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    State Sovereignty: Amendments 1 and 7

    in Politics Conservative

    I am very excited tonight to be joined by a new co-host for our Friday and Saturday shows. Mike Slack is going to be sharing the mic with me for the foreseeable future. Join us tonight and welcome Mark to our fellowship!

    Tonight we are going to deal with two ballot questions. Amendment 1 is the "Right to Farm" amendment. This issue has passionate conservatives on both sides the like of which we haven't seen since St Louis wanted to control its own police force. The mic is open to anyone who wants to participate in the discussion.

    Then we will turn our attention to Amendment 7, the 3/4 cent sales tax. Again, feel free to join in on the discussion.

    Listen live at 7PM Missouri time. The studio line for joining in is 347-677-1835.

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    State Sovereignty: Your Dollars at Work

    in Politics Conservative

    Why do Missouri Legislators consider it necessary and appropriate to ask you for the biggest sales tax hike in history to fund repairs for roads and bridges? What's wrong with the current system of funding for these purposes? Who is spending your dollars without any oversight or accountability by elected representatives? When Missouri voters reject the sales tax increase, how can we go about fixing the problem? We will discuss a serious flaw in the Missouri Constitution that needs to be fixed - permanently.

    ALERT REPUBLICANS: Representative Mike Moon is under DIRECT attack by your own party for his stand on Liberty and the State Constitution. Literally hundreds of you post, and rave, and carry on about "taking your own party back." Yet, not a HUNDRED people will send TEN dollars to help this Liberty-minded Republican out? Got a reason for this? Let's hear it!

    Then -- we will have "Free Speech Saturday." Call with all your favorite topics for open discussion. That's tonight - Saturday, June 14 at 7PM Missouri Time. The studio line is 347-677-1835 to participate or simply click the link attached at 7PM to listen live.

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    St. Louis & Iron Mountain Railway

    in Hobbies

    Join us this week for another exciting live on location show. This time we travel to Jackson, Missouri. Jackson is the home of the St. Louis & Iron Mountain Railway excursion trains. We will talk with the engineers, the conductors and the M.O.W. folks and maybe even a train robber may make a visit. The show will be Podcasting from the station area as the train gets ready to depart on it's Saturday adventure. You will be able to talk to these folks when you call in at 646-716-7106. They will even be in the chat rooms talking to our listeners. 
    The Missouri Department of Transportation will even be with us to explain what;s happening with Missouri's railroads. 
    All this and our regular cast of characters: the Amazing Chris Guenzler, Official caller Ken.
    So join us won't you?