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    Ep#19: Sovereignty vs. Free Will--Molinism and Open Theism

    in Religion

    Pastor Brian and Drew Payne continue to examine the theological systems based around the question of God's sovereignty versus human free will.  In this episode, they will examine Molinism and Open Theism.  While Molinism is accepted by many evangelical Christians, questions surround Open Theism as to whether or not it could be deemed a heretical system.  Pastor Brian and Drew will seek to answer these questions on this episode.  Call in at (322) 784-9617 or make use of our free chatboard.

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    "Theology Matters" with the Pellews

    in Religion

    Join Devin and Melissa Pellew each week at they discuss topics related to biblical theology, Christian apologetics and worldview issues. This week, we will be having a friendly crossfire debate on the topics of Unconditional Election and Irresistible Grace between two students of theology and philosophy. Representing the Arminian perspective will be Jordan Fishel of Las Vegas and representing the Calvinist view will be Nathaniel Taylor, ruling elder and interim pastor at Christ Church Presbyterian in Irvine, CA. This will be a great time to hear both views fairly represented on these non-essential but important topics. Our phones wil be open at the end of the show if you would like to call in with a question for Jordan or Nathanael.  You do not want to miss this engaging discussion!