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    Monika Mitchell brings The NYC Innovation Festival to LIFE!!!

    in Lifestyle

    Monika Mitchell wears many hats, social entrepreneur, web chat host, contributor to the Huffington Post and this Thursday, Feb 5th at 1:00 pm est , she will be joining host Frankie Picasso on the Good Radio Network, to speak about her role as Executive Director of the NYC Social Innovation Festival.
    Monika is also the founder of ImpactNYC, l3c, a social enterprise news and media platform launched from GoodBusinessNY, a leading online news platform for social innovation to provide tools, news, and information to scale sustainable local social impact.

    The NYC Social Innovation Festival is an Innovative, Entrepreneurial and Collaborative event that will take place over two weekends in NYC.

    This event is for Entrepreneurs and Innovators who wish to build a better NYC for all New Yorkers and they are looking for YOU to be a part of the solution.

    If you don’t live in NYC, that’s ok, Neither do I, however I am going to take notes, because this may be a model that will work for my City in the future.

    Monika will be bringing together Innovators, artists, entrepreneurs, local celebs & community leaders and speakers all of whom will be visiting the 5 boroughs across NYC together and then will discuss how to build the social impact economy in NYC's underserved neighborhoods!

    Social entrepreneurs, impact investors, bloggers, influencers, media, startups, creative & performing artists, hipsters, techies, social innovators, community leaders, civic leaders,



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    The Gaia Effect & The Human Akash...Interpretations of Kryon with MONIKA MURANYI

    in Spirituality

    Join Spiritual Intuitive and Consultant, Practical Magic Expert, Human Empowerment Facilitator Certified in Spiritual Psychology; Seminar Author & Facilitator; Awakening Zone Creator and Co-founder; Co-founder and EVP of NLN (N-Light-N) TV/Radio/Media and President and General Manager of NLN Radio, Channel and Host JOE RUMBOLO www.HealingTheUniverse.com as he WELCOMES Author MONIKA MURANYI www.MonikaMuranyi.com

    Monika Muranyi has always had a deep affinity and connection with Gaia, Mother Earth. This led her to university where she obtained a Bachelor of Applied Science degree with Honors at Southern Cross University in New South Wales, Australia. Monika has worked in various national parks within Australia and New Zealand for over fifteen years. Her ideal heaven was to be communing with nature in remote landscapes of breath taking beauty. Following a spiritual awakening she began to explore the deeper mysteries of Gaia and the universe.

    This new calling led Monika to move to New Zealand. While there she began her training as an accredited Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Balancing TechniqueTM Practitioner (Phases I to XIII). After moving back to Australia Monika began to travel with the Kryon team as synchronicity allowed.

    Monika has carefully researched the Kryon material and with Lee Carroll's permission, she brings personal experiences and insights as she weaves together the Kryon teachings and wisdom. Her first book, The Gaia Effect, provides greater understandings about Earth energies and how these interface with humanity. In addition, she has posed over thirty new questions that have been answered by Kryon.

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    A side by side analysis of couscous and quinoa

    in Health

    Audio version of my blog entry with this title.

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    Everyday People with Monika

    in Spirituality

    Join us tonight for Monica first show!!!

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    Using Essential Oils with Infants

    in Health

    Often we are asked how to use essential oils with babies.  Mothers know the benefits of these oils and want to uses them on their children, but want to be safe.  On today's show Mike and Monika will talk about all the ways in which you can effectively and safely apply oils to your children with confidence and surity.  You will be surprsed at the many applications that are available for children.

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    Open Your Pineal Gland and Let the Magic Happen

    in Health

    The pineal gland has a tendency to close down when it is not properly cared for.  Today Mike and Monika will talk all about the ways you can keep that gland open and functioning at a high level.  When that happens, your senses come alive, your mind becomes more efficient and your world changes.  Join us live and call in if you have thoughts or questions.  Of course, we will know you are coming before you even get there.

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    Boosting Your Immune System

    in Health

    With the onset of cold and flu season nothing protects you better than a healthy immune system.  Mike and Monika discuss how you too can have a dynamite immune system that will help you breeze through the winter without being sick.

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    Welcome to pHix Your Health Radio

    in Health

    After an extended absense, Mike and Monika return to blog talk radio with their new pHix Your Health Radio show.  This is the introductory show which will explain what we plan to do in the coming weeks and month.  Join us today to find out what is in store for your health.

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    The 3 Golden Rules to Positive Thinking

    in Health

    Host and life coach Monika is going to reveaveal the 3 Golden Rules to positive thinking tonight. Positive thinking is imperative for attracting more positivity into your life.

    This is the show for ladies who wake up being grumpy. And the show is for those who always think that life has nothing positive to offer. 

    With being positive you can master any situation in your life. You can overcome negative thought patterns about your body image issues, negative thoughts about your weight and your looks in general. Positve thinking can help you master obstacles and other blocks in your life. 

    You will also discover how we process our thoughts and how the subconscious mind works. 

    Please feel free to join me to tonight's show.

    I am looking forward to have you with me.

    Best wishes,

    Monika Kloeckner

    The Spiritual Life Coach


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    Stop procrastinating, start losing weight today

    in Weight Loss

    In today's show Monika is going to talk about the reasons why we procrastinate. She highlights the 2 most common fears of procrastination and gives tips and tricks how to stop putting off emotional eating for good. 

    if you procrastinate in losing weight and always find excuses then this is the right show for you.

    Monika will show you how to stop procrastinating and will give you heaps of ideas to follow easily. 

    Get in touch info@monikakloeckner.com

    Skype: monika.kloeckner

    Website: www.monikakloeckner.com

    Follow me on twitter: @thetahealer1

    Like me on facebook Healing your foodaddiction

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