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    Carlos M. Rodriguez - FoodBank of Monmouth & Ocean Counties

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    One out of ten people living in Monmouth and Ocean Counties receives food from The FoodBank which distributes approx 7 million pounds annually through a network of 260 programs. The FoodBank’s programs aim to eliminate hunger by providing emergency food, skills training, outreach programs, and advocacy for needy families. Since Superstorm Sandy hit the Jersey Shore, The FoodBank has been providing relief to our local communities.They distributed food for 1 million meals in the first month after the storm. They provided food for hot meals prepared by emergency feeding programs for displaced residents in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Their Culinary Kitchen prepared meals daily for churches and civic organizations serving storm ravaged communities.
    The monumental task of alleviating hunger is lead by Carlos M. Rodriguez, Executive Director of the FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Carlos has15 years of experience improving policies and delivery of services to those in need. He advocates integrating food distribution, income supports, and nutrition education. From the South Bronx, he has an understanding of poverty and an appreciation of the impact human services have on families. The FoodBank began in 1984 when people saw hunger at the Jersey Shore and decided to make a difference. Now Carlos is making a difference. Under his leadership, earned income tax services, SNAP training, and Kids Cafe programs were recognized with the Award of Excellence from Associations Advance America, Victory Against Hunger Award and Award for Excellence from Feeding America, respectively. In 2011 Carlos received LATINO Magazine’s RAYOS Award, “rays of light”. After the interview, go to After Hours at Jersey Coastal Live for additional information.

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    Al Fink's Monday Local Live Music Talk Show 5p - 8p ET Full Show!

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    Well the artists are back from the IBC. This week we are going to ask them to tell the story.

    We will be on the air at 5 PM Eastern for segment # 1 

    Al Fink's will do his monologue at 5.

    At 5:15 ET Dawn Dyer  will give us the Mid West Report

    We will be on the Monmouth and Ocean County NJ beat from  5.25-6p

    Then in the 6 O'Clock hour we will swing to the Atlanta beat .

    At 7 we will play the archive from the Blue Moon of Bob's getaway party to the IBC.

    You can't miss this one, all of our Ocean and Monmouth County Friends

    have been invited.

    Be with us at 7:30 to welcome Bob and the Band home from the IBC.

    We are sure that he will have some stories to sharel from his fun in Memphis. 

    We will then pick up at 8 PM Eastern for episode # 2.

    Tune in @ 5pm - 10pm Eastern. Monday Through Sunday.

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    Al Fink's Friday Live Music Talk Show. 01/16/2015

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    Tonight's show will be visiting with several artists at their gigs.

    Dick Gratton at Chambers Walk in Lawrenceville NJ.

    C.O.A.L G at Baker's Water Steert Grill in Toms River NJ.

    We will get a peek into Vicki Dee's Happy Hour @ The Frogg Pond in Rehobeth Beach, Delaware.

    We will have The Monmouth County Live Music Report from Sondra  of the VyntEdge Rock And Roll Band.

    We will have a visit to Harry's Lobster House in Sea Bright NJ to see how things are going over there.

    We have a Live Blues set tonight  featuring 2 Blue from Springfield, Missouri. 2 Blue is on their way to IBC. Please support them.

    Other guests may also pop in. Margaret is still at it!

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    Will You Know Broadband Success When You See It?

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    A big majority of the hundreds of citywide and partial-reach broadband networks are celebrated successes by their stakeholders, businesses and residential subscribers, disproving critics who wrongly claim all public-owned networks are failures. Interviews live from the Kansas City Gigabit Summit reveal what it means to have a winning community broadband network.

    Delegates from eight of the communities sharing their success stories with Summit attendees join us to give listeners insights to setting and meeting broadband goals. It is important to understand that, unlike private service providers, "return on investment" (ROI) is very different for communities focused on using broadband to improve economic development, transform healthcare delivery and otherwise serve the public good. 

    Guests, including those representing Winthrop, MN, Chattanooga and Jackson, TN, Monmouth, OR and Salisbury, NC, also discuss how they funded their networks, and offer advice for meeting the money challenge as opportunities and financing options evolve. One of the several strengths public entities have over private companies is the ability to repay debt over 20 or 25 years rather than being driven to meet stockholder needs for quick returns.    

    The Gigabit Summit is a national gathering of cities with broadband networks that are educating, helping and encouraging cities just beginning their broadband journeys. Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri are the proud hosts and gigabit showcase cities kicking off 2015 with the first big broadband educational conference of the year.    


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    Dr. Noah Gilson – Photographer & Physician

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    What came first – the photographer or the physician? In the case of neurologist Dr. Noah Gilson, it was photography. At the age of 14 he was given his first SLR camera with black and white film that he processed in the basement darkroom of his home. He won some local photo competitions and honed his skills in a high school photography course. He considered pursuing photography professionally but decided to become a doctor. When his darkroom was stolen out of his college apartment, he focused all attention on pre-med studies and photography was on indefinite hold. But after a 25 year hiatus during which he became a doctor, husband and father, photography returned to Dr. Gilson’s life. The darkroom was soon a thing of the past as he quickly became enchanted with the superiority of digital photography in every aspect of image production. Gradually he filled the walls of his home and office with photos. He uses his photos to calm patients nervous about being in a doctor’s office or in the hospital. His Healing Images are intended to teach people to slow down and take a break from their frantic lives. They invite us to examine at our surroundings and to marvel at the miracle of the mundane. The underlying theme in Dr. Gilson’s photos is the concept of mindfulness which encourages us to treasure every experience and all of its sensations. Many neurologic patients are very ill and the news Dr. Gilson gives families is sometimes grim. Calming pictures placed on the wall of the family consultation room provides him the courage and composure to say what needs to be said as sensitively as possible. Dr. Gilson’s photos are in local galleries and permanent displays at Monmouth Medical, Jersey Shore, and Riverview Medical Centers. After the interview, please check After Hours at Jersey Coastal Live for more info.

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    Do cops target blacks? FBI stats show arrest disparity

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    We explore the stats of police shooting in the US. Read an except of a book 

    Confessions of a Police Officer

    African-Americans were arrested at some of the highest rates in the country in Monmouth and Ocean counties, according to a review of FBI records.

    The statistics for 2011-2012 show that in several Shore communities, blacks accounted for up to 44 percent of arrests in towns where the black population was less than 15 percent of total residents, according to the FBI data compiled by USA Today. Of the 19 local police departments that self-reported their arrest numbers to the FBI, the biggest disparities were seen at the Monmouth County Sheriff's Department and the Wall police department in Monmouth, and the Lakewood police department in Ocean. Is your state or city on this map? We will find out.

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    WVSports.com Radio 11/12/14

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    West Virginia fell in a blowout loss at Texas this past weekend and the guys, Greg Madia, Keenan Cummings and Marc Basham will break down what it means for WVU. After discussing where the football team goes from their second straight loss, they will move on to a full West Virginia basketball preview, with the season set to open on Friday at the Coliseum against Monmouth. You'll hear from Bob Huggins and players during the show.

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    Progressive News Network - Turtles and $ Troubles

    in Politics Progressive

    Join News Director Rick Spisak as he welcomes his guests

    Staci-lee Sherwood who has been working on protecting Florida's Turtles from a variety of challenges human and otherwise

    And Environmentalist John Quarterman President of the WWALS Watershed Coalition will discuss the Sable Trail Pipeline

    And a very special pair of guests Lynn and David Petrovich hosts of a new upcoming Finance/Credit Revolution show called

    "Lives in the (Balance Sheet)" - Dave and Lynn have an extensive activist portfolio - 

    Medicare For All (NJ) + CPAs For Community Support + Green Party of Monmouth & Central NJ + (democratic) Socialist Party of Central NJ + People For A New Society (PFANS) + New Progressive Alliance - NJ + Society For Preservation of Continued Homeownership aka SPOCH (a NJ NP 501c3 Corporation)

    They address the issues of credit, student loans taxation and how to maximize your economic  power in a RIGGED GAME

    And of course as always we'll start with some headlines and you can find the details at www.AveryVoice.com

    Tune in Sunday 7pm Live or Anytime

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    Rena Levine Levy -- Recapping The 10,000 Hot Dog Campaign

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    Did you enjoy your summer? Living and lounging by the beach in Monmouth County might make you forget about others in our area who are desperately in need and feeling the pangs of hunger. Summer is a season of hunger for children who don't receive the food they normally receive during the school year. One in every ten people in Monmouth and Ocean Counties receive emergency food from the FoodBank’s network of pantries, soup kitchens and other agencies. The FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties teamed-up with Sabrett and WindMill Hot Dogs to raise money to provide food for those in our communities who don’t have enough to eat. The 10,000 Hot Dog campaign ran through Labor Day. Each $5.00 donation would deliver 15 meals and hope to struggling families. Additionally, Sabrett matched contributions to the project, donating up to 10,000 hot dogs. The fundraiser kicked off right before Memorial Day with Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes playing a concert on the roof deck of the WindMill in West End. The 10,000 Hot Dog campaign ended Labor Day. In this follow-up visit with Rena Levine Levy of the Windmill and Peter Grote of the Foodbank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, we’ll get the results of this ambitious campaign and learn more about other initiatives from the Foodbank to eradicate hunger in our area. After the interview, please visit After Hours at Jersey Coastal Live for more information.

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    Angela Brathovde, MSN, RN, BC, HNB-BC, PhD Joins Reiki Radio

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    Angela Brathovde is a certified psychiatric and holistic nurse, has a PhD in holistic counseling and is a Reiki Master. She is a nurse educator, has published several articles and has speaks widely on holistic nursing. She is the Clinical Director of Children’s Crisis Intervention Services at Monmouth Medical Center.

    Angela will speak to how she practices holistic health at her organiation and how Reiki research contributes to our nursing practice.

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    Horse Racing Picks for Monmouth Haskell 7/31

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    My top selections for the stakes Racing for 
    Monmouth the Haskell

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