the Secret" and author of the book "Building A New Life" we welcome Mr. James Arthur Ray

    Sherma Andrews- phenomenal singer Sherma Andrews drops by to talk about her upcoming Valentine's Day event titled "Ladies in Love"

    Michael King- Mr. King has been seen on TV's Last Resort & GRIMM.. Tonight he's here to talk about Vegas Cut & Sew which is going down Feb. 18-21. This fashion event will be an extravaganza!!!

    Tune in!!!

  • 01:26

    The Conversation: Cecilia Mota, Gerald Tookes & Harold Hayley

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    Thank you for tunning into the hottest online talk radio show out...."the Conversation" hosted by Klarque Garrison & Michele Gilliam-Morrissey. Each week our aim is to motivate, inspire and educate you our loyal listeners. Tonight our guests include:

    Harold Hayley- Media Consultant Harold Hayley drops by to talk about own to effectively use media to enhance your image and your brand

    Gerald Tookes- is know as the "Drone Man"! Mr. Tookes is profecient in Drone Technology is will be speaking about how this tecnology is here to stay!

    Cecilia Mota- The daughter of famed Dodger (Manny Mota), Cecilia Mota is here to talk about how she's dedicated her life to giving back to her community, businesses and non profits

    All this and more...

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    Alyssa Morrissey, Award Winning Vocalist

    in Entertainment

    Award Winning Vocalist Alyssa Morrissey joins the Ladies of the Diner as she celebrates her newly released single with ArtSees Diner Radio favorite Matt Williams. Make Love Tonight is rapidly gaining listeners/downloands. Alyssa Morrissey hails from Peterborough, Ontario. Discovered by songwriter, Cyril Rawson (Reba McEntire, Gretchen Wilson, Lorrie Morgan) Alyssa's first CD, Let's Not Call It Love received international airplay and charted in her home country. Her 2nd release, Way To Go was released in 2013. Alyssa is a two-time 2014 Wire Awards nominee, and a 2014 Winner!Alyssa went from singing on boxes at age 3, to winning several singing contests and had her first professional performance at age 12. “Some of my icons are Shania Twain and Jennifer Nettles, for their personalities on stage and their ‘feel’ for a song. Taylor Swift is my personality idol! I think she is such a cleaver and creative person! I think country music is amazing. Everything about it is so real, whether it’s the music or the people singing it. It just feels like home to me, and I love being apart of it.” Matt Williams and Alyssa Morrissey are brought to us by Mike Stover of MTS Management Group.

  • 01:26

    The Conversation: Ingrid Arna, Reece Odum & Pamela Humphrey

    in Self Help

    This is "the Conversation" hosted by Klarque Garrison & Michele Gilliam-Morrissey. Our goal each week is to bring on elite guest who will inpsire, motivate and educate our loyal listeners. This week our guests include:

    Ben Dixon- Back to recap this past Democratic Debate the author of "God is not a Republican" and the host of the syndicated show (the Ben Dixon Show)...Political pundit Mr. Ben Dixon

    Ingrid Arna- She's an author, women's wealth advocate, B.S. FREE business coach, an agent of transformation and CEO Diva Mama for online entrepreneurs and coaches. Ingrid Arna joins us from Australia to talk about how she's changing lives

    Pamela Humphrey- CEO of Chic Geek, Inc. and One of the talented Fashion Designers highlighted at the 2016 Vegas Cut + Sew 4 days of Fashion, Business + Education (Feb. 18-21st) Ms. Pamela Humphrey joins us on "the Conversation"!

    Reece Odum- we're featuring Actress, Model, Producer & Director Reece Odum! Join us as we have a sit down with this rising star and find out how she's made Acting become a Dream Come True!

  • 00:51

    Mary Morrissey - Transformational Leader

    in Lifestyle

    Mary Morrissey is a top Transformational Leader in the world today. Mary has spoken several times at the United Nations and has worked directly with the Dalai Lama. She is a dynamic inspirational speaker and best selling author. Mary has over 30 years experience in empowering individuals to achieve new heights of spiriutal aliveness, weatlh and authentic success.Join me as I ask Mary to share her thoughts and ideas. I will be asking her many questions including What is the #1 factor that causes people to lose steam when going after a dream?

  • 01:24

    The Conversation: Kenn Bivins, Brian Heat & Harrine Freeman

    in Self Help

    Thank you for tuning into the hottest talk radio show "the Conversation" where our aim is to inspire, motivate and educate listeners Worldwide! This show is hosted by Klarque Garrison and Michele Gilliam-Morrissey! Tonight's show features:

    Kenn Bivins- He's a phenomenal writer who's stopping by to talk about his newest project "the Wedding and Disaster of Felona Mabel"

    Brian Heat- is a motivational speaker, educator and trainer. Tonight he's here to talk about his new MixTape "Fire Five Mixtape" Vol.1: An Audible Inspiration Experience w. Kerim the DJ.

    Harrine Freeman- back by popular demand financial expert Harrine Freeman is here to ask "Are you finances in order for 2016" If not you need to listen in!

    All this and more...!

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    Recording Artist Alyssa Morrissey stops by Conversations LIVE

    in Music

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes recording artist Alyssa Morrissey to Conversations LIVE to discuss her musical journey and the single MAKE LOVE TONIGHT with Matt Williams. 

  • 01:23

    The Conversation: Joseph Charles Poli

    in Self Help

    Thank you for tuning into "the Conversation" hosted each Wed. night at 7pm EST by Klarque Garrison and Michele Gilliam-Morrissey. Our goal is to inspire, motivate and educate listeners Worldwide! This is our 1st show on the 2016 season and we're starting off with:

    Joseph Charles Poli- From "Project Runway Season 14" AND appearing at 2016 Cut + Sew (Las Vegas) Fashion Designer/Stylist Joseph Charles Poli drops by "the Conversation" this Wed. 7pm EST to talk about his journey and much, much more!

    Oscar Simmons- Model/Actor Oscar Simmons (FAMU) drops by to talk about how he's been able to become a successful working actor in a very tough and demanding Industry

    Queen Esther Marrow- She's a civil rights activist, stage & film actor, Jazz and gospel singer. Join us in welcoming an original cast member of the Broadway hit play "the Wiz" the incomparable Queen Esther Marrow!



  • 00:40

    PRR: Alyssa Morrissey, Canadian Country Singer

    in Country Music

    Pop Roxx Radio, 
    Featuring Interesting People doing Interesting Things
    Hosted by Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx 
    Tonight's Featured Guest: Alyssa Morrissey


    MATT WILLIAMS feat. Alyssa Morrissey

    Matt Williams plays guitar and sings, as one-third of the country-pop trio, Western Avenue.
    Discovered by songwriter, Cyril Rawson (Reba McEntire, Gretchen Wilson, Lorrie Morgan) Alyssa Morrissey’s latest solo collection, Way To Go, was released in 2013. 
    "Make Love Tonight" unites these two huge talents, for the first time. The track was written by Williams, Morrissey, Doug Folkins, and producer, Adam Newcomb, who also produced Western Avenue’s album.  Featuring huge, melodic hooks, cool guitar riffs and polished, immensely layered harmonies, all wrapped around sultry and sexy lead vocals by Williams and Morrissey, “Make Love Tonight” is going to make sparks fly at country radio this summer.

  • 01:17

    State of Emergency: Michele Morrissey, Marsha Jews, Gwennie, LaQuay Juel

    in News

    State of Emergency: Michele Morrissey, Marsha Jews, Gwennie, LaQuay Juel. Panel features community leaders intent on making a difference. Broad discussion on the State of Black America and what it takes to heal the pain. We discuss the violence, the murder, the poverty, the under-education, the addiction. We discuss taking back our streets, organizing, returning to a mindset of helping each other. Cooperative economics also came up and why we need to support each other. Guests from Maryland, Indiana and New Jersey.

  • 01:30

    The Conversation!!!

    in Self Help

    Replay show:

    Welcome to the hottest show out...."the Conversation" hosted by Klarque Garrison and Michele Gilliam Morrissey. Each week we bring several dynamic introspective voices to inspire, motivate and educate you our loyal listeners. Tonight...

    April Adams- April is the author of Essence: Ending Emptiness, Finding Fulfillment and Intuitive Life Coach

    Dr. Ginnie Love- Dr. love is a Author, Holism Therapist, Master Life & Love Coach, Hypnotherapist...

    Alechia Reese- Alechia is a PR Strategist, consultant, and Branding Architect.

    The Manhood Tour- which is a global movement committed to awakening the consciousness of men featuring Dondre Whitfield, Brian Heat, Hasani Pettiford

    All this and more!