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    Sheryl Roush Heart of a Holidays is the topic how to enjoy the best of it

    in Business

    After visualizing a potential “ideal” workplace throughout her years in marketing, software development and self-development?companies, she tested her theories – starting with her own attitude – and they worked. In spite of experiencing an assortment of character-building challenges (including bankruptcy and a failed marriage), they still worked! Sheryl is an 8-time business owner and a 17-time published author.

    Heart of a Holidays:
    Holiday Inspirations Yuletide Treasures & Traditions
    Bask in the glow of winter s warmth... Heart of the Holidays celebrates the most blessed time of year with lighthearted tales of friends and family, touching stories, beautiful poems, powerful quotations, and some of your favorite yuletide songs... all wrapped up and ready for you to open and enjoy.

    Whatever your faith or celebration, Heart of the Holidays evokes the spirit of the season and shares the gift of joy, peace, and love.
    Memories, thoughts, and insight on: Cherished Childhood Memories
    New vs. Old Holiday Traditions
    Food, Family, and Friends
    Visiting and Travel during the Holidays
    The Goodness, Gratitude and Generosity of Children
    Holiday Overseas


    Strategies of Success
    Host - Brian A Cohen CDTM

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    Monique Duell on Women of Wisdom

    in Motivation

    On Women of Wisdom today, Best-Selling Author, Win Kelly Charles welcomes the woman everyone knows as a daughter, sister, speaker, singer, and mother of 2 beautiful “special needs” children, Monique Duell to the program today.  Monique not only raises her 2 special needs sons, but she also has custody of 2 of her own siblings who just happen to be special needs people as well. Her experiences have brought her to write an inspirational book titled: “How Do I Handle a Special Needs Child?” which guides caregivers towards peace and helps them cope spiritually, physically and emotionally.  Connect with Monique at www.monispeakstruth.wordpress.com  Win Charles can be found @ www.wincharles.com and when YOU are ready to be a guest, email her w.charleswisdom@gmail.com  and put GUEST in the subject line, we will get right back to you.  FOLLOW this program @ www.blogtalkradio.com/wcawomanwithcp

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    The Sheryl Lee Ralph D.I.V.A. Talk Show Sheryl in Paris and Black History

    in Entertainment

    Join Award Winning Actress, Singer, Author & Philanthropist, Sheryl Lee Ralph on her new radio show as she talks Life, Love, Self Growth, Wellness and Empowerment as she redefines DIVA. Sheryl Lee Ralph's show is going to be fun, witty, topical, important, full of great guests...and always thoughtful with the original Dreamgirl herself. The Sheryl Lee Ralph D.I.V.A. Talk Show ~ Real Talk! 

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    Sheryl Lee Ralph D.I.V.A. Talk Show with guest Aunjanue Ellis

    in Entertainment

    BET launched its first miniseries,  'The Book Of Negroes' Featuring Aunjanue Ellis And Lou Gossett Jr.

    Our Guest today is Aunjanue Ellis. You may remember her from “Under Cover Brother”, “Ray” or “The Help” but you will never forget this ground-breaking -history making performance in “The Book of Negros” ! Listen is as she has a DIVA Talk, RealTalk with Sheryl Lee Ralph.

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    Sandra Wilson Interviews Janelle Barr Agency International Actress Nirmala

    in Radio

    Sandra Wilson Show Celebs Interviews Janelle Barr Agency International Actress Nirmala Kumari. To hear dial 1-347-215-7005

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    OVERCOMING- the book read by Monique Nubia Sunshine

    in Books

    Queen Afua has done it again! Her book SACRED WOMAN was very healing and gave us a journey to women's wellness, but OVERCOMING AN ANGRY VAGINA is specific and detailed in remedies for healing fibroids,vagina discharge,heavy bleeding and other problems that commonly affect woman that are in toxic relationships or have a toxic lifestyle. Vegetarian lifestyle, colon detoxing and detoxing from physically, emotionally and spiritually toxic relationships are discussed. She looks at how women are treated as indiviuals and how women are viewed on a global level that contributes to many "womb problems". Reading OVERCOMING AN ANGRY WOMB is down to earth, and reads like a conversation with a wise, gentle friend that tells you what you need to hear about being a woman in today's world. This book is not about being angry at men, but helps us to understand how poor relationships have shaped our views of ourselves and how to regain health and attract healthier relationships. A

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    Sandra Wilson Interviews CEO OF LTCE/Rap Artist Colors

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    Sandra Wilson Show Celebs Interviews CEO OF LTCE/Rap Artist Colors. To hear dial 1-347-215-7005

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    in Music

    The Coach's Corner 8pm-10pm PST  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. 

    It's the home of Indie Hip Hop, Brand New Music, Live Interviews, Hip Hop News and More! SPECIAL GUEST: Green Mischief With Host: Coach Ali 

    Call (347)-884-8745 

    All Rights Reserved Coast Connected Music Production Music Consulting (c)Copyrite 2015

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    Women Making It Happen: Monique Rodriquez, Mielle Organics

    in Women

    Tune in on Monday, February 9th as we feature guest, Monique Rodriquez, CEO of Mielle Organics. Learn all about how she got her company started, contributing factors to her success and wisdom tips she wants to share with other business women.

    About Our Featured Guest:

    Monique Rodriguez is the CEO of Mielle Organics , a hair and skin care company that uses all natural ingredients. As a mother and Registered Nurse, Monique developed a passion for healthy living and was determined to share her knowledge and enthusiasm about growing and maintaining healthy hair.

    Today, Monique's products have become a global and viral sensation, with orders from over 100,000 customers around the world in a seven month span. The company has been endorsed by celebrities including: Rasheeda Frost (Love & Hip Hop), Demetria McKinney (Real Housewives of Atlanta and Tyler Perry’s House of Pain), Drew Sidora (BET’s The Game) and a host of naturalistas around the world. Mielle Organics continues to be a market innovator in the natural hair care world and is excited to continue to meet the demands of healthy, natural hair by women and families worldwide.

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    Thats Novel interviews ZB Heller

    in Books

    Join Stephanie on Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2015 when she interviews Author ZB Heller.  

    "As a little girl it was always a dream for Z.B. Heller to become She-Ra Princess of Power. Since this dream was unobtainable, she spent what was probably way to long in college trying to "find herself". Becoming an artist scratched the creative itch until the stories in her head were getting to be to loud for her to get anything else accomplished. She lives in St. Louis with her husband, son and Flemish Giant rabbit Chloe. In her spare time she likes to read, stalk celebrities on Twitter and create the type of art that people scratch their heads about.

    The Chronicles of Moxie is Z.B. Heller's debut novel."

    ZB's Amazon Author page:  http://amzn.to/1vsa6g2


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