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    The Question of Morality

    in Christianity

    The question of morality. Absolute vs relative. What are some of the biblical moral prohibitions? This and much more today on Hope Talk

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    TRIVIUM CAFE Episode 013: Moral Relativism v. Objective Morality

    in Education

    Join Mass Formatic as he flies solo and discusses MORALITY as Reelative & Objective.  As always in part one of every series the Conductor will eliminate any confusion by defining the terms and collecting the raw data and then preparing that raw data into a body of knowledge.  This is the Grammar of a subject when using the Trivium Method of Learning.  It answers the Who, What, Where, & When.  This is the foundation of knowledge when tackling any subject.  Please do not forget about the FaceBook Event Page for EPISODE 0013, where you can interact with the Conductor and with other listeners of the show.  Also, it is a great supplement to the show as links will be posted on the topics discussed.  Remember this is where we start the conversation, not end it.  Welcome to the Cafe!

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    A debate on morality: Objective or Subjective?

    in Religion

    So I did another debate, this time on morality.  Is morality objective or subjective?  I wasn't too impressed with how the debate went down, mostly because I didn't get to do all the talking.  If I HAD done most of the talking, this is what I would have said.

    Plus your calls.  The awesomeness returns tonight

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    Walking Dead and Morality

    in Science

    This week, Darbi and I will be discussing AMC's the Walking Dead and its exploration of moral conundrums. 

    Logicast is a weekly radio show that focuses on topics such as philosophy, history, religion, skepticism, science, and politics. 

    We're on every Thursday @ 8:00 PM

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    LatinoTalk Texas 2015, 0013 Lent, Morality & Growing Immoral Culture

    in Politics

    LatinoTalk Texas is news, issues and interviews important to Latinos in America.  Guest Andy Bravo calls in to discuss the issues today. Today, I discuss the vast differences in the Culture of Life and its nemesis, the Culture of Death also known as the Culture of Anti-Life or the Culture of New Morality of Immorality. I introduce this topic as being important in these days of Lent especially for Latinos who are mostly Catholic. Today, I compare the issues of Abortion, Homosexual marriage and euthanasia as being examples of the new morality of immorality. For example, Homosexuality is clearly immoral but by seeking through the courts under the pretense of "Equal Protection under the Law" to nullify enumerable state laws the set the guidelines for the state to sanction marriages the homosexual community hopes to gain such sanctions and make their relationships "normal" and part of a new morality. In other words they have sought to cast anyone who disagrees with them as a bigot and immoral themselves for defend their own moral standings. Thus, I point out the "New Morality of Immorality" which is not unrelated to other machinations of the culture of death or anti-life which also favors abortion on demand and euthanasia. How many cultures have practiced these horrific and immoral behaviors? Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, America in the days of the Indian Wars and many more. Today, in America, as I read there are expanding efforts to promote euthanasia which my caller, Andy Bravo mistook for End of Life Palliative care. That is why I discuss these issues so that Latinos in America will be well informed.

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    in Religion

    A war against the Bible

    Due to both the Old and the New Testaments of the Bible being the inspired, inerrant Word of God, it has been and remains under the most virulent and sustained attack from Satan and his agents. Its inspiration, historicity, canon and scientific accuracy have all been questioned by ‘higher criticism’, the theory of evolution and many other opposing forms of critique.

    War against moral values

    Satan continuously questions, challenges and breaks down the moral norms which God has established through His laws and precepts, and which the human conscience should acknowledge as right and good. Moral decline is promoted by demons. This is done with a view to replacing God’s morality in the world with the opposing values of a satanic immorality. These two sets of values can be contrasted as follows:

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    Leadership; Police; Criminal Justice System; Tokenism; Morality;

    in Politics

    Tonight we will discuss the need of black leadership in the black community in order to reduce police brutality; The reason these problems are redundant is because we do not have representation that looks out for our better interest.  Tokensim is and has gotten to be a sneaky, dinosaur method of failed leadership that is not effective in the year 2015.  This was an experiment that has failed and is ineffective in the black community. We need strong, God-fearing, moral Black leadership that is looking out for our best interest.  

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    RTR: The Morality Police

    in Christianity

    Today on RTR we are going to be talking about Biblical morals, and how that affects unbelievers.  Should we be trying to legislate morality?  Is it our job to try and make an unbelieving world live by biblical principles?  Has it worked for us so far?  Why are so many believers trying to be the morality police to those outside of the faith?  What is our role in this culture war we are living in?  Join us this and every Sunday at 10am est as we talk discuss the Morality Police.  Call 661 449 9951 to add your voice to the conversation.                   

    www.youtube.com/4realtalkradio                                                      www.facebook.com/4realtalkradio.churchfolk

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    Got Morality?

    in Politics Conservative

    Can a civil society exist without morality? I think not! The problems we face in our society today can be traced to the Left's constant attack on morality, here's a thought some things are just wrong. In order for a republic to function it's people must have a moral base.
    While we wont be arguing religious dogma I am going to make a case that no matter what relgion you follow, if you follow no religion or if you are an athiest , that the Judeo Christian ethic that helped to build this nation,is what is needed to safe the nation.
    We will discuss this and even take your calls on the next edition of the Sunday Morning edition of The Conservative Watchtower.
    There is a thin line between Saturday Night and Sunday Morning so if I can make it to the show you can too.

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    Has Jezebel Paula White Violated The Lord's Morality Clause For Ministers? (49)

    in Christianity

    This question now begs to the asked - "Has Paula White violated the Lord's Morality Clause for Ministers?"  For weeks Paula White has been acting like an out-of-control, hormonally challenged teenage floozy.  This past Sunday March 1, 2015 she went to far when she stood behind the pulpit (SACRED DESK) and told everybody present that her boyfriend Jonathan Cain was hot and sexy!  Is there anybody at New Destiny Christian Center Church that can take a stand for the Lord Jesus and rebuke Paula White for acting like a Side-Walk Susie?  Tune in to this riveting show in which the Wolf Tracker challenges the EMASCULATED MEN/EUNUCHS (II KINGS 9:30-33) of New Destiny Chrisian Center Church to put an end to Jezebel Paula White's reign over them!   

    Wolf Tracker cordially invites apostolette Paula, her new boyfriend Jonathan Cain, her business manager and son Bradley Knight, her entire staff at Paula White Ministries and all of her church leaders and members at New Destiny Christian Center Church to tune in.

    Wolf Tracker is a tireless protector of Christ's global flock and an avowed enemy of all Prosperity wolves who masquerade in sheep's clothing in order to fleece gullible saints!  Please tell your others about this riveting and uncompromising internet radio program.

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    Atheism and Morality

    in Atheism

    As an atheist, I am always asked "How do you have morals without religion?" To be honest, it's not really a hard question to answer. Unfortuntaely, a lot of religious people think it is an impossible question to answer. They feel superior in thinking that their religion gives them the moral compass to go through life. 


    On this episode I will be discussing how atheists can have morals and ethics without religion.