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    ZOE MOON ASTROLOGY New Moon Solar Eclipse Show

    in Self Help

    A New Moon opens a door for us and gives us an opportunity to move into new territory or takes things into the next level. A New Moon Solar Eclipse magnifies this 3-fold and helps us 'eclipse' out anything that is in the way of this fresh start. This one is at the last degree of the zodiac, at 29 degrees of Pisces, so it is marking a much longer cycle, it is karmic, it is past life associated, and it is magical. We are at the Spring Equinox and the Sun will quickly move into Aries after this New Moon is exact so we will get a rush of personal energy that will drive us forward physically into our next chapter with this New Moon. Tune in to hear how it will play out for your sign and what else is on tap in your week ahead!

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    Lunar Energy~the April 4th Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse and more~

    in Spirituality

    Have you been feeling the energy...we are coming to the close of a Lunar Cycle with a Full Moon that's filled with all sorts of movement and feelings! It comes to use with a brilliant Total Lunar Eclipse and loving yet powerful energies of within.  

    How will it impact us now and in our days to come? Where have we come from?  Where will it lead us?  How can we be with all the energy that it brings and, has been accumulating over the last 2 weeks?... 

    So many questions? So, let' us receive some wisdom from this great being in the sky.   Join us LIVE for a dynamic talk on the Lunar Energy of today and the full cycle of this special April 4th Moon!  As always, we'll be taking LIVE calls on the theme of the day and would love to hear from you.  Our call in number is: 646-668-8087.

    Seeing you Soon~
    love, peace, and harmony, siempre~

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    During this call we shall look at Easter and this weekends Full Moon Lunar eclipse and perfoem a meditation to connect with the blessing of it.  We shall perfom powerful techniques, and activations for you to empower you, to open your vision to your own love and wisdom.  If we have time for live calls you have the opportunity release your sadness, pain, hardships, stress or tension, whilst allowing you to open energetically to more of who you are.  

    Most weeks we perform a short meditation, play a crystal singing bowl and a freenote (a beuatuiful musical intrument) that leaves you feelling free.  There is a talk where ancient and modern wisdom is shared and we always send forth the light to bring peace, love and unity to the earth and humanity.  

    Tracey will take a couple of live callers and perform a Intuitive Counselling session and blessing with them.  When a technique or activation is being performed with a live listener it is divinely guided so participate and perform the technique, as you will also receive the energetic blessing as well.  The people who call in are asking the questions for all of us, as we are part of a whole and the activations are for us all. Online program http://cellularhealing.kajabi.com/sp/34321-6-week-online-mentoring-program  

    For free gifts, products and to work with Tracey on Skype or in person please go to - http://cellularhealing.org

    Card Reading click on - http://cellularhealing.kajabi.com/sp/27293-9-card-reading

    Guest Call In (646) 716-938

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    ZOE MOON ASTROLOGY - Mercury Retrograde and Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

    in Self Help

    MERCURY RETROGRADES in the week ahead so we begin our backwards journey through Scorpio. This is the week that counts. You need to rework, revisit, release, or reconnect over finances, sex, divorce, power, controlling interests, death, birth, reproductive needs, or third party situations. We also have a FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE that is bringing an epic ending or climax as something comes through in the sign of Aries. That means an 'eclipsing' out to reach this zenith in the sign that rules our body, image, brand, name, title, personal needs, anger, passion, and actions. Tune in to hear how your sign can best navigate the waters!

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    The ZOE MOON ASTROLOGY SHOW ~ New Moon Solar Eclipse

    in Self Help

    We approach a New Moon Solar Eclipse this week that is one of the best fresh starts and powerful new beginnings we have had in a long while. This is about new horizons opening up in our sex life, reproductive world, with mortality issues, births, divorce, third party situations, our personal power, and all major financial matters. It is partnering with the Light of the Sun and the Love and Grace of Venus to bring favor to our ventures and to help us 'eclipse' out anything that needs to move so that we may enter into this next chapter. Tune in with Zoe Moon to hear how your sign will experience this moment and what you can do for the best opportunities up ahead.

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    Lunar Eclipse Global Meditation

    in Self Help

    Join Quantum Healer, Meg Benedicte and Co-Host, Manette Mays with Starseeds and Light Bearers all around the world for the Lunar Eclipse Global Intentions Meditation. Following the spectacular March 20th Supermoon, Total Solar Eclipse and Aries Equinox will be a Total Lunar Eclipse on April 4th. This is opening a new timeline of our Ascension Path. These events are culminating in a global reset into higher consciousness. We are consciously moving into another dimensional experience not felt in eons.

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    Sekhmet, the Blood Moon, and Lunar Eclipse

    in Spirituality

    This is a show about the Goddess Sekhmet and since we are approaching the 2nd (lunar) eclipse of this cycle on the Blood Moon and total lunar eclipse, it seems to be a great time to share in the Divine Goddess energy that is Sekhmet! This show we will share valuable information about Sekhmet and even share stories. Also to be discussed is how to work with this powerful energy for the greatest and highest good during this special time?  We will share about Sekhmet's qualities, traits and characteristics, as well as how to work with her and invoke the Divine Goddess as we work to restore Maat into our lives and the world. 

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    in Self Help

    Zoe Moon reviews what is coming up with our FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE week and the climactic achievements and endings in store around key relationships. She looks at the PLUTO RETROGRADE and how the turnaround will affect sex, divorce, finances, controlling interests, and third party situations. Finally, she covers MERCURY activating the GRAND CROSS over 3 days pushing on the offers, agreements, writing, meetings, talks, sales, and decisions that bring change. TUNE IN to see how your sign can best navigate this territory!

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    The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse with Janice King

    in Spirituality

    What a paired event!  If you recall the vernal equinox with its opposite solar eclipse and new moon, you will be intrigued to know what happens now and what these astronomical events mean for our continuing journey!  Janice will share all.  Do not forget to follow her blog for all of the information on what those planets and constellations are up to at any given time.

    Janice King, M.Ed, MscD, is a Reiki Master/Teacher, 
    Intuitive/Astrology and Spiritual Counselor.  Read her blog at http://www.janais.wordpress.com.
    You can reach her at heart120janais@hotmail.com.

    Welcome to "Unseen World", focusing on all aspects of the spiritual, psychic, metaphysical, supernatural, extraterrestrial & paranormal. Here you can share your experiences, ask questions, and we will assist you with your journey.  You can join Saundra, Linda & others of like mind on our Facebook Group “Unseen World”.

    Saundra Greene is a Spiritual Intuitive well versed in numerology, as well as the meaning & uses of different stones & herbs, but does readings from the heart. You can see more of her beautiful photography at http://www.wix.com/wyosammy/saundra-portfolio or she can be reached for in depth person email or phone readings at Wyosammy@GMail.com.

    Linda Irwin is an intuitive paranormal/metaphysical specialist at "Continuum X Headquarters" on Facebook and on http://cntnuumx.wix.com/lindairwin.

    Like us on Facebook and follow us here on Blog Talk Radio!




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    Meaning & energy of 2015's Spring Equinox, Super New Moon & Solar Eclipse~

    in Spirituality

    I'm sure you've been hearing all the talk about this year’s Spring Equinox. So, what's the buzz all about? And, what does it have to do with you and me? 

    The 2015 Spring Equinox, historically known as the time of beginnings, is accompanied by a Super New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse.  Wow! All of these events bring a magnitude of different yet complimentary energies to Mother Earth.  They have the ability to really shake things up while brining everything deep into alignment.  As beings living on Mother Earth, we are directly impacted by all these energies.  The question is, "how and in what ways"? 

    To answer these question and more, we'll delve deeply into the seasonal and rare cosmic energies of Friday, March 20th through talk and guided journeying/trance work.  We uncover how it all relates to us and its ability to propel us far into our coming days with a deep sense of clarity, alignment, and freedom.

    So, how will you chose to connect with this amazing gift of energy?  I hope you'll chose to do it together on Thursday's show!  

    Remember, we are taking calls.  So give us a call @ 646-668-8087.  Love to hear from you!

    Happy Soon-to-Be Spring Equinox!
    Seeing you Thursday~

    love, peace, and harmony, siempre~
    <3 <3 <3  


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    Weekly Astro-Forecast--Libra Lunar Eclipse

    in Spirituality

    Join Shellie Enteen for a look at the coming week's planetary energies and get a heads-up on planning time and avoiding pitfalls. 

    This week's show will focus on the Libra Lunar Eclipse coming the day before Easter.

    Shellie is an interfaith Reverend with the Alliance of Divine Love. Find daily forecasts on her Astralessence Facebook page and sign up for a free e-Newsletter through her website astralessence.com where you can also find out more about her spiritual services. Archives and upcoming show links are posted on the Esoterically Speaking Network facebook page.

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