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    StoryTales Presents The Moonstone

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    Rare Book Series
    Featuring: The Moonstone
    Musical Interlude: Moonlight Sonata by Classical Composer Ludwig van Beethoven
    Host Lady Selah SuJuris

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    The Powerful Moonstone!

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    On tonight's show we are going to discuss the stone for “new beginnings” the beautiful Moonstone.  The Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength.  It soothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilises the emotions, providing calmness.  Moonstone enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business.

    The moonstone is associated with the moon and was the stone of the goddess Diana.

    At the bottom of the hour we will welcome Leslie Hale and Astro-Talk Segment.  Leslie will have more to add about the "blue" full moon coming on the 31st.  You can arrange a call with Leslie at www.pmp-advisors.com and view her newsletter at www.lesliehale-astrology.com.

    Tonights show we be hosted by Rosalea and the Advisors on www.pmp-advisors.com.  We will be taking calls the last hour of the show.  The call in number is 1(714)888-7516.  Press the #1 after connecting to speak to an Advisor.

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    Crystal Alchemy! – FREE Readings...

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    There’s a Rock for That!  - Crystal Alchemy! – FREE Readings -  Tarot Dactyl discusses “Crystal Alchemy” and take Your CALLS, for Readings! Crystal Guest: Moonstone!

    Join us in the Chat Room, towards the bottom of this page, during the Show!

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    THE WIERD CIRCLE - 1943 / 1945

    The Weird Circle was a syndicated series produced in New York and licensed by Mutual, and later, NBC's Red network (Digital Deli Too). For two seasons, it cranked out 39 shows (78 total) consisting mostly of radio adaptations of classic horror stories.


    RUN TIME: 25:00


    RUN TIME: 25:00

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    Over the Top Radio - US Pro Cycling Challenge Stage 5 with Benjamin Day

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    United Health Care Cycling Team's Benjamin Day joins us to discuss Stage 5 of the US Pro Cycling Challenge.  This stage’s serene first 80 miles hide a vicious finish and a last chance for climbing specialists to really make a move. Starting in the new host community of Woodland Park, Stage 5 heads west then north through some of the most picturesque terrain in Colorado. A quiet run through the Pike National Forest on Tarryall Rd., which was unpaved until just last year, and the riders will christen it properly with high speeds and lots of breakaway attempts. The action really starts when the race hits Fairplay and begins the long grind up 11,500 ft. Hoosier Pass, the highest point in the race. Then it is on to Breckenridge, where last year’s challenging finish up Moonstone Rd. will be repeated again. This nasty little climb can kill a break or launch a winner.

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    Until You Walk the Path, You Won't Know Where it Goes

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    Until You Walk The Path, You Won’t Know Where it Goes will be chatting Spiritual Healer Sherrie Mountain Hawk Lady on March 18, 2014 at 1 pm eastern. We will be chatting about how the physical and emotional injures in our lives can cause pieces of ourselves to splinter off as well as how we can retrieve them.

    Sherrie Mountain Hawk Lady is a 71 year young shaman living in Northern Arizona close to Sedona. She comes from a family of mixed Cherokee, Irish, Scots, and Welsh folks who were involved in one kind of magic or another. She walks a mixed path of Native American and Celtic spirituality that she says is called, "Christmas". Before moving to Arizona, she ran Moonstone, a teaching/healing circle in Southern California for thirteen years, and also a Women's Moonlodge for eleven. She is able to use her client's phone voice for an anchor to work with them, doing soul retrieval, cord cutting, curse breaking, and entity removal. She also writes, gardens and did cat rescue for 47 years. She flies with dragons and gryphons, and had a young mountain lion follow her home, but she didn't keep him!

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    SDC Radio Networks - Music In Review - Top 50 for 2013 - Show One

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    SDC Radio Networks - Music In Review - Top 50 for 2013 - Show One

    44.  Franklyn McKay - More Than A Memory

    45. Western Avenue - Highway Out Of Town

    46. Luna Marquez - Fall

    47. Fate Strikes Twice - Perpetual Victim

    48. Abby Wren - Slithery

    49. James Wolfglen - Moonstone

    50. Debbie Hennessey - When You Believe

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    Weeks Roses | New Roses for 2014 | Karen Demp-Docksteader

    in Gardening

    Karen Kemp-Docksteader joins us this week to talk about a fabulous new collection of roses from Weeks Roses. Weeks is a top provider award winning roses in the U.S. producing varieties such as 'Julia Child', 'Moonstone', 'TiddlyWinks' and more. This promises to be a stellar year for Weeks with the introduction of 'Coretta Scott-King' a beautiful grandiflora variety that was named to honor the famed champion of civil rights.  We hope you'll join us for this broadcast. 
    Join us each week for the Rose Chat Podcast. This top rated podcast explores different aspects of roses. From where to plant roses, to which plants to buy. We explore the care and maintenance of roses as well as the latest trends in gardening. You'll hear from top authors and poets as well as take a look at roses in art, literature and history. We'll even offer tips, tricks and techniques on creating the garden of your dreams.

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    Az Artist Showcase: Alred Trujillo

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    Having a childhood spent traveling; comic books were often the only friends available. Many of the characters in the 4-color worlds served as inspiration since early on. Alfred has worked professionally in the grand industry of comic making since 2010. Zenescope, Big Dog Ink, Chameleon and Moonstone were the beginning. In 2012, Alfred gave up life behind a corporate desk and began his own company 183 DEGREE STUDIO writing and drawing his first creator owned book PROJECT: SHADOWS. When Alfred is not drawing, he can be found rocking out with his band Radiobox, or being a dedicated father. alfredtrujillo.com facebook.com/alfred183

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    Holly Stephey Talks to Luc Rouleau &Julien Plouffe MOONGLOW!

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    Join me as I welcome Luc Rouleau & Julien Plouffe Of Moonglow Jewelry. Its not just any ordinary Line of Jewelry , its all based On Moon Phases and the meaning behind the Jewelry. It captures special moments of your life that you can choose. Moonglow has expanded its line of products with several new items and features including the stainless steel with moonstone, silver crescent, Charms and the ability to place several different Moon phases on one Necklace or bracelet Moonglow helps you capture a special moment in time by finding and carefully depicting what the moon looked like on that day. Pick any date you want to commemorate  the birth of a child, an anniversary, a graduation and find the exact moonphase through our moonphase calculator. Once you have chosen your date, choose from the collection of bracelets, necklaces and new items  to carry your detailed hi resolution image Moonglow is a line of handcrafted and made-to-order jewelry designed in Montreal, Canada by local artist, Luc Rouleau.When artist Luc Rouleau learned how to memorize the days of the week of any given date, he started appearing on television stations for his talent. He had a passion for figuring the days of the week so much that he brought his talents to the Guinness book of world records. He started shortly thereafter memorizing moon cycles and what they were going to be in future dates and past dates.Having a Jewelry background and his ability to figure the moon phases going all the way back to the 1800's, that's when the idea of putting moons on Jewelry became Moonglow Jewelry. Go here to Check it out for yourself and grab a Piece of the moon This is the new video Here

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    Transformations with Goddess Velma B & Goddess Yvette WN

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    Join us for Transformations Tuesday 10PM EST Call in 347-989-0180
    May is the Month to honor the Joy of Mother. Queen Mother Goddess Velma Banks teaches and inspires with lessons that transform listeners to live abundantly and to prosper in the wisdom of knowledge and understanding that cures post traumatic slave syndrome.
    Goddess Yvette Willis-Newell  and Goddess Iya Awofalola co-host the events and continue to share personal perspectives on  topics that help break the mental chains of  slavery shadows.  Special Guests Moonstone Shadowwolf, Nadia Amunet Hotep Clahar, Marrian Efua and Saundra Regan also add valuable commentary to the discussion.
    The goal of this show is to transform the lives and communities of listeners to return to the ways of the Ancestors and to learn the lessons that hard fought freedom has taught from history, education and life experience.
    Goddess QueenMother Velma Banks provides guidance through Bank Enterprises: http://www.banksenterpriseonline.com/ She is a legendary Harlem and International Social Worker, Human Rights Advocate and author of “Are You Ready?”
    Goddess Yvette Willis Newell is the owner of the Divine Lotus, LLC and Goddess
    Iya Awofalola Darlene Dawson is Pastoral Counselor and Priestess of  The Yoru’ba House of Worship, Inc 
    All shows are sponsored by the Yoru’ba House of Worship, Inc to inspire others to achieve successful transformation as needed to make Mother Earth a better place to live for all of us.

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