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    Episode 11: Monumental Kip Andersen Interview on Cowspiracy and Why You May be More Dehydrated Than

    in Health

    On today’s show, Kimberly and Tony talk about the best way to get water into your body and do we truly need 8 glasses a day or is that a myth? In keeping with Kimberly’s mantra, “Always go back to nature,” they discuss key ways you can absorb the most water and how the amount of water we need varies from person to person. They hit talking points on how things like climate, level of activity, and also how diet plays a role in how much water you need.


    Next, Kimberly interviews Kip Andersen, the amazing man behind the groundbreaking feature length, environmental documentary, Cowspiracy. Kimberly and Kip talk about many of the very important topics covered in the film which have such a big impact on our planet. They go into details on animal agriculture, grass fed beef, sustainable fishing, the destruction of the rainforest and more. They discuss how this amazing documentary reveals what we all need to be aware of, what's happening every single day and why people are not talking about it. Kip shares his expert knowledge on ways we can truly help the environment as well as educate ourselves and the people around us. There is hope for the planet, there is hope for everybody and we can work together to make the world a healthier and more beautiful place.




    How to kickstart an awesome morning routine that is both hydrating and beautifying...
    Find out how to tell if you are dehydrated and what to do about it...
    The color of your urine can tell you a lot about your body's hydration levels...
    Tools and

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    The UCC Show 2.33 - Monumental Leadership

    in Christianity

    Welcome to the UnCommon Christianity podcast, affectionately known as The UCC Show!  

    Tonight's topic is the erecting of monuments- When is it proper and right, and when is it actually detrimental to our spiritual well being... And even our relationship with God? We'll also be discussing proper leadership -- What is proper, what is good, and what is right? How does right leadership look, sound and feel? What should be expected of leaders?

    All this and so much more on tonight's UCC Show!

    Join us for the discussion, and send us your thoughts and questions- Our contact information is below!

    You can send us feedback  and or questions at AskUCCShow, call in at 347.989.8865, tweet us @UCC_Show, send us a message via facebook.com/uccministries or join us in the live chatroom- And there will be more ways to contact us in the future! 

    Join us once a week as we review current events, answer questions, provide commentary on social happenings, and more. This may be one of the most informational, fun, and thought-provoking two hours of your day- Join us and participate!

    Check out BeNotCommon.com, and join us here weekly for a show you definitely won't want to miss!

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    TRU RADIO NETWORK Talks with Tully Blanchard on #HEEL TURN

    in Wrestling

    Welcome back to another feature episode of #HEELTURN. Tonight we have the honor of talking with wrestling legend Tully Blanchard! He's the former NWA World Television Champion, NWA World Tag Team Champion, WWF World Tag Team Champion, NWA United States Heavyweight Champion, member of the Legendary FOUR HORSEMEN AND the Brainbusters. This is a monumental moment in #TRU RADIO NETWORK history. Tonight we'll be taking a dive into the life of a wrestler who actually worked through the greatest days in wrestling history. Sit back and get ready for one damn amazing show. 



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    Planning A Sister/Friend Get-AWAY

    in Motivation

    More than finding the time for that much needed get away with your Sister/Friends is the monumental talk of planning the trip.  Every girl yearns for some ME time, to just go and get into some "She" things with her friends. On this segment of Sister Speak Saturday the ladies do just that! They're sharing how they go about getting some time away from being wife, employee,boss-ladyand mom.  Join Marilyn and Sonja for another sassy Saturday conversation. 

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    Episode 74: DSMA Live: 'Rents | This is Caleb...

    in Health

    DSMA Live: 'Rents has created it's first precorded show. We invite you to visit our website at www.diabetescaf.org to this link hear the full recording and reference all the links mentioned in the show.  

    Our guest for this edition is my son, Caleb, who has been living with diabetes for 9 years, diagnosed at the age of three. He talks about the role he has played in his diabetes care and how that has changed over the years. Hear what he considers a monumental advancement in his care, what he doesn't like about diabetes and whether he thinks there is any good that has come from being diagnosed as a person living with diabetes. 

    Thanks for listening!







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    in Culture

    ASA~  Family, peace to everyone,

    Tune in to listen to a groundbreaking , earthshaking and monumental interview done by the legendary activist, Alex Jones with The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan! This video is a "MUST" see for every man, woman and child, regardless to political, religious and racial affiliation! Almost 2 hours of Divine Revelation from our Divine Reminder, Teacher and Guide!

    Invite your friends and family members to join you and listen on www.blogtalkradio.com/hereafterisnow, 5:00-7:0pm MST; 6:00-8:00pm EST, along with Sister Marguerite Muhammad and Sistar Cassandra Muhammad. Call in to 347-857-4514, if no internet access and to ask questions. If time allows, we hope to discuss and parse this Wisdom!

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    The Investigators Report Live: MLK, Are We Living The Dream???

    in History

    In this monumental edition of our show, we'll take a detailed look at the life and legacy of MLK.  We will also ask and answer several questions, one of which; "Are We Living The Dream Today?".

    MLK still stands as a huge positive figure in our culture even today, but have we truly understood his message to "ALL" of mankind? Have we taken for granted the priced that paid for civil rights, and do we really understand why there were those who considered him a threat?

    All these questions and many more will be asked and answered, and we will be taking your calls as well.

    Be sure to join us!


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    Well Armed Radio - Sunday January 24, 2016 "School Grounds Carry Special"

    in Politics

    Join Wisconsin Carry, Inc. President and host of Well Armed Radio, Nik Clark for another LIVE broadcast of Wisconsin's premier 2nd Amendment/freedom minded/capitalism embracing radio program.  Where we don't just talk about guns, but capitalism and freedom.  Show will air LIVE at 7pm Central time on Sunday.   Tune in, Call in, BE WELL ARMED!

    Well Armed Radio...  Because knowledge is your best defense, but a good back-up never hurts.

    Topics this week:

    SENATE BILL 589! - The most important piece of gun rights legislation in Wisconsin since the passage of Concealed Carry! (Act 35)

     - This weeks broadcast will be an in-depth discussion of "School Grounds Carry"  We will go through the history of the (now) bill Senate Bill 589.  4 years of history pushing for this monumental legislation.

    ? why is this so important?
    ? what is the current law... REALLY!?
    ? who is trying to stop the bill?

    ? what republicans are not REALLY pro concealed carry?
    ? the legislative excuse-making?
    ? is there time to pass this or not?
    ? Senators deflect to Vos, Vos obfuscates to senate...  Its volleyball with your LIFE AND LIBERTY!

    I'll take all your calls, answer all your questions as we fight for freedom in Wisconsin.

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    Beauty In The Cracks: Women & Aging w/ Guest - Nina Bingham

    in Self Help

    #TNT 046: Ever thought about Women and Aging? Well, Nobody likes to think about it, because it makes an awful lot of women uncomfortable to imagine themselves growing old, losing their appeal and changing. Now beauty is a part of every woman's healthy self-esteem. We all know that (hair, makeup and style is important at any age). Still in celebration of her 52nd Birthday, one amazing woman has made a monumental decision to age Gracefully, by not dying her hair anymore, but to let it grow out GREY. Join The Nigerian Queen of Talk - Alex Okoroji LIVE in this Pre-Birthday Special for one of our most amazing re-ocurring guests, on Talk Wednesday, 20 January 2016 @ 9pm GMT | 10pm WAT | 11pm CAT | 1pm PST | 3pm CT | 4pm EST | with Guest, American Author, Life Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist  - NINA BINGHAM as we discuss beauty in the cracks and why the way we look, shouldn't be the only reasons, women can feel good about themselves as they age, as well as her reason for transitioning to Grey Hair.

    Its Interactive. So feel free to Join the Conversation. Call In LIVE via +1 (215) 383-3766 and press "1" to speak or via the live Skype button for FREE, Tweet @AlexOkoroji with #TheNakedTalk or use The Live In- Studio Chat Room to Comment, Ask Questions or Contribute. 


    I Love You For Listening. Xx

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    Motivational Mondays- Are you willing to carry the torch? Ft. Dr. MLK Jr.

    in Motivation

    Its Motivation Monday!!! Thats Right! Nick and Erik in the Monin are back and they are dedicating this episode to the work and life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A man of great work ethic, dilligence, dedication, wisdom, coiurage, serenity. Dr. Martin Luther King has left a monumental impact on the lives of millions. Tune In to see how you can carry the torch.

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    Tribute To Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

    in Education

    Join us here at Sirius Mindz Radio with your host Professor Griff at 8:00pm EST on Tuesday, January 12, 2016 as we give Tribute to Dr. Frances Cress Welsing's monumental work "The Isis Papers", "Color Confrontation", "Keys to the Colors" and "Racism White Supremacy" on BlogTalkRadio at www.blogtalkradio.com/siriusmindz. The call in no. is 347.633.9644. 

    Contact info: Professor Griff
    Griff: 678.557.2919