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    @DjMystik_BS Live on @BurdskoolRadio!! Turn Up▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █

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    It's Friday!!! And Yall Know It Goes Down Each & Every Friday with DJ Mystik as your Host on @BurdskoolRadio !! Live Interview Tonight with ATL's Hottest New Upcoming Recording Artist "@MoptopMarley"!! Hit the Hotline Up at (646)652-2160 7pm-9pm (Call In & Represent Where Ya From) Give a Shoutout and Enjoy the Mixshow by @djmystik_BS !! 

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    ROCK AND ROLL began with the songbird voice and wild gyrations of Elvis Presley, but it came of age when the British pop groups invaded America led by The Beatles in 1964.

    The world would never be the same. The youth movement was launched, girls swooned and fainted at the sight of Paul
    McCartney shaking his moptop and older generations were
    outraged. But rock and roll was here to stay.

    Did the music cause the social revolution or was the other way around? No one knows, but what happened in the sixties changed the world forever by allowing us to "do our own thing" with sex, drugs and rock and roll.

    In The Year the Music Died,
    author Dwight Rounds takes
    us on a trip through those times,
    the hey days of great pop music
    from 1964 to 1972, by reminding
    us of things long forgotten, (and
    perhaps best left that way!) testing
    our memories with trivia and letting
    us reminisce about what it was like
    back in the day . . .

    It is written for non-musical music lovers and treats the subject with a wry humor and a very different perspective than most other music books. The author pokes fun at musicians and some of the events of the time, which most music books tend to revere. website: www.animalstozombies.com/

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    Thor and the Fab Four

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    **An all new Brad Thor interview when he returned to the Radio Happy Hour on June 30, 2009. Just click -->Brad Thor.**

    New York Times Bestselling Author Brad Thor weighs in on Iran, Al Qaeda and the best way to sleep with 72 virgins. Live music from Beatles tribute band MOSTLY MOPTOP

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