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    As the streets decay around you

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    The streets Decay underground web radio show for the decayers of the underground, we will resurect  art,music,and more as the streets decay.This is only a test, and will return to your reguarly schedualed progam asap.Today we will be Discussing the new M.I.A album Matangi out now on Itunes.

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    Gun violence and moral collapse:

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    Join us today 5:30 CST as we raise the subject of: 


    Gun violence and moral collapse:


    When you see or hear the slogan Black lives matter what does that mean to you; What is taking place in our country that leads many to believe that the lives of blacks does not matter?



    If there is legitimate concerns surrounding issues of policing and police practices in communities of color, particularly the African-American communities why do some individuals attempt to diminished or ignore these concerns, by talking about issues of African-American fathering and community violence among black youths?



    To have your thoughts,  views and  opinions  heard call 718-508-9533 press #1 to express your views or click below to  listen……





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    Mindshift Moments Is Media the cause of Moral Decay

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    Start your mornings AFRESH filled with Prayer, the Word, fellowship,music, comedy,news, current events, guest speakers & MORE !Topic is: Is Media the cause of Moral Decay?..... Apostle Antonio King & Apostle Nickia King..Perfecting Life Ministries Building People of Purpose, Power, & Prayer

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    Col. Eidsmoe With The Foundation For Moral Law

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    Hear perspectives from one of the nation's foremost historian and legal mind--Colonel John Eidsmoe.  We consider Colonel Eidsmoe a "National Treasure" as his insight on the US Constitution and History is incredible and much sought out the worl over.  Please visit their website http://morallaw.org/

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    On The Brink Of Ruin/A Nation In Decay

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    A seemingly never ending siege on our nation has left us in chaos. The powers that be have brilliantly orchestrated the perfect storm. This storm has many elements to it which include division (race, political and religious), lies, hypocrisy (in full view) and several other well thought out tactics. We are currently being besieged from every angle all at the same time. Many see this simply as improvement through destruction, calling the Constitution and outdated and unfair document. These are very closed minds that don't realize the true function of the Constitution and it's purpose as a living, breathing document. Though it is the opinion of this host that the United States as we've known it since it's founding is unrecognizable and in fact too far beyond repair, there are some threads to grab onto. We will be exploring these threads by talking about the very real issues of today, and how they directly caused the downfall of this once great nation.


    Today, we will be discussing race in the wake of the Ferguson decision, and how dangerous these conversations about changing our legal system can get. We'll also be talking about the police and the militarization of it's ranks. It's important to remove this militarization discussion from the race issue, for it seems to have been intertwined lately. Join Host Matt4America and co-host Roger Dorn for a couple hours of real discussion. Fact from fiction, right from wrong and the Search For Verity! 

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    The moral failure of Jesus

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    I find the story of jesus is often touted as this wonderful example of love, sacrifice and forgiveness.  I find the story morally vile.  I think this idea of jesus saving us from eternal damnantion to be a distict failure to understand morality and what it means.  I find the story appalling.

    Why?  Why isn't this story insprational?  Why do I find the "greatest story ever told" to be flawed at it's basic level?  

    Plus your calls.

    Let the awesomeness begin!

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    Moral Dilemmas 3: Men and Women Talk the Mars/Venus Show Episode 36

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    TOPIC: "Moral Dilemmas 3"

    SYNOPSIS (E.36): The panel are presented with some difficult situations and have to decide what path they must take

    Hosts: Kinte Acuminous Watanabe 

    Norma Mena
    Odette-Graycon Blanch-Sonata

    Olaf Barbosa
    LaPiscean Liberty

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    Cuba: U.S. Appeasement and Moral Equivalency

    in Self Help

    This is the podcast you've longed for!

    Listen in for perspective and analysis of unfolding world events and the overall changes taking place in society that will help you clarify uncertainty as well as help you grow personally.

    Co-hosts Carole Gold and Steve Clark bring a wealth of personal aand professional experience which makes for thought-provoking conversation. Their diverse backgrounds provide a rich persepctive on life's challenges and the many ways we can approach rising above them.

    Carole Gold is a lawyer, Mediator, Life Coach, Author and lifelong  intuitive. Her daughter currently serves in the Israeli Defense Forces.

    Steve Clark is a former Marine Corps Infantry Officer and Bond Trader who currently works in the technology field in lead generation. Steve and his wife have 6 children.

    Our only agenda is to empower you to be the autonomus, creative, joyful and successful individual you were meant to be.

    Its all about energy and it's rightful use. We call it "rightuseness." When we each approach challenges with the intention to resolve them in the highest good for all concerned, we use energy the way in which... and for the purpose...it was designed.

    No one has all the answers but each of us has our own, unique contribution to make in solving the challenges we face. When we come together, sharing ideas and co-creating solutions we change the world.

    Join us and call in to bring your part to this exciting conversation!


    Carole and Steve

    (Be sure to Like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/AboveTheFrayPodcast and vist our blog at www.AboveTheFrayPodcast.com)

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    Moral Compass

    in Religion

    A moral compass is essential for your own character, spiritual and personal growth. It demonstrates moral principles that guides our integrity in the society. Heizal Njuguna and Lilian Okore http://lilianokore.tmgartist.com/will guide us on the importance of following our moral compass and give us tips on identifying hindrances to developing our moral compass. Listen live at: 619-393-2852 or http://pinnacleofpraiseshow.com/new/

    Thank you for choosing Pinnacle of Praise Show. Beatrice Ndura, Host

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    Republican and Democrat Christians causing moral dilemma, political hypocrisy

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    Hypocrisy on the Democrat side:

    How can President Obama and other Democrats say they are Christians, followers of the teachings of Jesus Christ, and advocate for the act of homosexuality and lesbianism? Then turn and point fingers at republicans for being insensitive to the poor and needy.

    Hypocrisy on the Republican side:

    Why did Billy Graham scrubb the Mormon religion off his web site as a cult religion, so that he could endorse Mitt Romney for President?  Why did Cardinal Dolan take the lead in criticizing Obamacare for forcing the Church to pay for abortions and contraceptives, when he was paying insurance for these services up to ten years before Obamacare?

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    SB Barber Morning Show - Moral Equity Vote "How Well is your VOTE"

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    Business of Health.Well.Fit. - SB Barber Morning Show. Apostle SB Barber hosts Moral Equity Vote "How Well is your VOTE" soundbites this week up to November 4. Rev. Dr. Willilam J. Barber, II will be coming to SB Barber Morning Show soon TBA.

    Media coverage of #MoralMonday

    Book Released Today, Wednesday, Oct 30, 2014. AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE TODAY! #ForwardTogether the new book from Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II. Order online now: http://www.chalicepress.net/ForwardTogether

    Speaker Soundbites 
    Why We Must Not Retreat! - Rev. Dr. Cardes H. Brown; Rev. Dr. Gregory K. Moss, Sr.; Julian Bond; Congressman Keith Ellison; judith Browne Dianis; Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II; Rev. Dr. James Forbes; George Gresham; Atty. Carnell Brooks;
    Deadly Effects of Not Expanding Medicaid in NC; Voter Suppression in NC; Veterans|Working Poor; Denied Healthcare; Teachers say, "We are tired"; Low Voter Turn Out;


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