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    Shady Marxist “Earth” Organizations: NM Wilderness Alliance

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    Anti-Law Leftist Environmentalists Seek to Act as Judge, Jury & Hangman One of the astounding ironies of the modern age is many groups associated with “selfless” secular evangelism are little more than grubby Marxist endeavors designed to enslave credulous, leftist drones. While the relentlessly disingenuous Global Warming cabal comes to mind, this description also fits the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance (NMWA). The Alliance has sought for years to create wilderness designations that would not just limit mankind’s ability to travel into such areas, but also certainly bankrupt many old ranch families with landholdings in these areas, too.

    NMWA boasts a lineage traced back to Dave Foreman, founder of Earth First!, one of the most radical environmental groups ever conceived. Sadly, many Americans never learn about how destructive such presumed salt-of-the-earth-Marxism can be until these groups invade their own lives. This article examines this issue.


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    Interview with Dana Lyons

    in Politics Progressive

    Dana Lyons is a singer-songwriter based in Bellingham, Washington who has written a lot of great songs over the past few decades, including the runaway international hit "Cows with Guns."