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    Monetizing Your Passion

    in Self Help

    In this episode find out ways to monetizing your gifts and talents.  Pat Council's special guest Michael Chrosniak will share his story about how he followed his dream and used his gifts to earn an income while living out his passion.  This is a great show to tune in to for those who are looking for insight as to how to live your passion and how to get the courage to go for your dreams in 2015.

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    Monetizing Your Webinars

    in Business

    With Google+ Hangouts you can hold your own webinars. There are a lot of services that will let you make those Google+ Hangouts private, embedding them into a custom page that can have call to action buttons on it. In this episode you'll learn various ways to monetize your webinar, building a funnel of passive income for your business. Webinars also showcase your expertise and help you build your email database.

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    Monetizing Illiquid Whole Loan Portfolios

    in Finance

    Patrick Howard, Managing Director of Capital Markets at Cascadia Equity Leasing will discuss stratigies for monetizing illquid whole loan portfolios.

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    Rap Report Card Radio Show - #5 (Monetizing Your Music) by KBIZ Complex

    in Music

    Rap Report Card Radio Show - #5 (Monetizing Your Music) by KBIZ Complex



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    EP. 10 - PodUp to PodUp

    in Podcasting

    This week features Joseph Berman, creator and curator of the PodToPod podcast newsletter.  Which you can sign up for at PodtoPod.com.  Joseph explains why he started this newsletter and his latest thoughts on the industry and the community as a whole.  Super nice guy who I promise we'll have on again.


    This week's interview was recoreded using the Ringr App, which made Joe sound great!  Me not so much, but I explain why that happened.  It's not Ringr's fault.  Its mine.


    Also this week I take a look at a new podcast hosting platform called Awesound that is definitely worth checking out, especially if you are new to the podcasting industry.  It will give you a great head start to posting, getting searched and even monetizing your podcast this year.


    As always, don't forget to check out "The Hilarie Barsky Show."  That's a daily podcast with Hilarie Barsky, comedian Cathy Caldwell and me.  It's a ton of fun.  Maybe you're not the demographic for it, but it's the perfect podcast to get your folks interested in the medium.


    Also, as a reminder, if you recently launched a new podcast, are considering one, or just want to be more involved in the podcasting industry, shoot me a note and let's talk about your aspirations right here on PodUp.  Would love to hear from you! You can reach out by following me on twitter @PodUpPodcast or contacting me through my consulting website MPassyProductions.com.

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    Intro To Monetizing Your Blog

    in Blogs

    This segment is an intro to monetizing your blog. Some things covered will be: How soon should you monetize your site. What options are available? (including some proven ones I have tried) The best place to put ads without them being an annoyance to visitors? Please feel free to email me at nile@blondish.net or leave a question so I can cover it.

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    Interviewing The Divas ... with Guest Zandra Bell

    in Women

    Join Diva Candace Gish today as she speaks with her guest, fellow Diva .... the dynamic and very funny, Zandra Bell

    Zandra Bell minds YOUR business! Yes, as a successful motivational humorist, corporate speaker, and professional wordsmith, this savvy marketing mentor has learned a thing or two about how best to effectively wield the power of the spoken and written word to your entrepreneurial advantage.

    An expert in what she describes as “the art of creative business revitalization”, Zandra acts as an objective advisor looking in at everything from your current sales practices, right on through to the wording in your voice mail greeting, aligning, fine tuning, monetizing, and sharing surprising insights that owners are often too close to their business to realize.

    Says Zandra, “What I do for entrepreneurs is difficult to say succinctly because it’s so all encompassing and specific to their needs but, in essence, it’s all about creating your niche, your business “empire”, if you will, and then effectively utilizing the right words in the right way to compel your potential clients to choose YOU, your products, your services. Your passion and my imagination together…the possibilities are endless!!!”

    Zandra Bell ?

    at wit's end, 

    Inspirational Hilarity to Enhance Human Potential


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    Monetizing Coaching Futures That Matter(TM)

    in Lifestyle

    Patricia Hirsch interviews Karen Sands, MCC, BCC. Karen will discuss exploration of the future of coaching, and the future of practicing coaches. Time tested tips, and strategies for thriving in uncertain times by staying in sync with the people who keep us in business.Karen has been transforming lives, careers, and businesses since the early 1970s. She is a ICF-Certified Master Coach, CCE-Board Certified Coach, TED Fellow Support Coach, Certified Gerontologist, Career & Life Planning counselor, professional Futurist, and author of Visionaries Have Wrinkles, (2012), Ageless (2013) and more. Dedicated to changing the conversation around aging and the impact of the “Big Gray” on our future, she is a trusted advisor, coach and mentor, specializing in personal futures and sustainable success for Boomerpreneurs, and is an expert consultant to those serving and monetizing the 50+ market. She recently released A Glimpse of Tomorrow’s Promise, The Everyday Futurist’s Report. Karen is also the publisher of two free monthly eletters, Future Works® Gazette and Ageless BeatSM, She also regularly posts articles on her blog(s), The Everyday Futurist blog, and Ageless Futures blog. Works virtually and in Roxbury, Connecticut, USA.  

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    4 Hacks for Monetizing Speaking & Social Media

    in Entrepreneur

    Welcome to Business Black Belt Radio!

    Each week I interview an investor, an expert in business development, financing, marketing or management, or an entrepreneur who offers some keen insights into building your business...

    Bruce Mack is the true embodiment of an entrepreneur.  He has experienced extreme success in several vertical markets with a career that has spanned over 3 decades.
    Bruce has been an extremely successful real estate investor having bought, rehabbed and sold over 160 properties in a short 3 year period making millions in the process. He has spoken all over the world at 100s of events and has shared stages with other notables such as Donald Trump and Al Gore.
    Bruce has also been in the financial services industry for 20+ years. He is a fully licensed financial advisor and author of the book Changing Your Financial Future.  As a software developer, Bruce created a sophisticated and simple financial software program that kills the interest cancer and gets rid of all consumer, business and mortgage debt in 10 years or less.

    Bruce has recently introduced a revolutionary lead generation social media and marketing automation software program for solopreneurs, to enterprise level business: Max Lead Pro. 

    What do you need to know before you get out there promoting your product?
    How can you get invited to speak on good stages?
    How do you assure a good audience before you make the flight?
    What is the typical revenue share for speakers?
    How do you monitize social media?

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    Entrepreneurial Excellence Radio Show-BEAUTIFUL! GRATEFUL MEDITATION

    in Women

    Entrepreneurial Excellence Radio Show is platform for business owners-old, new and aspiring to share tips, promotions and their stories. The purpose is to inspire others to monetizing their dreams for a new future for themselves, their families and the community.Our vision includes you, our listeners, subscribers and business owners. Our Mission is to provide resources in Business 101, Marketing 101, Cutting Edge Technology, Love in Business, Social Entrepreneurship and Women in Business. We have an underlying pledge to support a better community and to empower the members of these communities to dispelling fear and increase a stronger economic foundation. 

    YOUR SHOW HOST: Heather L. Tapia ~ Proserity Adviser

    Guests: #INSPIREiwd1015

    Purpose for Women International provides access to resources, funding, education, entreprenurial opportunities, and empowerment events supporting an increased awareness on local, national and international issues for women, children, families and the community. We partner with other business, non-profits and like- hearted individuals to affect change on a local, national and international level. www.PurposeforWomenInternational.org

    Visit US on the Web- www.PWIradio.com

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    in Education

    This is the Audio from the Orlando Seminar. This is some very good information  if you are interested in monetizing the BIrth Certificate!!

    Rule 144A, adopted pursuant to the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the "Securities Act") provides a safe harbor from the registration requirements of the Securities Act of 1933 for certain private resales of restricted securities to QIBs (qualified institutional buyers), which generally are large institutional investors with over $100 million in investable assets.