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  • Sinister Death

    in Film

    10th Airing of this new show, from Shredding Metal Beasts, bringing more grim underground metal music focused in the area of true raw sounds of Death, Doom, Grindcore and Black Metal. A show that plays the longer than normal tracks that never get any airplay anywhere! HERE we stake and stalk the claim for great intense and brutal to the senses of pure metal. 

    Featuring: Sinister Frost; Vardan; Orok; Morbid Slaughter; Mion's Hill; Abominor; Camazotz and many others, playing music from independent bands and labels!

  • 01:59

    Shredding Metal Beasts - 1-yr Anniversary

    in Film

    SPECIAL! 1-yr Anniversary! A thorough look back of 52 weeks of metal shows, Tonight's show features a incredible amount bands, 1 band from almost every label and PR firm that assisted in this great brutal twisted ride! Some of those include (NO EXACT ORDER): 

    Inferno Records; Graveyard Callin'; Devil's Music; Torn Flesh Records; Stillborn Twins Records; Blasthead; Clawhammer PR; Dying Victims Productions; Patac; Memento Mori; Morbid Shrine Productions; Salute Records; Doomentia; Odium; Ukem; Metal Promo; Asher PR; BJF Media; Svart Records; The Legion of Tchort; and many more!

    Special Sincere Thanks to the Bands, Labels, Managers, and the FANS!

  • 00:57

    Episode 99 (High on PCP)

    in Sports

    Nick and Kyle start off by talking about the morbid reality that is the internet. They touch a little on Buccaneers traning camp and the stories and current injury news in the NFL. Its determined that the Rays do not suck, and Nick talks about Sean Peyton being high on molly.  Kyle ponder's the possiblty of women in pro sports. 

  • 02:00

    Shredding Metal Beasts

    in Film

    43rd Episode of sheer metal intensity! Featuring Caustic Method (who just release their new album from Pavement Entertainment); also thrash masters Speedbreaker and Resistance, Ircus Witch, Crown of Earth. In addition, Johnny Morbid's music! Generichrist; Crimson Shadows; Grave Siesta! Then some creative surprises from Torn Flesh Records and Hovf and Isenblast for a lead of Black Metal!




  • 00:41

    Horror director Billy Pon talks fear...and clowns

    in Entertainment

    The King of DC Media, William Powell, welcomes, horror film director and (Texan!) Billy Pon, who directed Circus of the Dead, which won the Best Actor and Audience Awards at the Twisted Tails Film Festival. He'll also touch on his short, Doll Boy and upcoming projects! Learn more about Billy at Bloody Bill Productions.

    Dial 347.884.8997 to speak with the guest or the host.

    Follow me, William Powell, at twitter/Inside_Acting and facebook/william.t.powell

    To advertise on the show, contact me at william400@yahoo.com

    "Since before the dawn of evil…. or 1998 Bloody Bill Productions has formulated and perfected the gold standard of terror. Beginning with the conception of Def Con 1 and later Circus of the Dead. Two state of the art haunted attractions housed under a single 8,000 square foot complex buried deep in the heart of West Texas. Behind its thick doors lurk the nightmarish visions of Bloody Bill and his dominion of skilled artisans, who specialize in creating a horror filled experience for those brave few that enter. Today Bloody Bill Productions is unearthing new ground in film and merchandise, solidifying his death grip on the throat of a dark genre.. It has been and always will be Bloody Bill’s mission to instill dread and strike at the very core of the individual’s fear, while enthralling the masses who seek out more morbid and macabre entertainment… Welcome to Bloodybill.com"

  • 00:49

    Cynthia Maclusky - Parent Advocacy Success Story

    in Family

    Cynthia is an active member of the autism community. She has a son who, through biomedical and therapeutic means, lost his diagnosis of autism and is a typical 16 years old.  Cynthia was one of the seven mom’s who lobbied successfully for Steven’s Law that requires insurance companies to cover autism in the state of Arizona. She has written articles for Autism File, spoken nationally, produced a documentary on co morbid medical conditions, been interviewed by local news, Lifetime TV, Good Morning America and appeared with her son in The New York Times Magazine this last summer. She is the Vice President of Autism Society of Greater Phoenix. Currently, she is helping to run legislation on restrain and seclusion in this legislative session.  She is also working with a group of lawyers to help parents with children with autism access good medical care with private insurance companies and using EPSDT to access appropriate care through Medicaid.

    All Autism Talk (allautismtalk.com) is sponsored by Autism Spectrum Therapies (autismtherapies.com) and Trellis Services (trellisservices.com) and Learn It Systems (learnitsystems.com)

  • 01:52

    Pulpit of Doom Podcast - End Of The Year 2014

    in Current Events

    The Pulpit of Doom Podcast is the official podcast of the Dreamin' Demon. It's 90 minutes of pure schadenfreude as Morbid, Jaded and Athena talk about the top 10 terrible stories featured on the site for the week. 

  • 02:02

    Detroit Unplugged

    in Music

    With your hosts Aroc and Black Tear featuring guest interviews and music.This week we will have none other than Twin Laden for an interview,taking questions and giving us the 411 on whats coming up,also we will be having Detroit legend HUSH on the show....we will be talkin about his career, his Dog Rescue, and about his new hit show on Animal Planet! We will have the perticular info about this show along with a HUGE announcement in in the coming days! STAY TUNED!......

  • 01:33

    The Pulpit of Doom

    in Current Events

    The Pulpit of Doom Podcast is the official podcast of the Dreamin' Demon. It's 90 minutes of pure schadenfreude as Morbid, Jaded and Athena talk about the top 10 terrible stories featured on the site for the week. 

  • 01:07

    Morbid Curiosity Dating & Other Orgasmic Adventures

    in Lifestyle

    Robb Parrott is a former teacher and is currently working in the oil industry.  He is enjoying his second marriage after being in the dating pool for 15 years.  He survived the single scene from dial up to digital.  Robb’s awesome sense of humor and open mind have allowed him to put a different view on survival skills to get through the work day (I don’t want to kill my coworkers), the date night (I am going to be single forever) and the family weekend (Maybe I was adopted).  He considers himself a beginner spiritualist but has an entertaining soulful look on the effects of a brave new world on the awakening man.  
    Learning the benefits of 'Morbid Curiosity Dating' and 'Jaded Wisdom' helped Robb deal with sex, work, and dysfunctional family.  All this and new 'orgasmic' adventures from the authentic women-in-transition! 
    This week’s episode is a continued discussion with a wonderfully authentic, regular guy, dealing with an extraordinary new world.   
    Tune In!

  • 02:17

    Max Cavalera Of Cavalera Conspiracy And Bobby Leatherlungs Lucas Of Attacker

    in Music

    This Week Bobby Leatherlungs Lucas Of Attacker Co-Host....With Our Guest Max Cavalera Of Cavalera Conpiracy

    The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show! Classic 80's Underground. 'Playing The Best Of All The Rest' Hosted By Mike 'The Big Cheese'

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