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    Rebecca Tripp and Tom Hayes the books, 'The Drunkard's Walk' and 'Revolution'

    in Comedy

    'The Drunkard's Walk' by Leonard Miodinow is a work that examines the role of randomness in our lives. Miodnow lays down the thesis that there is more to achieving desired outcomes than ability, talent, hard work, etc. The radomness and inexplicable visissitudes of life bear a considerable role on whether outcomes will be achieved successfully or not. 'Revolution' by Russell Brand is  noteworthy work by the comedian/actor/revolutionary. He delineates the existence of the divine in every facet of life and is a proponent of world-wide change to bring individuals closer to harmony/equitable distribution of wealth and happiness. Tune in as we discuss the pros and cons of each authors tenets. 

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    Raising The Dead Feat Montanna Tripp & Skriptkeeper

    in Entertainment

    Zombies are back! In movies, magazines and TV they are everywhere. Outside of fiction though many say they can prove Zombies walk amongst us. How can this be? If the dead are raised- how did it happen?
    Avant garde artist, Montanna Tripp, and 106 and Park freestyle champion, Skriptkeeper chime in and also talk about the game, BET, and the state of hip hop right now.  You cant miss this one!! 12/1/11 @ 11PM EST blogtalkradio.com/2RAW4TV - Call 323-410-0036 to comment or ?



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    Rebecca Tripp and Tom Hayes Discuss Cancer and Healing

    in Comedy

    Rebecca Tripp, author of "Secrets of a Metaphysical Flight Attendant" and Talk Show Host and 55+ year cancer survivor discuss cancer and various effective healing techniques. 

    Known as "The Metaphysical Flight Attendant," Rebecca Tripp is an author, spiritual coach, and creative manifestress on a mission! Through speaking engagements, workshops, and global events, she shares the wisdom of a life lived at 35,000 feet, and helps people from all walks of life tap into the innate power of their personal spiritual connection.


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    The Vampire Diaries “The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get” TV Recap - 6.06

    in Entertainment

    Summary: When Alaric realizes that Jo can’t be compelled, he asks Elena to do some digging into her background. After learning that Enzo has been captured by Tripp, Caroline teams up with Matt and Stefan to rescue him before Tripp learns their true identities. Armed with some new information about her past, Sarah breaks into Tripp’s office and is surprised when she finds Matt there, doing some investigating of his own. Meanwhile, Elena is forced to deal with the consequences of her actions, and Jeremy hits rock bottom, lashing out in a destructive way. Lastly, Damon is determined to take matters into his own hands when he receives some upsetting news.

    Join hosts Raechel (@RaechelEP ), Kristin (@Kristin0409) and Keisha ( @Keelime_ ) live Nov. 8 at 2 p.m. EST.

    Variety Radio Online – bringing you all things entertainment including news, reviews and interviews. Check out our website, like us on Facebook, subscribe to us on Youtube, and follow us on Twitter and Tumblr. 

    The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on The CW Network.  

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    The Vampire Diaries - "Black Hole Sun" - Season 4 EP 4

    in Television


    Join The Vampire Diaries hosts every Saturday as they discuss the highlights of the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries - E-mail your thoughts on the episode and the host will read them on air. Join the LIVE chat-room while the LIVE Review show is airing, Saturdays at 2pm EST.

    Be sure to follow us on twitter!
    Raechel: @Raechelep
    Kristin: @Kristin0409
    Keisha: @Keelime_

    Summary: When Damon and Bonnie realize that uncovering a time in Damon’s past may provide clues to finding their way home, Damon is forced to relive one of the worst days of his life. After an awkward run-in with Joat the hospital, Alaric steps in to help Jeremy get his life together and cope with the loss of Bonnie. Elsewhere, Stefan attempts to show Elena what it’s like to start over and create a new identity, while an unsuspecting Matt finds himself in a disturbing situation when Tripp lets him in on a dark secret. Lastly, Stefan, who is desperate to regain some normalcy in his life, is stunned when an unexpected visitor shows up.

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    Rebecca Tripp and Tom Hayes Discuss Creativity and Attachment

    in Comedy

    Known as "The Metaphysical Flight Attendant," Rebecca Tripp is an author, spiritual coach, and creative manifestress on a mission! Through speaking engagements, workshops, and global events, she shares the wisdom of a life lived at 35,000 feet, and helps people from all walks of life tap into the innate power of their personal spiritual connection.

    After 35 years as a "Sky Goddess" with United Airlines, Rebecca reinvented herself as a spiritual teacher, coach, and healer. A teacher of meditation and creative visualization since 2004, her work integrates several proven modalities to help clients and students heal themselves and create their ideal lives through the power of positive thought.

    Tom Hayes is an inspirational speaker, producer, broadcaster who is a lifetime student of metaphysics after losing a leg to cancer at the age of 13. 

    Today they discuss creativity and its origins and the importance of letting go of attachments.


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    Firearms and Security for Self Reliance and Grid Down Situations

    in Politics Conservative

    I get asked all the time about what firearms people should procure for end of the world situations. First off, as you know, I consider "the end of the world scenarios" to be the last type scenario you should be preparing for, but it just so happens that most of the weapons I would suggest for the end of the world will also work in all of the most common self defense situations most people will face.

    And the first thing you should know is that everyone's situation is going to be a bit different and because of that, suggestions for self and home defense may well also be different. There is no one size fits all that is going to work for everyone.

    If you live in a home 70 miles from anywhere and anyone in the wilds of Montanna, your needs and your situation is going to be different than a person living in an apartment in downtown Houston.

    What you are going to have to consider as possible "threats" which will have to be overcome may well be much different as well. You will not have to worry about an 800 pound grizzly bear in downtown Houston (barring an earthquake releasing zoo animals), and the family in Montana is more than probably not going to be worrying about immediate hordes of looters trying to break down their doors.

    Everyone has a different level and type of threat and everyone has different levels of experience and familiarity with firearms.

    Tonight we are going to discuss where you need to start thinking about your own situation and preparing for it when deciding on what type of firearm might be most usefull to you and yours in most home and self defense situations.

    Be sure and call in with your comments and suggestions at 347-308-8790


    Thanks, and hope to see you here!



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    Small School Show w/ Tripp, Janis & Duvernay-Tardif

    in Sports

    Discussing sleeper prospects for the 2014 NFL Draft with Small School Guru Josh Buchanan. Guests are Montana LB Jordan Tripp, Saginaw Valley St. WR Jeff Janis and McGill OT Laurent Duvernay-Tardif.

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    Starborn Support Radio Presents

    in Paranormal

    We are welcoming Debi Tripp this week!

    I am really very excited to announce that we will have The amazing Debi Tripp on our show this Sunday from 8pm to 10pm, EST.

    Debi, besides being an experiencer and an abductee, is also a certified clinical hypnotherapist, and is a member of The American Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists. She is an advanced practitioner certified in Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT), she is a Reiki and Sound practitioner, and teached and facilitates meditation and groups.

    Above all of these amazing talents, she is the founder of the Tennessee chapter of Starborn Support, and, she is the very first practitioner and therapist endorsed by Starborn Support International!

    I am very excited and proud to host her, and you will enjoy her being on the show!

    She is going to discuss her presentation a bit -- the one she will be giving at the Experiencers Speak conference coming up very soon: September 6th and 7th.

    Please join us this Sunday evening as we talk with Debi and learn more about this dynamic and talented therapist, experiencer, abductee, and founder of Tennessee Starborn Support.

    Call in at 646-716-8070 to talk to Debi Tripp. We love our callers!

    Starborn Support Radio: Where Experiencers Speak.

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    Todd Palin involved in Sex trafficking -Movie -Boys Will Be boys

    in Entertainment

    The Movie Producer & Director Stephen James has exclusive movie rights to Shailey Tripp's book, "Boys Will Be Boys" The allegedly true story about how Todd Palin got Shailey Tripp involved in Prostitution‎ & Sex trafficking. Stephen James will join us today. Shailey Tripp  recently was kidnapped and raped, Could there be a connection to Todd or Sarah Palin? As Shailey Tripp remains quiet about her assault and battery, it may be helpful to review a post she did over one year ago. Here is her statement, given on the first anniversary of the publication of her book.Certainly, I know very little about any violence inflicted on Shailey, or who was responsible. I only use the occasion of the violence to bring to your attention the following: The Palins never filed a defamation suit against the national enquirer for their story. We get to the bottom of this.

    MVP film Network is almost ready to launch. Submit your films now

    9am pacific - 12pm eastern time Call in 646-595-3032

    This Program is Sponsored by:

    -Max Ivey, Midway Marketplace

    -Loretta's Authentic Pralines

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    Funny Voices

    in Entertainment

    Get your sides ready to be sewn! Tripp and Tyler have the mike and the laughter just keeps comin'!  Lots of our friends from Hollywood have joined us to make this show a laugh-riot! THATS RIGHT BABY SATURDAY NIGHT JAM SESSION IS BACK!  Lots of Special Guests will be appearing such as the famed comedian *Bill Cosby, as well as *Morton from Family Guy.



    *imitation voices provided for entertainment value, Bill Cosby nor Morton will be there.

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