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    The Modesty Movement

    in Women

    Tonight's discussion will be about modesty and femininity and what they both mean in modern society, and how they are both important to today's modern woman. To find out more please visit The Modesty Movement : http://ww.themodestymovement10.blogspot.com

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    Modesty As A Form of Inner Strength

    in Spirituality

    Did you know that it is possible to be ‘lifted up’ by modesty?  There is a universal law that says we are to empty what is full and fill what is modest. As the sun rises and sets, the moon waxes and wanes, and the ocean tides go in and out, we are governed by the same fate. Tune in this week as Jo Ann Brown and I discuss how maximizing our potential is best realized with modesty. This is achieved by contributing our wisdom to those less awake. Tonight we talk about how we have the power to shape our fate in the face of benevolent and destructive forces. But, only a few seem to arrive at that reality. It is modesty that shines with the light of wisdom. The challenge: reduce what is too much and augment that which is too little. Wisdom dictates that we weigh things out to make them equal.

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    The Grind Talk Radio "Modesty - Not Allowed on the Grind! Opening Closed Doors?"

    in Entertainment

    The Grind Talk Radio

    "Modesty - Not Allowed on the Grind! Opening Closed Doors?"

    Wednesday 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm (MST)

    Host: Dr. Kim & Duane Bluestein

    Show Link: http://tobtr.com/s/8071815

    Call in Guest (347) 934-0628 press 1 to speak


    The Grind Talk Radio "Modesty - Not Allowed on the Grind! Opening Closed Doors?" Grinding doesn't allow for modesty or shyness. In order to take advantages of the many of opportunities you will need to open closed doors. More importantly, grinding allows for vulnerabilty, flexibility, integrity, and understanding attitude. Between social media, marketing, and self promotion, many grinders are confused about how much is to much promotion. Join Dr. Kim and Duane Bluestein as we discuss the challenges in promoting the grind without over promoting yourself...

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    Proclaim It: Modesty is a LifeStyle

    in Business

    Proclaim It Radio presents Modesty is a LifeStyle 

    Proclaim It Radio is a Show Geared toward featuring young and emerging leaders in our nation and our community and celebrating the positive strides that we are making and Insha'Allah will continue to make.

    This episode will be focused on building our confidence and self image. Modesty is a lifestyle and we celebrate the virtuous woman!

    Featured Guest: Sis. Janay, Sis. Halimah, Sis. Krystina

    Call in and Press 1 to ask a question

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    The Modesty Movement: Reclaim The Power Of Your Femininity

    in Women

    Tonight's discussion will be about modesty and femininity and what they both mean in modern society, and how they are both important to today's modern woman. To find out more please visit The Modesty Movement : http://ww.themodestymovement10.blogspot.com

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    Modesty: The Taboo Word

    in Radio

    The Taboo Word, "Men and Women"

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    Modesty Inward and Outward

    in Goals

    What does the Bible say about modesty?

    1 Conrinthians 6:19-20

    (19) What? know ye that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not of your own?

    (20) For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's.


    I can speak on this because I have been where modesty wasn't always my middle name and I'm still a work in progress. It is not talked about in the church as much as it should and definitelty not in a sex saturated world where immodesty originates. Modesty is more than what you wear, even though this plays a major role. Because what is in our hearts and our mind determines who were are, this is where modesty starts. If you feel offended then that's good because it means you know the truth and it bothers you and you know something needs to be changed lol.


    Modesty includes males and females alike, young and old. Let's talk about the miniskirts, low cleavage tops, tight jeans, men in the street with their pelvis exposed and pants sagging, and so much more beyond clothes.


    Also, we will have prayer to give thanks to God for Thanksgiving holiday. It's the only major holiday that is really not bad as far as I know so far lol. 

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    The power of Modesty ; He hears your Cry!

    in Motivation

    Hello to everyone!

     Jan 15, 2015 will be the next Blog telecast of my  talk show; with Ms. Rose Geathers, air time starting at 7 PM (EST).Tell everyone you know; this show will make you laugh and cry.  This show will transform all Christians/ Non-Christians’ thinking and challenge them to stop procrastinating and begin pursuing their divine calling today. I hope that when you tune in to the show, your mind and soul will be refreshed.


    Lindsay Enita

    Transparency Coach/Speaker



    Equipped with her faith, education and belief, Lindsay discovered her voice, identity, purpose and passion. Her Master’s degrees in Business and Divinity equip her to speak to diverse audiences on a myriad of topics. Her expertise allows her to synthesize academic, professional and spiritual truths to produce palatable action steps that work in the lives and businesses of her clients. With her humorous, thought-provoking and “Can we talk?” approach, Lindsay captures the heart of audiences by creating a challenging yet safe

    environment for transparency, discovery and change. As an intellectually disarming speaker and workshop leader, she disrupts the status quo mindset of her audiences to evoke thoughts of possibility and positive change. Lindsay will energetically educate, inspire and motivate your audiences to live their best life now.


    FB : LindsayEnitaBiz

    Instagram & Twitter: @LindsayEnita

    YouTube: LindsayEnitaTv

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    in Politics

    Tonight's show we will start on the ideals of a hero, for years the death of Malcolm X was covered up with many conspiracy theories.  We will discuss one of them as seen through the eyes of Eldridge Cleaver.  In:  PART TWO THE BLOOD OF THE BEAST "LAZARUS, COME FORTH" The Blood Lust.
    "The boxing ring is the ultimate focus of masculinity in America, the two-fisted testing ground of manhood, and the heavyweight champion, as a symbol, is the real Mr. America.  In a culture that secretly subscribes to the piratical ethic of "every man for himself"------ the social Darwinism of "survival of the fittest " being far from dead, manifesting itself in our rat race political system of competing parties, in a dog eat dog economic system of profit and loss, and our adversary system of justice wherein truth is secondary to the skill of connections of the advocate------ the logical culmination ethic , on a person to person level, is that the weak are seen as the natural just prey of the strong.  But since the dark principle violates our democratic ideals and professions, we force it underground, out of a perverse national modesty that reveals us as a nation of peep freaks who prefer the bikini to the naked body, the white lie to the black truth". I am reading this book when my High School Class is in a class of reading, to let my class know that there is good and evil in all things. Life is not always just about black and white, friends and foes, there is always betrayal in between. As Bob Marley said "Yor worst enemy could be your best friend and your best enemy. Some will eat and drink with you then behind them suss upon you.

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    ALL EYES ON VACCINES w/ Bro. Karriem Allah Muhammad

    in Culture

    For thirty-five years—under the guidance of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan—Karriem Allah Muhammad (Kevin A. Muhammad) has published more than a dozen books and other writings exploring the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.
    Mr. Muhammad's 3-volume book series, "FAQs About How To Eat To Live," is considered an “eye-opener” into the reasoning behind the dietary mandates in the books "How To Eat To Live," by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Other books authored by Mr. Muhammad include:
    • The Defense of the Domestic Life of the Messiah, Volume One
    • Obesity, Diabetes & How To Eat To Live: Transcending the Dieta...ry Dark Ages
    • Nuts Are Not Good for Humans: Biological Consequences of Consumption
    • The Slave Diet, Disease & Reparations
    • Perils of Eating Poison-Animal: How Eating Pork Destroys the Eater
    • Dietary Considerations for Breast Cancer Patients
    • Against Compulsory Vaccination (Vol. 1): Why HPV Vaccines are Dangerous to the Lives of Girls, Young Women and Everyone Else
    • Against Compulsory Vaccination (Vol. 2): “A Long Train of Abuses and Usurpations”
    The Case Against Hepatitis B Vaccination: Prevent Your Newborns & Infants from Being Permanently Injured
    • The Power of MODESTY: The Key to Health, Beauty & Longevity
    Mr. Muhammad has provided leadership in increasing public
    awareness about controversial government policies that
    adversely affect the welfare of the citizenry. He has spearheaded several national campaigns to educate the public such matters. Mr. Muhammad’s articles have appeared in national publications. He has conducted seminars in communities throughout the United States. He has also appeared on various television programs; and once hosted a weekly Internet radio show.

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    More Modern Modesty with Chandra Leonardo

    in Religion

    Chandra D. Leonardo started her blog MoMoMod.com (More Modern Modesty) to challenge the idea that less clothing is more attractive and that style must be compromised in order to be modest.

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