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    Interior Designer Kelli Ellis

    in Design

    Kelli Ellis You’ve likely seen Kelli as the featured designer on TLCs Clean Sweep,  two season’s of HGTVs Takeover my Makeover.
    In addition to HGTV, TLC, Bravo, Kelli has guest appeared on NBC, CBS, ABC Nationwide. The web knows Kelli from eHow.com as their resident Interior Design Expert and V&M.com Insider. Orange County knows Kelli as the feature reporter for Daybreak OC and monthly advice columnist for the OC Gazette. You’ve heard her give decor and “Design Psychology” advice on HGTV Radio/Sirius, MomTV and BlogTalk Radio. She is also a regular keynote speaker and panelist at High Point Market and Las Vegas Market, and marketing summits annually. Kelli was recently chosen as one of the Influential Women of Design, at the Las Vegas Market.   She created The Kelli Kit DIY design tool and taping a brand new TV show with a similar theme coming to your living rooms soon!
    Kelli has joined forces with award-winning Designer Lori Dennis to bring Design Camp to thousands of interior designers, decorators, and design lovers nationally and internationally. Join Lori and Kelli in one or more of the Design Camp locations near you! designcamp.com 

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    MOMpreneurs at Our BEST!

    in Social Networking

    Welcoming in the New Year is always an amazing experience for me. I can't believe that we have already lived through 10 years of a new century! Unbelievable.

    My first Word of Mom show for the new year is going to be a free-for-all - I am inviting past guests to call in and share their upcoming plans for the new year. I hope you will join us on Thursday January 6th at 2pmEST/11amPST and share your new year plans as well.

    I hope that I will be chatting with Amy from www.inspiringMoms.com, Heather from www.cafeSmom.com, Karen from www.theguiltfreemom.com, Janice from www.BizMSolutions.com, Kasey from www.KLVirtualSolutions.com, Lucinda from www.corporatemomdropouts.com, Mandy from Cupcakes and Carrots Coaching and many more amazing women I have met along the way.

    Please email me at dori.s1bags@gmail.com, follow me on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/Dori_S1_Bags, join the Word of Mom fan page on Facebook, and watch for my debut on MomTV on January 20th with Word of Mom - for info tune into http://www.momtv.com/word-of-mom. As you can see, it is a busy new year for Word of Mom and I want to share YOU as well - so get in touch and let me know how!

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    Mary Johnson on Word of Mom September 29th!

    in Social Networking

    Thursday on BlogTalkRadio at 2pmET/11amPT on Word of Mom Mary Kathryn Johnson joins me again and continues to share MommyLoves.com.  For those of you who also tune into WoM on MomTV, Mary visited with me there at the beginning of the month.  We had a wonderful conversation that technology intervened and our conversation was s0 enjoyable that I immediately invited her to come back and share on BTR.  Mary lives in the Northern California Sierra-Nevada Foothills with her husband, two sons and two Aussies. Her days are filled with elementary school yard duty, writing, nurturing MommyLoves.com and wishing she could pursue all the dreams and inventions that seep into her mind.  Mary’s love of discovery prompted her mother to say that she would someday wear a lab coat, and this prophesy came true. Mary went on to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Food Science from U.C. Berkeley, which led to a career in Nutrition and Weight Loss counseling.  After a decade in the health field, she switched to Career Placement counseling. It was during this Career Placement foray that she hit the “Bump” that was her ‘messy, two broken legs while 8 months pregnant’ life that prompted her to “Take a Left” into self employment, and all things entrepreneurial. Join us on Word of Mom or give us a call and be part of the conversation  at 347 850 8994 to find out more about Mary and MommyLoves.com

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    Healthy Bits and Bites with Leslie Gail

    in Health

    Leslie Gail joins me on Healthy Bits and Bites as a Lifestyle and Wellness Expert. She hosts her own weekly radio show on Blogtalkradio, offers advice, resources and other experts to help listeners create a life filled with joy and purpose. Leslie is the host of Life Simplified- a weekly webshow on MomTV where she is seen by women all over the country and appears regularly on FOX31 Good Day Colorado. In Addition, Leslie is an author of the best-selling book Life Simplified~ A weekly guide to creating a life you love. Lastly, she is the Simplicity and Lifestyle expert on Brooke Burke's Modern Day Mom.

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    The Prospect Profiler™ Interviews Dori DeCarlo

    in Marketing

    Dori has taken her years of marketing and sales background to develop her company S1™ Safety First, LLC. After Columbine she wanted to find a way to keep schools safe and designed and developed a line of clear bags and backpacks in response to schools starting to require students carry clear bags or no bags. The S1 line expanded as security became an issue in offices, airports, sports arenas and other public venues. She has worked extensively with people with disabilities and was also an interpreter for the hearing impaired. This side of her background is why she introduced wheelchair backpacks to S1 – so children and adults with mobility issues would not have to wait until our product line developed further.
    As Vice President of two different marketing companies before S1, she concentrated on finding artists with disabilities freelance work to supplement their incomes while developing their graphic skills. All in all, her commitment to making a difference has led to the launch of S1™ and its product line.
    Giving back has always been a driving force in Dori’s life and sharing others is a big part of that give back. Her Blog Talk Radio Show, Word of Mom has been a great forum for sharing MOMpreneurs with each other and the natural step to becoming a MomTV host as well. Empowering MOMpreneurs is a passion for Dori and she is sharing the lessons she has learned with business owners as a coach, mentor and strategic partner, working one on one with women looking for start and build their businesses. Last but not least, Dori is the proud mom of three children – Dan, Rob, and Courtney – young adults really – time does fly so seize the moment!

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    The Glam Life with Clarissa Nassar

    in Women

    This will be my debut MomTV show!

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    NEXT LEVEL LIVING with Coach Terrance & Melody Byrd

    in Self Help

    This week Coach Terrance and Melody "Adding Sugar" Byrd welcome Momentrepreneur Lucinda Cross.
    Lucinda Cross is a key note speaker, author and mompreneur. Founder of Corporate Mom Dropouts, host of Whats Your Story on MomTV and Business Birthing Consultant. She is also the co-creator of Super Mom Entrepreneur Annual Conference. For several years, she has made it her life’s mission to uplift, inspire and change women’s lives. She likes to call herself a catalyst for change. Known as the Business Midwife Lucinda shares her gifts as a marketing strategist, mentor and writer. She uses that wisdom and insight to motivate moms to create a better life, a better community and a better business. She has been featured on ABC News, NBC, NY1, LA Business Week and more, she is also a contributing writer to several publications and blogs.

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    Five Brain-Based Strategies To Calm The Anxious Child

    in Family

    Respected therapist Ingrid Sutton joins Dr. Lynne Weighs In to teach us about the origins and treatment of child anxiety. Every child has some degree of anxiety. Perhaps as a mom or dad, you too worry or feel anxious. We'll explore the continuum from calm to anxious while learning how to calm the limbic brain. Looking forward to a powerful conversation. Join us, 'cause the Moms are In!

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    Cyber Stalking - Affects Adults Too!

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    Join us on this episode of Family Talk with my special guest: Shellie Ross. Shellie Ross is a blogging go getter who never sits still, or takes no for an answer. Beginning her blogging career in 2006, she became a recognized name by many of the top bloggers as well as brands in 2009. Through self motivation, she has made a name for herself after working with the likes of Disney World and SeaWorld of Orlando, as well as test driving for both Ford and GM in 2009.

    After facing the tragic death of their toddler son in December, 2009 Shellie has pushed forward, and is determined to bring both pool safety awareness and cyber stalking awareness into her current and future work.

    She is currently being interviewed for inclusion in a book on blogging moms, as well as writing a chapter for a second book to offer comfort, support and healing to parents suffering from the loss of a child. A self starter, who has put these talents to work with both MomTV and BSM Media sharing her enthusiasm and ideas to help drive the projects she has worked on forward in the blogging community. Shellie currently resides in Florida with her husband who is an active duty member of the Air Force as well as their children on their 3 acre mini farm where life is never dull.

    Be sure to join us for this informative episode. Look forward to having you listen to the show. Hosted by Dr. Daisy Sutherland, aka Dr. Mommy.

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    Need more Moolah in you Home Business? The answer is....

    in Business

    self-care! Join Home Party Plan this week as we talk to entrepeneur, mom, and funny gal extraordinaire, Laurel Crossley-Byers about Taking care of ourselves. Taking Care of Business
    Most of us entrepreneurs know the value in the concept of Taking Care of Business - Wonderful Business Plans, Wonderful Customer Care initiatives, Great Return Policies, etc. Did you know that the better care you take of yourself as an entrepreneur - mind, body & spirit - the better your business will become? Self-care allows for greater creativity, more energy and amazing business focus. Next time you think about Taking Care of Business, make sure it's about taking care of your business personally! Laurel A. Crossley-Byers, B. A., TV Host MomU!, Life Coach, Parent Educator, Founder-Opti-Mom & Opti-MomTV.

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    A Dream To Empower Women

    in Family

    Stephanie Piche discusses her role developing content, programming and partnerships, and recruiting talent for, an internet site.